Ad Age’s Audience Buying Guide; Stickin’ It To the Patent Troll?; Real-Time Social Signal

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Audience Buying Guide

Ad Age has released a new “Audience Buying Guide” which offers a boat-load of articles on the data-driven ad world beginning with…

  • Kathryn Koegel’s guide to acronyms here.
  • Ad Age’s Kunur Patel covers the Group buying ecosystem here.
  • Rebecca Lieb looks at social ad targeting as Media6Degrees, 33Across, RadiumOne and BlinQ Media make appearances here.
  • Michael Learmonth looks at audience buying in online video here and the impact on DR with video audience buying here.
  • Edmund Lee highlights a ValueClick graphic destined for retargeter PowerPoints everywhere on the impact of certain buying tactics such as retargeting and audience here.
  • Lee also interviews two of Invite Media’s founders Zach Weinberg and Nat Turner here.
  • The New York Times’ Michael Zimbalist writes a think piece on how publishers are “taking back” the ad ecosystem here.
  • LUMA Partners Terence Kawaja examines the impact of real-time bidding (RTB) and other platform acronyms here – he sees an “inflection point” for display.

Stickin’ It To the Patent Troll?

On the Google blog, lawyer Kent Walker announces that Google has bid on $900 million worth of patents from Nortel, a bankrupt telecom equipment company – that’s 6,000 Nortel patents total for those counting at home. Walker writes, “The patent system should reward those who create the most useful innovations for society, not those who stake bogus claims or file dubious lawsuits. It’s for these reasons that Google has long argued in favor of real patent reform, which we believe will benefit users and the U.S. economy as a whole.” Hence the bid, says Walker. Read more. But, is there patent gold in the stockpile? ZDNet’s Larry Dignan says its to combat an Oracle suit among other reasons. Read it.

Real-Time Social Signal

Data curation and analytics company Mediasift (which powers the retweet button and – nice data grab!) has entered into a deal with Twitter to “sift” through the firehose of tweets available in real-time and pay “for only the tweets that you value” through an upcoming product called “Datasift.” Read more about what that means on the Mediasift blog. And, click here to read about DataSift.

Publishers Keep-ing It, Really

AdKeeper revealed a bit more of their rollout strategy in an interview with MediaPost’s Laurie Sullivan as “[AdKeeper] CEO Scott Kurnit says the online advertising technology company has secured about 20% of the available Internet advertising inventory under contract, including Pepsi, which committed 100% of its ads beginning in May.” Read more about “the keep” here.

A Do-Not-Track Bill In California

Jules Polonetsky of the Future of Privacy Forum tweets and points to what he says is a California Do-Not-Track bill which “specifically exempts the government from IP and cookie tracking.” See the bill and what law can look like. And, read more about the bill on

Job Fair Or Unfair?

Hiring is a hot topic in NYC as a local, tech job fair told 80 out of 120 applying companies that there was no rim at the Inn. To pour salt in the wound, the rejection email CC’d all the companies that did not make the cut (probably meant to BCC, but, oops!). Well… there’s evidently nothing more motivated than a jilted job fair company. Now 60 of the jilted 80 appear to be putting together their own show. Fight the power! BetaBeat covers the story here.

Sorrell On The Paywall

WPP Group’s Martin Sorrell is featured in a Newsweek article and opines on the subject of paywalls – and The New York Times, specifically. Newsweek’s Joanne Lipman quotes Sorrell, “‘I certainly hope’ it will work, he says. That doesn’t sound terribly optimistic. ‘I’m realistic!’ he says. Sorrell just doesn’t need the Times as much as he used to, he says. ‘There are plenty of other newspapers around the world, and even in America.'” Read more.

Immediate Pre-Roll

Innovid announced a new video product line called “iRoll Apps” which it says can be used “in the creation of interactive pre-roll campaigns offering immediate turnaround time, no additional creative needed all with massive scale.” Read the release.

Private Equity-Forced Merger

Apax Partners announced that it was buying business software companies Activant and Epicor. Who cares, right? These aren’t ad-related companies. But, is this the future for a fragmented digital ad ecosystem? Seems like a possibility as “smart money” could come in and take a bunch of synergistic players and stick them under one umbrealls. Read more.

AdXpose Gets Funds, Takes Name

AdXpose will no longer be part of Mpire – it IS Mpire as the company assumed the AdXpose name. In addition, the company reported that it has raised $3 million in a round led by existing investor Draper Fisher Jurvetson. Finally, AdXpose reported recent results and said in a release that it “saw an average 150% quarter-by-quarter increase last year in terms of revenue and impressions optimized.” Read more.

Media Grenades

Jeff Jarvis wonders aloud on his Buzz Machine blog as to why “The New York Times has been gunning for The Huffington Post lately. Jarvis claims that several recent posts and op-eds indicate something’s going on and asks the Times to look within saying, “How could The Times increase engagement? By learning from Huffington Post rather than snarking at it. Aggregation has value for readers. Conversation is engaging. Fighting for the people-which is what newspapers did, in their good old days-is the most meaningful way to engage with a community. Fun is fine.” Read more. Meanwhile, The NYT’s David Carr looks at where former editors of Aol’s Engadget are heading here.

First-Day Departure

Google head of product Jonathan Rosenberg has left the company on Larry Page’s first day as CEO says The Business Insider. TBI’s Nicholas Carlson writes, “It’s also possible that Page may have viewed Rosenberg as redundant. Much of Rosenberg’s job under Google’s old CEO, Eric Schmidt, was to run interference between product managers and top executives. Read more. According to San Jose Mercury News, Rosenberg will be back at Google as a consultant after a vacation. Read it.

Certifying The DMP

BlueKai says its the first data management platform to be certified by TrustE. According to the release, “Under TRUSTe’s new TRUSTed Data Collection program, BlueKai has demonstrated that their internal privacy controls are fully compliant with TRUSTe’s standards of transparency, choice and accountability.” Read more.

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