Apple iAd Ad Network To Debut July 1; Publicis Levy On Why He’s Staying; IAB Says “No” To Lawmakers

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iAd To Dominate Says Jobs

Amidst the announcement of the new iPhone at Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference was more information on the iAd, which is supported by Apple’s recent purchase of Quattro Wireless. According to Paul Boutin of VentureBeat, Apple CEO Steve Jobs claims nearly 1/2 of all 2010 mobile advertising will run through Apple as a slide from Jobs’ presentation said, “48% of spending on mobile advertising in the United States from July through December of 2010 will go to Apple’s iAd advertising system for its iPhone and iPad portable gadgets.” Read more. In a press release, Apple reiterated the 48% number and added that the iAd advertising network is set to debut on July 1 with $60 million in commitments. Read it. It will be interesting to see the targeting capabilities of the new platform or if it will be spray-and-pray as Apple rides its desirable demos.

It’s Not About Kenny

Publicis is now saying that Maurice Levy’s decision to stay on at the ad holding company beyond 2011 had nothing to do with the departure of David Kenny.  Levy tells AdWeek that he is staying on because of the economy and loyalty: “There might still be some rocky times ahead and they don’t know when this crisis will end. Some shareholders were concerned as well.” Read more.

To The Detriment Of Consumers

The IAB is advocating for self-regulation and not the current version of the bill introduced by U.S. Congressmen Rick Boucher according to an article by MediaPost’s Wendy Davis. She quotes comments delivered by the IAB to government officials in regards to the proposed legislation: “Potential privacy legislation being floated by Rep. Rick Boucher “would fundamentally change online information and online advertising practices to the detriment of consumers.” Read more.

How To Make An Algo

Greg Linden points to a Microsoft paper to be presented at an upcoming gearhead conference on the way Microsoft’s Bing predicts clickthrough rates (CTRs) for ads. In fact, Microsoft held a competition for the best algo. Linden quotes the paper: “Recognising the importance of CTR estimation for online advertising … Bing/adCenter decided to run a competition to entice people across the company to develop the most accurate and scalable CTR predictor.” Read the paper. And, read more from Linden. Raises Funds

Still awaiting the “green light” for going public, lead gen marketplace formally announced that it had “entered into a loan agreement with Hercules Technology Growth Capital, Inc. which provides up to $15 million in venture debt to” Read more on the blog. VentureBeat noted the investment last week in a statement of investments filed by Hercules.

The Speed Of RTB Data

Brian Tomasette discusses the speed of data and the challenges that real-time bidding presents from his personal blog. Tomasette, thinking out loud, says that there is a “gap between real-time bidding and actually pulling the data based on real-time bidding into a reporting interface so a human being can actually look at a marketing problem and address it or examine it.” Can you handle ALL the data of RTB? Read more.

Tremor Media And Innovid

Tremor Media announced a partnership with online video techology platform Innovid that will use Innovid’s interactive pre-roll technology across Tremor Media’s ad network. Ryan Lawler of Newteevee writes that the ad unit gives “the ability to print coupons, view multiple videos and share across a wide range of social networking sites. The unit also has the ability to deliver targeted ads based on demographic and other viewer data.” Read more.

More Display In Google Analytics

Trevor Claiborne of the Google Analytics Team announced on the Google Analytics blog (makes sense!) that there a bunch of new reporting features in the popular program. The Placement Report will benefit display users says Claiborne, “You can get rich post-click performance data about your campaigns and find the best sites to target your ads. Or, either exclude the sites that don’t send you engaged traffic or identify the top performers to create a targeted display campaign.” Read it.

Facebooking Yahoo!

Yahoo! has further integrated Facebook into its site and future as it rolls out several Facebook enhancements to Yahoo! site features this week. Jessica Guynn of The Los Angeles Times Technology blog says, “Yahoo users will be able to view their Facebook updates from their news feed on Yahoo. Yahoo is also making it easier for users to let their friends on Facebook know when they comment on an article on Yahoo sports, rate a movie or upload a photo to Yahoo’s photo service Flickr.” Read more.

Quiet Amid Chaos – Ohmmmmmm

Former VC and current CEO coach Jerry Colonna offers another tip to startup CEOs on his personal blog. Colonna suggests that in order to overcome not only the requirements of the job, but of life’s unexpected day-to-day “fun”, it’s important to keep a regimen. Colonna writes, “I think of my own ritualistic behaviors–rising before dawn, journaling, exercise, and meditation—and see them not only as manifestations of my own beliefs, but as a means to create order out of the everyday chaos…” Read more.

How ARE Businesses Using Rapleaf

Yes, how are businesses using Rapleaf? The Rapleaf blog uses five-steps to take readers through applications for Rapleaf data. Among the case studies, “flag social media influencers.” Rapleaf argues that by identifying influencers in a company’s CRM database, public relations disasters – such as that which affected Southwest Airlines – can be avoided. Read more.

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