ContextWeb EVP Sears Discusses RTB Roll-out And PubMatic Partnership

ContextWebContextWeb announced a partnership last week with publisher yield optimizer, PubMatic. Read the release.

ContextWeb EVP Jay Sears addressed the new partnership as well the roll-out of real-time bidding on the ADSDAQ Exchange.

Why expand the inventory for ContextWeb’s ADSDAQ Exchange with the PubMatic partnership?

Additional inventory – in this case via PubMatic’s RTB – allows us to continue to grow user and impression counts, overlay the additional targeting, deliver advertising campaigns at scale and gain access to the publishers that leverage PubMatic’s yield optimization solution.

How do ADSDAQ advertisers take full advantage of the real-time bidding functionality offered through PubMatic?  For example, can ADSDAQ advertisers append data and dynamically price according to the user who is being shown an impression?

All advertisers buying inventory on the ADSDAQ Ad Exchange have access to ad sellers from PubMatic. In addition to our longstanding Media Sales group that services named accounts at agencies and direct advertisers, ContextWeb now has two additional selling groups within the Exchange. The ADSDAQ Brokerage allows publishers and aggregators (such as ad networks) to buy inventory and our ADSDAQ Exchange Inside Sales group introduces new buyers to the Exchange via our self-service Buying Desk as well as our full suite of media products. While we are still best known for operating a “futures exchange” with flighted campaigns and guaranteed pricing and delivery, an increasingly large segment of advertisers uses the bidded self service product which acts as a “spot market”. Advertisers can both target their own users as well as target in-market, intent and demographics of users via appended data through our newest audience products that are now available.

What are the plans with ContextWeb’s own real-time bidding API which was announced last April?

In addition to building a bidder to bring in RTB partners such as Pubmatic, our own real time bidding is in a beta stage and we are expecting wider rollout in the second half of this year. We continue to be very bullish on the prospects for RTB and it represents one of just a handful of key product initiatives for 2010.

By John Ebbert

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  1. Context Web has been talking about launching real time bidding for one year. They lack credibility in my view.