TidalTV Targets Auto Intenders With Polk; Facebook Adds More Display; Startups Don’t Innovate Best

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Targeting Auto Ads

Video ad network TidalTV targets automotive marketers with its latest product launch as it will integrate audience targeting data from automotive data company Polk via Datalogix. According to the release, TidalTV claims, “Integrating Polk data directly and through Datalogix’s technology, TidalTV can now provide auto manufacturers and regional or local dealers an online video advertising solution to reach consumers who are likely to be in the market for a car – by vehicle style and make.” Read more. And, read the AdExchanger.com interview with Polk back in July to learn a bit more about their offering.

Facebook Adding More Display

More display ad placements are opening up on Facebook. TechCrunch says that in January Facebook will bring sponsored story ads to its main news feed with a frequency cap of 1 impression per user per day. TC’s John Constine says, “The ability to display promoted content alongside organic social content in the popular and highly addictive news feed is essentially the holy grail for advertisers.” Add it to the “Holy Grail” list. And then, read even more in ClickZ.

Bigger Is Better For Innovation

Throwing hot scalding water on the notion that startups and smaller companies are the ones who innovate most effectively, The Economist regurgitates the work of 20th century economist Joseph Schumpeter in a feature article: “Big firms have more incentive to invest in new products (…) because they can sell them to more people and reap greater rewards more quickly. In a competitive market, inventions are quickly imitated, so a small inventor’s investment often fails to pay off.” Progressive Policy Institute’s Michael Mandel chimes in for the 21st century and says that “today’s economy favours big companies over small ones. (…) And big is clever, for three reasons.” Read ’em! Makes sense in the ad tech ecosystem as one considers the recent move towards “end-to-end” solutions.

The Limits Of Sharing

Writing for the MIT Technology review, Paul Boutin explores the limits of Facebook and – how much do people really want to share? “Facebook’s impending problem is that even if the company enables future pacemakers to share our every heartbeat, the company cannot automate caring—the most important part of the feedback loop that has driven the social Web’s ascent. Nothing can support exponential growth for long.” What if you stopped caring about clicking the “like” button? Read more.

Wasp At The Picnic

In an interview on Matt Straz’s The Makegood, Upstream Group guru Doug Weaver offers a few thoughts on the bifurcation of selling in digital publishing between direct and audience-based buys. Among his ideas, “A lot of publishers are going to have some audience and some experience offerings. The experience offerings will be where you get paid a premium for what you do. They’ll go to work when the marketer says I don’t want to be in the banner ghetto, the ad on the page, the wasp at the picnic.” Bzzzzz.

Ad Tech Prognostication

On Digiday, editor Brian Morrissey looks ahead at ad tech in 2012. He writes, “The frothy trend of recent years will stretch into 2012, although there will be signs of a slow-motion winnowing of extraneous slots on the Luma Partners industry ecosystem slide. There will also be much more attention focused on bringing the wonders of programmatic buying to service brand advertisers, who up until now have turned their nose up at the exchange world.” Read it.

Get Busy

RapLeaf CEO Auren Hoffman has joined the venture capital world through Founders Fund. Forbes’ Dan Primack describes Hoffman’s entrepreneurial background thusly: “Hoffman also is a non-employee co-founder of both BrightRoll and ReTargeter, while he founded and sold three other Internet companies before the age of 30: BridgePath, GetRelevant, and Kyber Systems.” Read more.

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