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Glam Media Aims At Brands, iAd; Retargeting A-Go-Go; Jumptap Porting Offline Data To Mobile


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Glam Apple

On TechCrunch, Glam Media CEO Samir Arora claims that it will take on Apple and it’s iAd platform. GlamMobile is Arora’s weapon of choice: “a mobile ad platform that aims to allow brand advertisers to engage with Glam’s readers of its mobile site.” It’s launched in Japan with more countries to follow. What’s more – the company is apparently white-labeling the technology and calling it GlamEnable -a “new platform that provides publishers with the ability to develop sites for mobile.” Glam is in the CMS business, too. Read more. And, read the release. Perhaps iAd is vulnerable – the former Quattro Wireless CEO is moving to Highland Capital. Read more on VentureBeat.

The Eyes Have It

Content. Ad tech. Content. Ad tech. Yesterday, Specific Media announced something on the ad tech side of the business – it’s partnering with a company called EyeTrackShop (website) and offering a new eyetracking service to advertisers. And early results are already available according to MediaWeek UK: “[Specific’s] findings from the pilot, using 360 panellists, show that an average of 11% of consumer time on webpages was spent viewing advertising. Time to fixation varied from one second to 8.5 seconds, and advertising dwell time varied from 5% to 22.5% of total time.” Read it. And, read another article on EyeTrackShop and Google+ in MediaPost.

When Retargeting Attacks!

The title says it all in an iMedia Connection think piece penned by Peer39 CEO Andy Ellenthal: “5 horrible ad placements that could have been avoided.” The ad in question is for bras. Ellenthal explains, “Lots of team members had a chuckle, but the site dropped a cookie on our browsers and the ad followed us all around the web. All of the placements that follow were seen by Peer39 employees within a three-day span.” Peer39 has been corrupted! See the screenshots. This one is not to be missed.

282 Million In-Market Uniques

comScore released new data on eCommerce sites and found that when it comes to glbal uniques, no surprise, Amazon is second-to-note. From the comScore press release: “In June 2011, Amazon Sites had the largest global audience among the retail and auction sites analyzed, with more than 282 million visitors, representing 20.4 percent of the worldwide audience age 15 and older accessing the Internet from a home or work location.” That’s a lot of intent. Retarget now.

The Almighty Brand Dollar

In an opinion piece on Forbes, Rocket Fuel CEO George John provides his ideas on why online advertising is not living up to its potential with brands and their agencies. He sees three main culprits beginning with: “Online ad spend lags consumer behavior by five years.” Read more. Meanwhile, in a Q&A on DIGIDAY, MediaMath CEO Joe Zawadzki says that brands want more transparency. He writes, “They need to build a marketing system that allows them the ability to test and learn. Some use it, most are just glad to work with a partner that provides full transparency…” Read more.


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Privacy En Ligne

Evidon is moving beyond the U.S. and into international markets. New Media Age’s Will Cooper reports that the privacy icon delivery company can now “speak privacy” in multiple languages “including French, Dutch, German, Italian, Spanish and well as English.” Muy bien. There’s a bit more on the Evidon blog. Lisez-le!

Metrics For The Paywall

Scout Analytics’ Matt Shanahan offers his thoughts on paid content strategy on his company’s blog. He tackles the following: “In paid content, how can a sales manager differentiate the up-sell vs. the retention risk between two customers with same number of page views and visits?” Value rating is the key says Shanahan. Read more.

Porting Offline Online

Jumptap claims its the first mobile ad network to successfully port offline data for online ad targeting purposes. The company says in a release, “Jumptap recently helped a major auto advertiser target ads to ZIP codes including customers that show a high inclination toward its brand.” Read more.



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