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Say Offers ‘Cost Per Exposure’ Pricing; Google CPC Stuff; Everyone Needs A Designer


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Say Media is going right for the gut of “viewable impressions” as the company announced a “cost per exposure” (CPX says Say) model on its company blog. This would appear to be the equivalent of a CPM buy above-the-fold – except that it’s for a particular type of ad unit. Say says, “These ads are the company’s first product to be billed on the CPX accountable pricing structure, and our clients achieve an average clickthrough rate 3x to 4x higher than the industry average, and guaranteed brand exposure for their advertising spend.” Read about it.

Google CPCs

An article by The Business Insider’s Matt Rosoff postulates that declining CPC’s are due to Admeld’s second price auction. He writes, “AdMeld works with a bunch of large publishers, and now those publishers are all in Google’s ad system. So here’s the problem: when advertisers win a bid to place an ad on Google, they do not pay the price they bid. They pay a tiny bit more than the second-highest bid.” Display ads are killing GOOG CPC’s? Read more.

Your Friend The Board Member

Scott Kurnit, CEO of AdKeeper, takes the controls on Union Square Ventures’ Fred Wilson’s personal blog to offer his tips on selecting a board. Kurnit writes, “Today I’m going to address two concepts that surprise people every time, end up generating lots of head nods, then usually don’t happen. These suggestions clearly fit into the art of the board more than the science. And it’s the unwillingness to depart from traditional norms by those around the table that stop them from happening: 1. Your best friend should be on the Board, and 2. No one who works in the company other than the CEO should be on the Board.” Let me him explain.

Retargeting Thoughts

CEO James Green of Magnetic takes a turn at Marketing Land as he discusses three different stages of search consideration for the end user as he makes his case for the importance of his company’s favorites topic – search retargeting – and its data. Smith pours the Koolaid at the end, “Next time you think of search, think beyond search engines, consider the value of search data, how you can leverage it in display advertising, and most of all, what the customer experience is telling you.” Read it. Need more retargeting thoughts? Try Acquisio’s Marc Poirier on iMedia Connection.

Get Design Now

Reuters Gerry Shih writes that designers are the new “rock stars” in Silicon Valley. Shih quotes Hulu founder Eric Feng who says, “There’s a growing recognition that it’s critical for a company’s first employees to be people with great design sense. That’s true even if you look at larger companies like Google and Facebook, who have moved in that direction.” Tech needs design sense. Read more.


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Month Of Apps

As part of its “30 Apps in 30 days” series, the AppNexus company blog highlights the “Mark & Mini” app from BannerConnect which claims to provide access to Dutch consumer profiles for ad targeting purposes. And that’s not all as the blog explains: “The app offers more than 60 socio-demographic labels to select from (…). The intent data available in the app is industry and category specific so you can reach the consumer who has intentions that are relevant to you. With more than 5,000,000 households with unique cookies in the Netherlands, the Mark & ​​Mini App makes it possible to filter your target users accurately for your campaigns.” Read more. Who’s going to start an ad app shop? Or agency?


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