The Big Story: Could Regulators Keep Third-Party Cookies Alive?

The Big Story podcast

We’re entering the end-game for third-party cookies, but an unlikely group could intervene to keep them alive: regulators.

Last Friday, Google agreed to let UK watchdog group Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) approve its decision to remove third-party cookies.

The move is unusual, reports senior editor Allison Schiff, because it’s an example of regulators guiding Big Tech’s decision-making – not policing their behavior after the fact.

But marketers and ad tech shouldn’t pause their efforts to find third-party cookie replacements because regulators could potentially veto their removal.

“That is a very bad idea,” Schiff warned in the podcast. “No matter what, you should prepare as if they will be no more.”

Also in this episode: Why are warehouses and ad agencies talking to each other? The rise of ecommerce, as well as the strain the pandemic has put on the supply chain, means that marketers can gain an edge by bringing in-stock product data into their marketing. Think: better offers and more ad spend allocated to products that are ready at hand and easy to ship.

Ad tech loves complexity – and the supply chain is a thorny one ready to be automated.

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