X+1 Adding Tag Management; Google Adding Store?

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Adding UberTags

Digital marketing hub [x+1] has acquired tag manager UberTags as it looks to expand its data management platform capabilities. David Skinner, SVP of business and corporate development at [x+1], said UberTags represents a natural extension for [x+1]’s business: “The company’s technology was hands down the strongest we saw. Their architecture is compatible with ours, because the tags can support data collection and outbound decisions… it was also the most intuitive system, which leads to faster implementations and higher ongoing client usage.” Read the release. Mediapost’s Laurie Sullivan has additional details.

Google Store

Looks like the corner store is of interest to Google.  The Wall Street Journal smells plans for new, brick-and-mortar, retail stores for the GOOG.  The WSJ’s Amir Efrati writes, “Google could (…) use retail stores to show off Google TV software that is embedded in some TV sets and set-top boxes, allowing people to browse Web video content from their televisions.” Read it (subscription). Or, maybe this is all about data and Google could figure out an online-offline ad attribution system for a network of retailers?  AdSense meet AdStore?

Owned & Earned Need Paid

AllFacebook reports that agency We Are Social has added paid media to its reportoire owned and earned capabilities.  The agency tells AllFacebook’s Justin Lafferty “that this new service will help marketers deal with the convergence between owned, paid, and earned media on Facebook and other sites — such as when Facebook asks a brand to promote posts instead of just simply buying an ad.” Read more.

Mo’ Money

Recommendation company Taboola has raised another $15 million ($40 million all-time).  TechCrunch Ryan Lawler reports, “With the new funding, Taboola CEO Adam Singolda says the company will double headcount, from about 70 to 150 by year’s end. The company also plans to open new offices in strategic markets such as France and Australia. Taboola is also moving into an expanded New York City headquarters in the coming weeks.” Read it. And, read the release.

Atlas, Facebook Attribution Lever

Most people look at Facebook’s interest in Atlas and see a future ad network. Bill Wise, writing in AllThingsD, sees an attribution play. “Facebook is less interested in using Atlas to port data out onto the Web, than it is in using Atlas to bring all those off-Facebook conversions back into the world of Facebook itself… Facebook wouldn’t look to Atlas as the backbone of a new ad network; Facebook would look to Atlas as the infrastructure for tools that show how users engage with Facebook ads, and where Facebook fits in the conversion path.” More.

Agency Digital

Earnings season isn’t quite over, and the other French ad holding company, Havas, found that although its total revenues grew, sales continued to slow down in 2012.  Both digital and social media-related ad spending now comprise 26 percent of total revenues, too. David Jones, Havas CEO, said, “We continue to see good new business wins and growth of digital, supported by the unique co-location of our media, creative and digital teams. The year risks to be another challenging one, but these factors, along with promising activity in January 2013, give us confidence in Havas’s ability to continue to perform.” Read the release.

The Velocity Of Data

Business consultancy Accenture is telling businesses about the “three V’s of data”: variety, volume and velocity. Greater mobile usage and the mainstreaming of e-commerce are driving expectations for faster access to data and more insights from that data. “As data becomes more widely used and companies see increasing competitive advantage from faster ‘data to insight,’ the data and analytical skills in an organization also become more critical to converting insights to action before opportunities are lost,” Accenture warns in its Technology Vision report. Read the release.

‘Brilliant’ FBX

Facebook Exchange still gives remarkably good ROI, at least in the UK. In a case study shared by Rocket Fuel, Carphone Warehouse saw Cost Per Order on FBX come in 41% lower than the average CPO across all other DR placements. A marketing exec calls results “brilliant.” A little more.

Mobile Purchasers

Buried in a post on 2013 trends, comScore notes e-commerce is migrating to mobile, generating new granules of intent data linked to handheld devices. “The first signs of mobile commerce affecting the digital commerce landscape are starting to emerge. In Q4 2012, comScore estimates that m-commerce transactions (from both smartphones and tablets) now represent approximately 11 percent of corresponding e-commerce spending.” More.

NYT’s Twitter Ad Target

The NYT has launched a new ad product that’s designed to give advertisers the ability to target their ads based on whether a story is trending on Twitter, Mathew Ingram reports on paidcontent (via Beet.tv). In an interview at Beet.tv’s data conference last week, Michael Zimbalist, who runs the NYT’s research and development arm, discussed the new ad offering, dubbed “Sparking Stories” as the company’s latest effort to connect its research on social-media analytics to advertising. In a sense, it’s an evolution of what the NYT has been doing with other contextual and social ad tools like Cascade and Ricochet, which Zimbalist talked about with AdExchanger last year.

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