AppNexus Adds Orange; Facebook Exchange Deluge

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AppNexus’ European Call

Exchange provider AppNexus is the new Europeon ad platform for telecom company Orange. In March 2010, Orange had hooked up with OpenX for the creation of the Orange Ad Market. From the release: “Orange has deep relationships with both buyers and sellers of online media, and programmatic buying is becoming a key part of our digital media strategy to serve their needs,” said Stephanie Hospital, EVP of Orange’s Audience and Advertising division. Read more.

USA Today Ad Revamp

USA Today was considered revolutionary when it came to newsprint design 30 years ago. The Gannett flagship’s website hasn’t exactly been known for rewriting the rules, at least according to its look. But the latest redesign, while aimed for mainstream consumers, is also intended to appeal to major brands. Among other things, the redesign will de-emphasize the traditional 300×250 display formats a bit in favor of larger, more engaging ads. “I think the full-page digital ad will be the primary one of the future,” Larry Kramer, USAT’s president and publisher, told AdAge’s Jason Del Rey. Read more.

10,000 Flavors of TV

TV channels have multiplied to such a degree that our channels now have channels, and that’s a problem, says Dave Morgan writing for Medipost. “Audience fragmentation makes buying media harder and more complex. You need to evaluate more media choices. You need to maintain more relationships. You need to traffic more ad spots to more partners. You have more competition for larger properties. Per-campaign reach goes down.” Read more.

Email Lockout

“A funny thing happened on the way to the Private Exchange,” Dave Hendricks writes in a column on ClickZ. Well, it’s not so funny if you’re a fan of email ad targeting. “While thousands of pages of yesterday’s news ended up in the private exchanges – articles written weeks or months ago with supposedly long tails – the freshest and hottest content put together by the same editors couldn’t get in the private exchange club.” Read it.

Ecommerce Fever

For investors, Citi analyst Mark Mahaney reviews’s recent summit with the heading that “Large Retailers & Tech Ecosystems Continue [Their] Tug O’ War.”  Ecommerce continues to “hockey stick” if you go by this: “Attendance for this annual event has increased 10x since 2002 to more than 4,500 attendees from a large number of Internet, Technology, and Retail industry participants including eBay, Google, Facebook, Toys R Us, Nordstrom, Target, Oracle, Macys, Kohl’s, BazaarVoice, and DemandWare.” Mahaney also referenced a Kara Swisher-moderated panel at the event where Swisher wondered aloud why Amazon was not present.

Agencies Scoring Vendors

Digiday follows up its ad tech chaos and publishers piece with a focus on how ad agencies are dealing with vendors.  Digiday’s Brian Morrissey talks to VivaKi exec Mac Delaney among others for answers: “VivaKi’s mission includes striking Publicis-wide deals with many vendors. As part of those agreements, Delaney’s team puts the vendors through a 243-point evaluation. The criteria varies, but for a data provider, for instance, it would zero in on just where exactly its data id coming from.”  Read more.

CRM Retargeting

Matching email address to display ad cookies is becoming a hot(ter) topic. In an opinion piece on Ad Age, LiveRamp’s Travis May reviews CRM Retargeting – an offering near and dear to the Rapleaf-owned company (AdExchanger 2011 Q&A). May offers a use case, “Consider a large marketer like a wireless carrier. Their CRM contains a customer’s email address, what devices the customer has purchased, the lifetime value of the customer, and other key information about the customer. When their subscription is ending and it’s time for the customer to likely buy a new device, the carrier would traditionally send a direct mail campaign and email marketing campaign customized for that individual. With CRM retargeting…” Read more.  Think what Salesforce or Linkedin can enable.


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