VivaKi/Aol and Hulu In Search Of New Video Ads; The Facebook Display Ad Page

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Let’s Make Video Ads: Part I

Aol and Publicis’ VivaKi unit announced a new partnership which looks to leverage VivaKi’s The Pool initiative. The companies agreed to test three, new video ad models in the coming months including: “A pre-roll overlay within a video player that gives the viewer an option to click and expand the ad into a branded toolbar, which provides viewers with multiple ways to interact with the brand.” Specific Media’s VINDICO will provide the ad serving for the tests. Read more.

Let’s Make Video Ads: Part II

Hulu announced what it’s call an “Ad Swap” unit. JP Colaco, SVP of Advertising at Hulu, says that the new format is not the ad version of couple swapping but rather, “When an ad begins to play, a user can click on the Hulu Ad Swap icon in the top left corner of the

player and bring up a number of ad choices, customized to that user’s profile and previous ad viewing preferences.” Power to the people. Read about it. Michael Learmonth writes in Ad Age that all Hulu video ads will become swappable in the coming months. Read it.

Audience Basics

Xaxis VP of Analytics, Eugene Becker, offers up his version of “Audience Buying 101” in a think piece on ClickZ. Becker begins, “On a basic level, audience buying allows brands to reach consumers directly, rather than – as is the case with content buys and contextual targeting alone – by proxy. Let’s unpack this statement.” Indeed. Unpack more here – including a happy ending.

The Facebook Display Ad Page

Mashable’s Todd Wasserman sees brilliance in Facebook’s ad strategy. Beacon may have failed, but the company learned a lot and Wasserman identifies the future: “Facebook’s strategy, like Google’s, is to not only improve its network and experience, but improve the advertising as well. Now, that’s not so clever, admittedly. The really interesting part is the way Facebook plans to improve it: by making brand Pages better.” Make it a puh-puh-puh-premium ad unit. Read it.

Engagement Is Not Clicks

eMarketer takes some Crowd Science data on users’ ad behaviors, puts it in a blender and produces a few nifty graphics for media mavens’ viewing pleasure. eMarketer notes the data, “A lack of click activity does not equate to lack of influence. In fact, more than three-quarters of users ages 25 to 54 had taken actions such as performing a search or visiting a company website after viewing an ad.” Once again, more engagement metrics: performing a search, visiting a company website, etc. See the visuals.

Facebook Ad Barter

Companies are finding creative new ways to leverage Facebook’s advertising power as marketers look beyond the number of “likes” a fan page may have. The Wall Street Journal’s Emily Steel writes, “Merkle Inc., Lithium Technologies Inc. and other marketing companies are helping companies build applications for consumers to download on Facebook, which will allow customers to access a company’s loyalty program, what promotions they might qualify for and check their points. In exchange, the consumer gives the company permission to access their personal information like name, gender and email address on the social-networking site.” PIB – Personally-Identifiable Barter. Read more.

Q3 Sees More M&A

According to i-bank Jordan Edmiston Group (JEGI), it was a busy third quarter in terms of mergers and acquisitions in the media, information, marketing and technology sectors. JEGI says in a release, “Approximately 700 announced transactions reached $35.3 billion in transaction value through Q3 2011, a 10% increase over the same period in 2010.” That’s about $300 million in transactions per day – weekends included. Read more. Do you work Sundays? There may be $300 million waiting for you.

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