Oracle And Salesforce Partner; Millennial’s Mobile Video

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Unparting The Clouds

Oracle and Salesforce may be transitioning into a new phase of co-opetition – or maybe you prefer “frienemies”? The New York Times breaks the news, “Next week, according to people familiar with the agreement who were not authorized to speak on the record, Oracle and Salesforce will announce that their products will be able to easily share data.” Read more. Apparently, Oracle and Microsoft will be unveiling a new partnership today, too, says the NYT.  You gotta partner to thrive (and survive)?

Live Audience Buying

Ticketmaster’s Live Nation says it wants to turn its “live” events business into a media company, which means making the most of the consolidation of 14 databases with 400 million customers.  That’s a lotta potential online-offline addressability.  Live Nation CEO Michael Rapino explains to The Financial Times, “We know you’re going to be at the venue, we’re talking to you along the way. We have your email address, your mobile phone . . . and then I can put a banner or a sample on the seat you’re about to sit down on.” Sit here (subscription).

Demo Ads

Mobile advertising isn’t limited to banners and videos, which Agawi hopes to prove with its AppGlimpse platform that allows game developers to advertise via demos on Android and iOS. Although the ads will be cross-platform, as of right now only Android games will be advertised, according to TechCrunch’s Anthony Ha. “In the long-term there is a strategy for even using iOS versions of a game to create ads. It’s a significant engineering effort, but we’ll get there,” Co-founder Rohan Relan said. Read more.

Mobile Video Ads

Millennial Media was busy late last week with product announcements.  No word on the exchange they mentioned in their earnings conference call in May, but there will be nine new video products offered to advertisers that allow for smartphone and tablet optimization along with a bevy of dynamic creative options. Read more.


Twitter continues to beef up its ad product, this time adding a geo-targeting feature for retailers that would send users a tweet when they are close to the store.  According to Ad Age, there is no official word on when the feature will be released, although its likely to arrive by end of year. Read more.   Assuming the product comes to fruition, it will be interesting to see how Twitter creates rules for advertisers, and controls for consumers.  Separately, Twitter’s knowledge on real-time geo-location and the permission it gets with the use of its app, could provide targeting data that informs digital ad buying environments outside of Twitter.

Global RTB

The use of real-time bidding (RTB) is fairly widespread globally, but there are still a few regions playing catch up.  According to Sociomantic CEO Jason Kelly in MediaPost, the U.K. is on par with the U.S. in terms of data-driven advertising, but advertisers in Russia are just learning what RTB means. He offers, “Within the Russian market, RTB is still frequently confused with retargeting. Most often, RTB is perceived as a way to buy cheap remnant impressions. Read more.


Calling itself “a self-serve cross-network ad campaign creation, deployment and management platform,” AdStage added new funds (total raise $1.5 million+) and new hires including two former Googlers said the company. Read the release.   The company says it brings together different flavors of ad buying – such as Google, Bing, Facebook and LinkedIn – into one user interface and then optimizes accordingly. AdStage says it just bought Semply, too, which manages Adwords campaigns on the iPad.


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