Data Nugget: Searching For "Demand Side Platform"

Though they aren't big numbers in terms of the Internet's hottest, three-word phrases, "demand-side platform" has come from nowhere to relative, online display advertising fame since January 1, 2010.

Consider, if you will, the recent momentum for organic search traffic to when a phrase containing "demand side platform" is entered into a search engine (primarily Google's).

Demand-Side Platforms

It still feels like "early days."


  1. Don't you need to de-average this with information about where you were ranking? Incidentally, as I am sure you noticed, Google Trends says there is not enough data to display a chart, so that is pretty early and small.

  2. Thanks for your comment, Brent. Not sure I need to de-average but it would be interesting. In that has been uniquely focused on the DSP space among other areas, still seems like it's something to take a look at. Off the top of my head, "demand side platform" has always been a term which has ranked well for on the search engine result pages. It helps that the phrase never really existed before last year.


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