The Facebook Ad Analytics Vacuum; SOPA Looms For Ad Ecosystem; Pandora Targeting Politics

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Facebook Ad Metrics

Rob Hof provides an in-depth article on Facebook advertising in the December 5 issue of Forbes. Display ad success metrics, the click and other industry analytics pain points make an appearance as Hof writes that Facebook is trying to find a better way but it’s tough, “Even Facebook concedes as much. Closing Facebook’s Ad Week presentation with [Facebook ad exec David] Fischer, Mark D’Arcy, a former Time Warner ad exec who’s now Facebook’s director of global creative solutions, said of Facebook ads, ‘We’re sort of like 1951 television.'” Read it. Will Facebook build in-house or will they acquire solutions and talent? Big brand marketers want more.

SOPA To Clean House?

Digiday’s Jack Marshall covers the latest acronym to set the wider digital ecosystem ablaze, SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act). Marshall writes, “SOPA proposes the U.S. government should be given the power to shut down or ‘blacklist; websites that violate copyright laws.” And that means ad networks, search engines, and ISPs would have to cut off services to offenders says Marshall who presents the risks for all sides – including publishers. Read the coverage.

Collegiate Incubators

U.S. universities on the east coast are trying to catch up with their west coast brethren, as Harvard is the latest to open up a startup/incubation lab. Pass the digital test tube as this lab – called i-lab (like Skylab!) – has the latest and greatest doodads. The Boston Globe reports, “Last week, Mark Zuckerberg, the cofounder of Facebook, dropped by to check out the building and get a preview of a company being developed there that will stream live TV over the Internet. He dubbed it ‘actually pretty cool.'” Read the coolness.

Local Run Rate

On TechCrunch, Yext CEO Howard Lerman shares the latest success his company is seeing for local listings “plumbing” on sites like Yelp etal. TechCrunch reports the local data synchronizer’s “PowerListings business is on a $12 million revenue run-rate, and Lerman expects it to surpass his pay-per-call business by the middle of next year He hints that more local listings partners will be added to the service in December.” Lead gen-ners love the listings. Read it.

Ad Exchange In China

According to Adaline Lau of ClickZ Asia, Google’s DoubleClick Ad Exchange was the talk of a recent Shanghai ad event and a Google DoubleClick exec “has been making the rounds with media agency professionals in the Greater China region to talk about its AdX and demand-side platform Invite Media.” Is your company in China? Is your agency? How many fingers am I holding up right now? Get crackin’.

Retargeting In-Store

Amazon and others are banking on the fact cost-conscious consumers will want to comparison shop when they visit stores this coming holiday season and “Black Friday” (the day after the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday). That’s why they’ve provided a little self-retargeting device (my words) – a mobile app for their smartphone which takes in-store product prices and then compares it to what Amazon has to offer, for example. App as useful ad. Read more in the NYT.

Targeting Digital Radio

Prepping for 2012, online radio service provider Pandora has productized its targetable, U.S. demographic data for politicos as the company announced its new product for local and national ad campaigns. From the release, “Campaigns of all sizes are able to deliver their messages to custom voter zones in an uncluttered radio environment, because on Pandora only one audio advertisement plays per break.” Read more. Tying retargeting of those users to other channels (video, display and mobile) will be something DSP-like companies will tout as the 2012 U.S. election season approaches.

Projecting Ad Revenue

Consultant David Sonn gives his basic how-to on projecting online ad revenue. After the first year with ad networks, Sonn says, “When projecting revenue over Years Two through Four, increase your $1.20 per 1,000 page views first to an average of $3 CPM, then ultimately to a maximum average of $10 CPM. These are general guidelines and it’s best to be conservative.” Read how Sonn thinks you get to $10 here.

Infographic Monday

Where does all the revenue come from for the mobile gaming app model? Let Mixpanel show you via Matt Hulett’s blog. See it now.

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