The Big Story: What The Hell Is Going On At The W3C?

The Big Story podcast

In January, Google Chrome said it would phase out third-party cookies over the next two years.

No problem, right? The W3C, which creates common standards for web browsers, will figure out an alternative.

Except, man, it’s certainly taking its sweet time.

Two years might sound like ages but it’s not, when you consider how foundational third-party cookies are to managing identity on the open web. We’re talking about a wholesale pivot here. And ad tech leaders involved in the W3C’s Web Advertising Business Group are frustrated that progress isn’t faster.

This week on The Big Story, we’ll dive into the myriad issues that are cropping up on the road to 2022 – from the Google ads team seemingly ceding their position to the Google Chrome team, to the lack of marketer involvement in key business groups.

Also in this episode, we’ll look at the unique positioning of OTT inventory in Amazon Fire TV. Roku, Hulu and YouTube started earlier, but Amazon has been bringing its coveted data to bear for Fire TV inventory. And it’s positioning the inventory as true premium OTT – none of that longtail stuff advertisers often run against in Roku or the user-generated content they get on YouTube.

Clearly, Fire TV has a lot to offer when it comes to attribution. But that strength can also be a limitation. OTT providers are out there boasting about their ability to capture incremental reach – which doesn’t yet seem to be a selling point for Fire TV.

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