Quote: AOL On The 'Premium' Video Conundrum

Ran Harnevo"I hear people say I can buy premium video content wherever I want. Then at the other end, I hear people say there's not enough. And they say that they can't even buy data on top of it, because the minute you apply data to premium, the cake becomes smaller and smaller. This is why the definition of premium matters so much and this is why tier-3 inventory is so successful. Many of the players out there understand that they're not big enough to do GRP-based ad sales.

The other question is, 'How do you scale premium?' The combination of data and premium doesn't really scale in the eyes of TV buyers. That's what is holding programmatic video buying back."

-Ran Harnevo, SVP of AOL On Network,  speaking at the BrightRoll Video Summit.


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