DG Eyes Latin America Digital Ads Throne; Below-The-Fold Works; Getting More Out Of The DSP

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Latam Plans For DG

Amit Rahav, vp of MediaMind, tells Latin America-focused trade pub, Portada, that after being acquired by DG, the company’s goals are pretty simple. He says, “Our objective in Latin America is to become the principal provider of advertising management services for the region.” Read a bit more from his interview.

Ad Network Growing

According to a release, ad network and widget developer Lijit says its continuing to grow at a rapid pace and claimes “20,000 new sites have been added to the Lijit Network in July 2011.” The company says it now has 40,000 sites total with 160 million global uniques, and 1.8 billion monthly pageviews. A unique Lijit offering is the integrated search widget which could potentially provide more targeted, bottom-of-the-funnel search retargeting capabilities to advertisers. Read the release.

There’s Life Below The Fold

Don’t be deluded. The ads below-the-fold can perform depending on how much you spend on the media – but of course! eCommerce retargeting company RichRelevance says that according to aggregation of its own performance data, the importance of having a below-the-fold strategy is proven. He offers a white paper to explain the case. Download here (Pay With PII). Below-the-fold does not equate to bad media. But can the marketer handle seeing it there? For many eCommerce retailers, hells yeah.


In a post titled, “Four Ways to Get More out of Your DSP (Demand-Side Platform) Campaigns,” Right Media Exchange’s Anna Partel offers DSPs tips on the company blog. For example, she says, “Right Media gives its seat holders control and flexibility over their campaigns by allowing them to set their own rules for channels, inventory and more—and they can set their rules at several levels, with the seat level being the highest.” Read more about what that means.

50 Billion Imps, Growing

Evidon, one of the keeper’s of the DAA online provacy icon, published a new press release claiming the Company’s scale and reach is roughly equivalent to “80 million unique users who see the icon every day, thanks to the scale of delivery provided by Evidon, which routinely exceeds 500M impressions/day and is growing…” Read even more in Ad Age. Another finding: “Evidon has handled roughly 500,000 opt out requests.” That’s less than a 1% opt-out according to the data provided.

Now Serving Cross-Channel

Speaking of ad networks, Traffic Marketplace (now Epic Marketplace), which is owned by Epic Media Group, says it has launched a new, cross-channel ad serving system “leveraging the social media, mobile, display, and video channels.” The ideal here is to globally frequency cap across all channels, understand user interaction with the ads, and then take those insights and continue to optimize across all channels of the campaign. Read more.

There’s PR In Product

AppNexus’ Ari Paparo is giving Google product chief Neal Mohan a run for his money. Background: Sometimes, AdExchanger.com wonders how Mohan ever gets anything done in regards to his product responsibilities due to his busy list of required speaking engagements, chats with needy press (Thanks, Neal!), blog posts, etc. Enter product maven Paparo who has penned yet another piece! – #3 in a week if memory serves. Listen to the data-driven goodness from Paparo in a Q&A on eConsultancy: “Agencies are likely to play a bigger role in the evolution of RTB over time. Their role as media buyers will probably change, and those who can bring innovative buying techniques to their client will benefit, as shown by some of the more advanced agency trading desks and buy-side performance companies.” Get it all.

PR Machine

The wide, wild world of PR gets a look from Pui-Wing Tam in The Wall Street Journal. Tam finds that web startups are fueling a booming PR industry in San Francisco, and, whoa – check this out: “Faced with a huge appetite for their services, some public-relations consultants have even gone back to a tactic of the late 1990s dot-com boom: taking stock in a start-up instead of getting paid for their services in cash.” Good luck with that. Read more (subscription). Bubble indicator?

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