DSP DataXu Adds Social To Its Stack; Forrester On The Agency And Programmatic Buys; SpotXchange RTB’d

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DataXu Adds Social

DataXu made its own announcement regarding a social solution (DX Social) using demand-side platform tech. DataXu stresses its cross-platform capabilities and says on its blog, that “DX Social creates and uses consumer behavioral insights from a marketer’s investments in other channels (including display, mobile and video)” in order to improve ROI in the social space. Read more in Adweek. Progressively, some ad networks, demand-side platforms (DSPs) and those in-between are making a case for cross-channel buying. Late last week, DSP MediaMath made a similar announcement targeting Facebook. The stack lives!

How Much For Your Video Imp?

Looking to unlock what it sees as challenges in valuing the video impression across ad serving technology, online measurement company Vizu announced what it calls its “Value in Video’ Initiative.” A press release describes it thusly, “The program’s objective is to provide the industry with the ability to leverage in-stream, real-time testing of consumer sentiment wherever and however video is delivered.” Get more video sentiment here.

Bad Behavior, You Know Who You Are

On ClickZ, Turn optimization dude Maxwell Knight talks bad behavior and readers are all ears as he writes, “Two of the [bad behavior] can occur are cookie bombing and conversion scooping. To understand how these practices undermine effective attribution, let’s imagine a walk down New York City’s Fifth Avenue.” It gets uglier. Read more. An interesting view on how some nefarious ad techniques can undermine proper attribution of ad spend success.

Reaction On MediaBank/DDS

CEO Mike Leo of Operative takes a thoughtful look at the proposed DDS-MediaBank merger of agency back office systems providers. He writes, “The deal between Donovan and MediaBank is great news and much needed. Our industry is blessed with a tremendous amount of innovation. Unfortunately, many innovators in our space have lacked the foresight to adopt a long term approach to enabling successful, profitable relationships between buyers and sellers.” Read it all. And, on DIGIDAY, Editor Brian Morrissey writes, “…ContextWeb linking up with Datran and the much larger MediaBank merger with Donovan Data Systems — points to a winnowing of the pool of platforms in the market. The fact is there is simply too much complexity in the market, but even more so, there’s a need for more interoperability.” Read more.

Marketer Beware

As part of a larger Forrester report on “The Future Of Digital Media Buying,” Forrester analyst and former Razorfish exec Joanna O’Connell comments on the state of ad agency buyers today especially as it relates to programmatic buying momentum: “…Not every buyer has the necessary skills or tools to succeed here. Marketers need to take a hard look at their current roster of partners and assess whether or not they have what’s necessary to take full advantage of the opportunity on their clients’ behalf. If they don’t, marketers should look elsewhere.” Read here first.

Mobile Ad Dearth

Leveraging data from a company called Company Data Trees, eMarketer offers few nice graphics on how web publishers are slow to create and leverage sites for the mobile web. As the article states, “…while more publishers are optimizing their sites for mobile, most are still not serving mobile ads. In September 2011, more than 61% of the publisher sites studied by Company Data Trees had no mobile ads.” No ads!??? Is that possible? I can’t imagine living that way. Read more.

RTB For Video

SpotXchange announced that the inventory it makes available through its video ad exchange is now 100% real-time biddable (RTB-able). Speaking from the RTB bible, the release reads, “Using real-time bidding for video, SpotXchange clients don’t have to spend the resources to maintain hundreds of publisher relationships.” Read more.

Marking Premium Inventory

Google is making a move with its News product that – though unrelated to ads – may someday bring the human back into the advertising algo. A Google product spokesman writes on the Google News blog about the new “standout” tagging system: “You can use the tag to point to your own content or to point to other sources with standout stories. Because the Standout tag belongs in the HTML header of your articles, it will only be seen by automated systems like Google News, not by direct readers of your articles themselves.” How if publishers could tell programmatic buyers what their best content was? Would buyers care? They’d care if it made their ROI improve. Read more.

Infographic Tuesday

Courtesy of a tweet from the Advertising Research Foundation, more data visualization goodness: a Mashable infographic on social media usage by country. See it now!


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