Yieldivision: We Are A Media Agency With DSP Technology

YieldivisionSimon Aurik is Business Development Director Europe of Yieldivision, a media agency based in The Netherlands.

AdExchanger.com: What is Yieldivision?

SA: We are a new breed of agency with a technology which allows us to buy inventory across multiple sources (exchanges, adnetworks, direct pubs and ssp’s). Our technology enables us to base our media buying strategy on enriching the impression with data. This data is provided by our direct relations with data partners – direct and third party. We see technology as differentiating between the current market for traditional media agencies and ad networks.

You position as a media agency, but you also seem like an ad network. Fair statement?

YD is a media agency but our technology resembles that of a DSP. Our clients are Direct Advertisers in various industries like Travel, Finance, Telco. Also we are a strategic supplier for media consultants and creative agencies.

What problem is Yieldivision solving?

Our goal is to always work against performance metrics we set with our advertisers. These metrics can be a CPA goal, clicks or unique users within an audience for branding. The main focus in the end is to use our unique media strategy to reach the ROI goals of our client’s total budget. By combining existing technology with own developed targeting, bidding and optimization tools we provide a unique product for the European market.

Lead gen, branding, increasing sales – these are all campaign services you offer. But which one is the sweet spot in terms of target market?

Increasing sales. All vertical markets within the YD’s clientbase are looking for performance and conversion insights for their marketing euro.

What is going on in Europe from the agency side that makes you think that Yieldivision has a lot of opportunity?

There is a enormous opportunity regarding knowledge and pricing – our company can benefit from knowledge regarding Audiences and overlap. Also our highly competative pricing model is a USP. Both gives us the first mover advantage.

What’s your view on demand-side platforms?  Are they useful for buying European audience?

Yes they are indeed. At the moment DSP’s are very useful. In the future we believe there will be a (piece of) market for these DSP’s. Eventually, the client/advertiser will buy directly into adexchanges.

What are you doing about creative given that it’s a critical component of media?

We are constantly innovating and improving regarding creative. Therefore we have launched the division Dynamic Ads. Examples:

  • SEA banner – where a user is searching through a search engine for a flight to London. He clicks through to a landingpage of the airtravel website. If the user leaves this airtravel website, he will be retargeted with a dynamic ad with content based on his search query. (search to display and vv)
  • Product/Destination banner – presenting the offer where prior already has been selected on the clientsite. Users with specific interest in a product will be shown the exact product on other websites.
  • Convenience banner – closing a conversion without a user having to cancel his surfing activities.

What does Yieldivision’s pricing model look like?

YD model is based on transparancy. We earn our profits on the margin between media buying and results. We do not charge any consultancy fees, adservingfees etc.

Who are your investors? Please discuss your funding and any future plans that you can share in this area

We have a private investor. Our mission is to become the leading player in Europe.

One year from now, what milestones would you like Yieldivision to have accomplished?

Our goal would be to have offices in Netherlands, Germany and Sweden. Numbers of FTE’s: +50%. Revenues will show an increase of +200%.

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