Launches $60 Million IPO Effort; NY Times’ Zimbalist On Bringing Brands Online; YouTube Testing HTML 5

Here’s today’s news round-up… Want it by email? Sign-up here. Going IPO

Lead gen marketplace,, announced that it will go public as it has filed its registration statement. Complete release on the blog. This announcement comes on the heals of a recent IPO by lead gen company, Quin Street, and just a day before industry event, LeadsCon begins. Read about it on the blog. TechCrunch looks at the S-1 registration statement and notes the 75% growth in revenues in 2009 for

The WRP (That’s “Werp”)

In Ad Age, a new acronym is born as The New York Times’ Michael Zimbalist coins the term “WRP” – pronounced “Werp” (you’re excused.) – as he proposes how to improve online audience measurement in a way that will cause brand marketers to open their brand budget wallets online and sync with their existing comfort level with offline and GRPs. Read more.

TargetSpot Eyeing, Trying Mobile

Online audio ad network, TargetSpot, announced a deal with Slacker, “a pure-play Internet radio service,.. to monetize the 50 percent of its listeners that tune-in via applications on iPhone, Android and BlackBerrys.” Read more from Mediaweek.

Spot Market For Leads

Former Fair Isaac VP, James Taylor, looks at lead scoring company, eBureau, on his “Everything Decision Management” blog and provides an example of eBureau’s services: “[An] example is a company using [eBureau] to segment inbound leads from ads bought on the spot market (where they don’t control the time to run the ad.” Read about it.

YouTube Testing HTML 5

Google’s YouTube is offeriing a Flash-free video environment, as well as a beta test of its new HTML 5 video technology. This seems “only for the geeks” as its hard to imagine the general consumer getting excited or interested about HTML 5. See the opt-in page. (source: checkyourfuel)

Looking At Video On The Web

On Ad Age, Michael Learmonth looks at how lower quality (less production values) video ads have come to the web and reset expectations for the user and advertiser, alike. Learmonth asks, “Will a publisher be able to produce original content at scale profitably on the web?” Read about it.

LeadsCon Begins

Jay Weintraub’s LeadsCon begins its two-day, lead generation event in Las Vegas today. Among the panels, Prospectiv, Quinstreet and look at “The Metric of Success” and “What does performance-based pricing mean?” See the agenda.

Advising The CTO

VC Richard Ehrenberg gives advice to the startup CTO in a post from his “Information Arbitrage” blog. He says, “Too often I have found CTO / Founders paired with business people who not only don’t add value, but frequently detract from the value of the business.” Read the advice.

It’s Not All About Looks

On ad network Tatto Media’s blog, “Your Best-Looking Creative May Not Be Your Best-Performing Creative” or so says Betsy Chan, an Art Director at Tatto Media. She writes, “Keep in mind it is not always about how it looks, but more so about the data.” View her thoughts.

Hyperlocal Reporters

The New York Times is leveraging its brand and giving student journalists a chance to start the Times’ first hyperlocal foray called “The Local East Village” according to The Business Insider’s Gillian Reagan. Could this be the future of local news – recruiting students? The price is right. Read more.

Bill Wise Tweets

In his 4th tweet of the year, Bill Wise, Yahoo!’s VP & GM, Display Platforms, tweeted, “I believe there will be 3 distinct marketplaces for digital marketing- spot market for ad inventory, futures market for premium, and data..” Was he responding to’s Andy Atherton who opined on the futures exchange yesterday on See the tweet. What will tweet #5 hold?