Ad Blocking Can Go Beyond Ads; Google Is Named In EU Antitrust Suit

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Ad-Block Ripples

A report from Oriel, a publisher ad-block solutions firm, found ad blocking can impact a wider swath of the Internet than commonly suspected. The report says Ryanair and British Airways may lose customers because the terms and conditions box can be blocked, Land Rover’s own videos on its site can be blocked and Liverpool’s online merchandise can be affected. The sites surveyed skew heavily to the UK, and the test included uBlock Origin, a particularly aggressive species which pitches itself as a content blocker. These aren’t really active concerns, but it’s a useful reminder that if consumers wanted to put a harder squeeze on the online marketing world, the tools are there. More at MediaPost.

Tipping The Scales?

Google was charged with breaking EU antitrust rules Wednesday on the grounds that the tech giant unfairly controls mobile services. The suit alleges Google forces telcos and smartphone providers to pre-install its search and Chrome browser in order to also offer the Play Store and Android OS. Google general counsel Kent Walker responds in a company blog post, saying the Android model has fostered more innovation and competition.

Cable Turns

Turner Broadcasting is embracing digital at this year’s upfronts. The traditional broadcaster will cut ad load times during prime time on its TruTV and TNT networks this fall, mimicking the experience for viewers accustomed to ad-free streaming content. Turner will also launch its first-ever direct-to-consumer OTT offering later this year, which will aggregate content from across its portfolio. The network plans to expand digital content production for prime-time host Conan O’Brien and others to as a way to consolidate its cross-channel audiences. More at Adweek. Related in AdExchanger: Turner Broadcasting sees a future where data and creative coexist more fluidly for TV advertisers.

Facebook, The TV Network

Facebook’s going hard against Google by actively pitching its live-streaming video platform Facebook Live to broadcasters and by making a plethora of measurement updates. Facebook extended its TRP buying capabilities to include Nielsen DMA Targeting and Day Parting, which lets buyers transact their Facebook video campaigns with the same currency as their TV ads. And Facebook ran a series of tests translating TV creative to mobile, in-feed ads for brands Wells Fargo and Wrigley’s. Facebook to cable TV: “We’re ready for prime time.” More on the Facebook blog.

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