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Fallacies About Web Privacy In The WSJ; Google Suggests Direct Sales, Self-Serve Display Tool


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Fallacies About Web Privacy In The WSJ

Emory University professor Paul Rubin makes the case for what he sees as recent obfuscation, misleading statements by various parties as it relates to the use of data in online advertising and consumer privacy. In a Wall Street Journal op-ed piece, Rubin begins: “Privacy on the Web is a constant issue for public discussion—and Congress is always considering more regulations on the use of information about people’s habits, interests or preferences on the Internet. Unfortunately, these discussions lead to many misconceptions. Here are 10 of the most important…” Read his top 10.

To Publishers With Love And The Immediate Ad

Google Director of Product Management Jonathan Bellack authors a post on “The Official Google Blog” about the future of display advertising as it concerns publishers and the “quantum leaps” in innovation to come. From the sounds of it, a self-service tool that will allow publishers to sell inventory directly to buyers appears imminent: “Imagine if publishers—even the smallest website—had tools that enabled advertisers to click a button on their site to upload an ad, let them pay for it with a credit card, and then deliver this ad—through the publisher’s ad server—within minutes. This sort of ‘immediate ad’ will become possible as ad serving technology continues to simplify the process of buying and selling ad space.” Read more.

High Value Exchange

Xuhui Shao, CTO of demand-side platform Turn, discusses the recent debate around privacy and how digital advertising companies use cookie tracking to facilitate targeting. Shao believes there needs to be a high value exchange created between consumer and marketer which is facilitated by ad tech companies. He writes, “In digital advertising, we strive to find similar approaches that are both effective and privacy friendly. One such approach is the ‘act-alike model,’ a close cousin to the “look-alike model.'” Read about it.

No More Flash Cookies

On the Rapleaf blog, Auren Hoffman decries the use of Flash cookies, which have been in the news lately due to recently filed privacy lawsuits. Hoffman writes, “As we make progress, certain practices become obvious candidates for change and at the top of the list today is the use of Local Shared Objects (also known as flash cookies) for advertising.” Read more.

The Facebook Ad Network

Yes, where is it? The Facebook data/like-driven ad network is an inevitability and Overdrive CEO Harry Gold sees it as “unprecedented targeting to a massive audience and the possibility of a new ad network layered over the social graph already installed on millions of sites.” Read more about his view on the lurking ad network juggernaut. Read more.


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Australia Ad Growth Slows

Kerry Fields from ad agency Mindshare tells Ad News in Australia that there are several reason for an expected slowdown in ad spend growth. She says, “CPMs [cost per thousand views] are decreasing on the banner side. Greater spend on performance networks is pushing overall market CPMs down – their technology is becoming increasingly sophisticated so buys can also be highly targeted.”Read more.

More Rumor Mill

Brent Halliburton doesn’t let up on the AppNexus acquisition rumor and throws Aol into the mix. He says, “Given the lack of announcements by AOL about the status of RTB bidding activity and anecdotal evidence regarding the state of the engineering team and the current focus of the engineering team, one could reasonably postulate that AOL has not been able to invest like they would have liked in scaling their bid engines to look at billions of transactions per day.” Why not buy AppNexus? Read more.

Ad Exchanges For Brands

CEO Yoav Arnstein of display ad marketplace Legolas Media outlines his views on “how to make ad exchanges valuable to brands.” Arnstein writes, “Some marketers do well regardless of where the audience sees the ad, but many marketers know that some messages have to be paired with quality content to be effective. There’s nothing new about this. However, most ad exchange buyers don’t have access to a publisher’s quality content.” Read more about his views on brands’ needs.

Traditional TV Shuffle

Media writer Diane Mermigas says that traditional TV needs to get with the program and start creating new business models if its going to survive the digital tsunami. Mermigas writes, “The [major TV] networks as content distributors and producers are being disintermediated at every turn by the plethora of video options and access.” Read more about the end of TV as we know it.

DOOH DSP Gets OOH Agency

rVue, which is positioning itself as the demand-side platform for the out-of-home (OOH) market, announced that DOOH agency OOH Pitch has signed on as a buyer through rVue’s platform. Also, in the release, rVue said that it has “completed connections with [DOOH players] BroadSign, Park Media and Real Digital Media’s software with integrations underway with CoolSign, EnQii and Nanonation. Read more.

Behavioral Mobile Ad Stats

Mobile ad network Millennial Media provided its monthly ‘scorecard’ for July of 2010 which is chock full of mobile ad data it sees across its ad network. The company reports, “Behavioral Audience targeting accounted for 17% of the Targeted Audience Mix in July and experienced a 5% increase month-over-month. Brands in the Travel vertical created targeted audiences of vacationers in July and Telecom advertiser developed custom audiences for consumers ripe to switch providers.” Read more and download (signup).

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