The Big Story: FLoC’s European Vacation

The Big Story podcast

Will FLoCs fly in Europe or will GDPR clip its wings? And, speaking of birds (and identifiers), NBCU’s Peacock is going programmatic – and the broadcaster also recently revealed a new identifier for advertisers to use.

But first back to Google, mixed messages from The GOOG this week, when engineer Michael Kleber said at a W3C meeting that Google will not be turning on FLoC origin trials for European countries. The worry is that FLoCs might not be in compliance with GDPR and the ePrivacy Directive.

Shortly thereafter, however, Chrome product manager Marshall Vale tweeted that Google is starting origin testing in the US and “select other countries” and will make FLoC available for testing “worldwide at a later date.”


On this episode, we’ll do our best to unpack these two statements, and we’ll discuss some of the privacy issues FLoCs might have to work out before cohorts can (don’t use a bird metaphor, don’t use a bird metaphor) take flight. (Sorry).

Also, we’ll look at NBCU’s tech extravaganza, from programmatic inventory available on its Peacock streaming service to its identifier to its clean rooms. We’ll break down all of the goodies NBCU is tossing out to the advertising ecosystem – and tell you when they’ll be available.

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