Eyeblaster On Dwell Times; On Apple And New Pub Pricing Models; Unicast Showing Momentum

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Eyeblaster Dwelling

Eyeblaster has released a new study on dwell time – the time that a user is exposed to an ad on a web page. Among the findings, “High Dwell [Rate] triples brand-related search, increases traffIc by 69%.” Need more? Read the release. And, download the report (signup required).

Opinion On Algos

Alan Pearlstein minces no words when he completes the second of his two-part post “Most Algorithms Are Bullsh*t.” Pearlstein concludes, “I have been focusing on this subject because I fear that algorithms have become a smokescreen for fraudulent operators – and advertisers need to be wary.” Read the latest (second) post. And, read the first post.

Unicast Momentum

DG Fastchannel reported “record first quarter 2010 results” and within the numbers is the story around rich media vendor and DG Fastchannel property, Unicast. From the release: “First quarter revenue from the Company’s online media service division, Unicast increased by 53% from the year earlier period.” Read more.

On New Pub Pricing Model: Thx Apple

Hill-Holliday’s SVP, director of digital media, Adam Cahill says that Apple may have helped a significant new roadmap for premium publishers in his piece on ClickZ. Cahill writes, “Apple has brought the clarity and simplicity of retail pricing to media and you pay a penny for each impression served and you pay $2 when someone clicks on the ad to enter the deeper experience, according to The Wall Street Journal. That’s it. As the secondary market moves toward auction pricing, it makes sense that the premium market think about new pricing models as well. We should see this model take off, with premium publishers following suit.” Read more.

Yahoo! Readying Ads

According to Suzanne Vranica of The Wall Street Journal, Yahoo! will be looking to drive traffic back to the home page and take a shot at Google in the process with its new ad campaign. The new slogan is: “Your favorite stuff all in one place. Make Yahoo your home page.” Read more.

On Sponsoring Cocktails

In MediaPost, Erik Sass covers a panel discussion on branded media marketing at the Digital Hollywood Summit on Wednesday in L.A. Former Fox Interactive CEO Jim Heckman had the quote of the day: “There is not an algorithmic or cookie-based way to make Toyota great again in the eyes of consumers…. sponsorships have never gone away, and they never will… and that’s always going to be done on Madison Ave. with cocktails.” Read it.

Money Where Your Mouth Is

Tim Armstrong just bought $11 million worth of AOL stock. The Business Insider said it could be that some of his stock options vested. His purchase was filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission on Tuesday according to TheStreet.com.

Facebook Privacy Q&A

The New York Times’ Jenna Worthen has managed to corral a public policy wonk at Facebook to help answer Times reader questions about Facebook’s privacy policy and new rules on making one’s profile public, private or somewhere in between. If it’s not too late, you too may be able to ask a question of Elliot Schrage, VP for public policy at Facebook. Read it.

Your First Kiss

Eric Paley, Managing Partner at Founder Collective, provides his thoughts on what it’s like to be a first-time entrepreneur and how to breakthrough to the investment community. “The fact is that raising money is really hard unless you’ve built a successful business before.” Read his ideas. (source: @cdixon)

Google Addressing TV Audience

Douglas Quentana of ClickZ covers Google’s venture arm tossing investment toward Invidi Technologies, an addressable ads TV tech company, as Google led a $23 million round along with WPP Group’s Group M, Motorola and some VC firms. That’s a lot a big fingers in a $23 million pot. As part of the deal, Google will start working with Invidi directly on the addressable TV ads space. Read more.

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