Adchemy CEO Nukala On DSP Definition; Audience Measurement = Targeting; News Organizations Becoming Tech Companies

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AdchemyAdchemy’s Nukala On DSPs

CEO Murthy Nukala of demand-side platform, Adchemy, says that in his opinion there are five things that current DSPs can’t do for major advertisers in a column on MediaPost. Number one is: “Create highly specific audiences. DSPs do not allow advertisers to leverage rich datasets from a variety of sources in order to create highly granular audience definitions…” Sounds like a challenge to me! Read more pot stirring.

Audience Measurement Targeting

Video analytics company, TubeMogul, has expanded its product suite with PlayTime which it calls a “transparent video ad network.” According to Fierce Online Video, this has raised eyebrows among competitors such as YuMe, whose director of markting believes that their needs to be a church-and-state separation between audience measurement and media selling. Quantcast would not agree with YuMe. Differentiated or proprietary, audience measurement is becoming a valuable targeting feed. Read more.

Long Tail Gets Google InVideo Ads

From the Google Inside AdWords blog, Google is reaching out to the long tail with new templates for its InVideo overlay ads originally launched in 2007. Available for YouTube and Google Content Network (GCN), ClickZ’s Zach Rodgers says that “the overlays are among Google’s most effective formats, with average click-through rates eight to 10 times higher than normal display ads.” Read about it on the AdWords blog.

Data Rights Smackdown

Adam Rosenberg on the Center For Democracy & Technology blog covers last week’s “Smackdown: Consumer Privacy vs. Advertiser Revenue” at SXSW. Rosenberg notes that moderator “Alan Chapell did a great job of bringing up the question of whose responsibility is it to tell consumers that their data is being used. No one seems to want to accept responsibility for this. Browser developers want it to be the advertisers’ responsibility, advertisers want it to be the developers’ responsibility, and so forth.” Read more.

Reaching Audience On-The-Go

Harris Broadcast Corp.’s Carre Dawson points to the power of word-of-mouth as a key indicator why digital-out-of-home (DOOH) audience is valuable. DigitalSignageToday covers Dawson’s GlobalShop trade show address where she said, “As marketers and retailers, we want to reach people where they are at, rather than at home — because they’re not listening there.” Read more.

More Bad Mag News

Folio reports that in American Business Media’s most recent Business Information Network numbers ad pages in magazines fell a whopping 30%. Folio tries to find the bright side as Q4 of 2009 was only down approximately 25% year-over-year. Oh mag! Get more numbers.

Mobile CPCs Bigger Than PC CPCs

Reuters’ Alexei Oreskovic reports on Google Engineering VP Vic Gundotra’s presentation to analysts regarding Google’s mobile business on Monday. Gundortra suggested that cost-per-click (CPC) rates on the mobile phone could be even greater than the PC as GPS data may be helping create more relevant ads for the user. Mobile will be big.

News Cos. Getting Tech Teeth

The Guardian looks at how CNN and The New York Times keeps up with technology companies. Times’ executive editor, Bill Keller, is quoted as recently saying, “The New York Times is now as much a technology company as a journalism company.” Meanwhile at CNN, KC Estenson wants to remain cozy with the big tech companies saying, “We don’t wanna be slaves to trends but it is vital knowledge to us. I want us to be considered. Google, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook: I made it a priority for us to be in first position with them.” Read more.

Facebook Topping Google

Ben Worthen of The Wall Street Journal’s Digits blog says that according to new web stats released last week by Hitwise, “Facebook just squeaked by the search giant, as visits to the social-networking site made up 7.07% of all Web visits compared with 7.03% for Google.” This is the first time that Google has been beaten in a while. Read more.

Investing 2.0, Or Is It 3.0?

Niki Scevak blogs about investing trends and how Jeff Bezos once bought into Google pre-IPO by buying $250,000 worth of shares at 4 cents each. Today, those shares are worth…. a guhzillion dollars. Scevak thinks that this signals a new form of investing that makes sense for VC where they buy out existing shareholders rather than diluting and flooding the company with new cash. Read more.

New Malvertising Strain

MediaPost’s Joe Mandese reports on a new malvertising strain that is enabled even if you don’t click on the ad. According to researchers named in the article, the new strain labeled “JS:Prontexi” is “infecting the display ads served by leading online publishers and advertising services, including Google, Yahoo and Fox.” Read more.

Re-Finding The Search

Greg Linden looks at a new research paper from Microsoft on re-finding. He says, it’s “notable not so much for the statistics on how much people search again for what they have searched for before, but for its fascinating list of suggestions of what search engines should do to support re-finding.” This is a corollary to display’s “sure thing” tactic of retargeting. Read more. Download the paper “Large Scale Query Log Analysis of Re-finding” (PDF).

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