MediaBrands Freeman Talks Cadreon, Display; Yahoo! APT Platform Gets Gannett; Google Buying More Search Tech

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IPG’s Freeman Talks Display

Matt Freeman who runs Interpublic Group of Cos.’ Mediabrands Ventures unit is featured in Ad Age where he talks about the 16 areas, count ’em 16 areas, that he oversees as well as his role as co-chairman of Mediabrands. In discussing areas of Growth for Mediabrands, Freeman said, “From our perspective, the growth areas are on the Cadreon-like audience-network side, search and social and hyper-local is emerging as a tremendous area of growth for us. And we anticipate tremendous growth in the shopper-sciences sector as well.” Read more.

Yahoo! APT And Gannett

In a deal that swaps the ability to sell Yahoo ad inventory for Gannett content while leveraging Gannett’s local salesforce, Gannett and Yahoo! agreed to a new local advertising deal. Mediaweek’s Katy Bachman writes, “With Yahoo, Gannett, which plans to use the targeting and ad ordering capabilities of the APT platform from Yahoo for local sales, said its local market digital reach would be as high as 80 percent.” Read more.

Google Buys Search Tech

One can’t have enough search technology. Google announced last Friday that it has purchased MetaWeb, “a company that maintains an open database of things in the world” according to Jack Menzel, Director of Product Management on The Official Google blog. So in addition to searching and get search results – you’ll get an actual (right, hopefully) answer. See a short video about the tech. Read The Official Google Blog post.

Gannett Posts Q2

In spite of posting strong Q2 2010 earnings, Gannett’s stock plummeted as Wall Street expected more revenue ($1.4 billion vs. $1.37 billion). Dow Jones Newswire reports, “Gannett’s second-quarter broadcast revenue jumped 20%, in line with the company’s forecast and rebounding from a prior-year 21% drop, and its digital segment saw a 8% increase.” Read more. And, see the Gannett news release (PDF). In addition, the company said on the conference call that it was experimenting “with ‘paid content’ on its newspaper sites in Greenville, S.C., Talahassee, Fla. and St. George, Utah.” Read it.

Creative Optimization #s

Ariel Geifman of Eyeblaster shares his thoughts on creative optimization on Adotas. Geifman reaches into his research of data from all of 2009 and says, “Ads that used creative optimization increased conversion rate by 79% as compared to other ads without creative optimization.” Read more.

Yahoo! Q2 ’10 Prediction

Yahoo!’s Q2 2010 earnings will be released tomorrow. Citibank’s Mark Mahaney offers predictions: ”
Read-Thru From Google’s Q2 Results – We believe GOOG’s Q2 results provided a modestly positive read-thru for YHOO’s Q2 EPS results. In particular, we believe that the robust and accelerating Google U.S. revenue results, based on both Search and Display growth, provide a broad positive market read-thru for Yahoo!”

DSPs Have More Malware

In an article about malware, MediaPost’s Laurie Sullivan writes, “Many of the DSPs have a higher percentage of viruses in ads on their due to the nature of their automated ad buying process, according to sources. Automation has been the culprit feeding the fire that companies lit years ago.” Sources? Read more.

More Q2 Google Display Info

From the Seeking Alpha transcript of the Google Q2 2010 Earnings call which took place last Thursday, several display data points were offered including:

  • Jonathan Rosenberg, SVP, Product Management: “And we also had over 20 quality improvements on the Google display network.”
  • Patrick Pichette, CFO “Our AdSense revenue was up 23% as well to $2.1 billion, reflecting our continued strength specifically in the Google display network.”
  • JR: “The display side, the AdSense for mobile is actually doing very, very well. And one of the reasons that’s doing well is sort of the opposite of what I just stated in terms of effect. (…) On a mobile device the display ad is something that really kind of gets in your face.”
  • PP: “(…) there’s a real kind of triangulation between two factors in our strategy for acquisitions. So think of it as talent, intellectual property and then price.”

Baker Writing

DataXu CEO Mike Baker is spreading data-driven love throughout the business media world these days as he writes on Forbes about how he digital advertising needs to get more efficient. He opens, “Digital is the fastest-growing and arguably most strategic sector of the advertising market, yet an agency executive recently told me that transaction costs are 300 percent greater than for television.” Read more.

Entrepreneurship And The IPO

Entrepreneur offers numerous colorful charts to show the dwindling IPO market the past 10 years in comparison to the previous.  Blank writes about the future, “Depending on your industry, in this decade it’s 5 to 10x less likely that your company will have an IPO as an exit.”  He concludes, “If you’re starting a company in other, capital intensive industries, it’s no longer just about having great technology. You need a plan for partnership and long term funding from day one.” Read more.

MediaMath Launches Site

DSP MediaMath has quietly launched a new website featuring its platform called Terminal One. See it here.

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