Programmatic For The Masses? Adadyn Creates Self-Service Programmatic Platform For All Marketers

Adadyn Self-ServeAdadyn wants to get small marketing teams who play around with Google AdSense to realize they can get similar results by doing programmatic themselves.

Adadyn released Monday a self-serve programmatic platform designed for businesses making less than $50 million annually. It’s the first major move for the Indian company since it rebranded from Ozone Media and focused on the US market.

“If you have a couple-person marketing team, programmatic has been out of reach: too expensive, too complex and not transparent enough,” said Adadyn COO Raj Beri.

EMarketer analyst Lauren Fisher sees programmatic adoption following a similar trajectory to search marketing, which started with large companies before being embraced by smaller ones. The same thing is now happening in the attribution space, and it makes sense for programmatic to follow.

“With programmatic, we’re at the point where adoption at among larger companies has been so high, the natural thing becomes to move it down to the smaller companies,” Fisher said.

Marketers who might have a $100-per-day budget or spend just $10,000 or $15,000 a year are considered a good fit for the platform. Beri, a veteran of multiple online travel companies, expects strong adoption in the travel and ecommerce verticals, where he said marketers are sophisticated enough to venture into programmatic and looking for alternatives to search.

Adadyn plans to win over marketers by offering a tool that performs as well as search. Many smaller marketers view display as a branding tool, Beri said. They think “display doesn’t convert, and do AdWords, email and some Facebook. But once you show them display converts like search, and there is dayparting, geotargeting and minimum bids, they’re surprised to learn that display can perform like traditional search.”

Plus, many of these smaller brands have been shut out from popular search marketing keywords, since they can’t bid as high as bigger brands.

Google Display Network (GDN) has long been used by smaller companies to gain access to display ads, but Beri said GDN is a black box compared to the transparency Adadyn provides. Some smaller marketers have also experimented with Criteo and AdRoll for retargeting, which he said also offer little transparency. Unlike them, Adadyn doesn’t arbitrage inventory, he added.

In addition to retargeting, Adadyn’s platform offers prospecting and dynamic creative optimization, a trio that’s not available in any of those platforms, Beri said.

Marketers will pay a fee on the media that flows through the platform, but don’t have to pay monthly fees if they only run twice a year, for example.

Smaller, less sophisticated marketers often don’t have the resources or time to recognize and combat issues like fraud and viewability. Adadyn said it addresses those concerns with brand safety and anti-fraud vendors (including Forensiq) to make sure these smaller marketers purchase clean inventory.

That inventory comes from places like AppNexus and OpenX. Adadyn doesn’t have its own DSP technology, but works with others that provide the bidders. It focuses on giving marketers the clean user interface they need to DIY.

The self-serve product has been in the works for a year, and Beri thinks the time is right for marketers to start adopting this technology. “I think 2016 is going to be a turning point in self-serve programmatic. 2016 is going to be a hockey stick year in growth.”

Some clients are using the platform in beta mode, though Adadyn didn’t name any of its customers.

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  1. Sounds interesting. How is this any different than SiteScout? I visited the site and the presentation tour on the main page spent the whole time discussing the nature of their retargeting platform. We already know AdRoll and Perfect Audience are lightyears ahead of this rather simple platform. The pitch for AdAdyn was that it was going to be more about “programmatic” for SMB’s. Yet there site discusses this very little.

    Anyone from AdAdyn want to chime in?

  2. Sure, we’d love to chime in.

    We believe we compare favorably to SiteScout. Our differences include better access to premium inventory, automatic optimizations as opposed to manual optimizations, and a much simpler platform for businesses to get started quickly.

    We also challenge the notion that AdRoll and Perfect Audience are “lightyears” ahead. While they have been in market longer than us, we believe we provide an easier yet feature rich and formidable retargeting solution. We are more than just an retargeting platform, we also offer prospecting and personalized dynamic creative as well. Additionally we pride ourselves on being much more open than a simple arbitrage model.

    With respect to programmatic for SMBs, we think a lot of companies misunderstand what programmatic is and worry more about feature lists, as opposed to delivering accessible and effective solutions via programmatic such as our retargeting and prospecting solutions.