Google Data Gathering Full-Steam Ahead; Time For Brokers, Not Bookers; LinkedIn CPMs Rise

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Google Testing, Gathering

New “Nielsen-like” panel efforts are being made by Google as the company introduced Screenwise which will be run by GfK’s Knowledge Networks. Google may be taking a deeper dive into attribution modeling and/or media mix modeling as, according to ClickZ’s Kate Kaye, “The system, which offers people Amazon gift cards in exchange for allowing the company to collect data on their browsing habits, will help Google get a better grasp on time spent on certain websites, which times of day people are online, and other information.” What would panels do without gift cards?? Read more. Meanwhile, more Google data mining is detailed by Digiday’s Jack Marshall: “Yesterday Google launched a version of its Chrome Web browser for Android devices, which could provide it with a goldmine of extremely granular user data.” Read about the motherlode. Need more Google? Read about the latest AdMob “auction enhancements” for mobile on the company’s mobile blog as minimums appear to be disappearing.

Time For Brokers, Not Bookers

In Australia’s B&T, CEO David Gaines of Maxus pens a think piece on the changing media buying landscape. He’s hooked into data-driven I.V. with both arms as he writes: “The biggest catalyst for change is a simple real-time buying platform that allows us to radically change the face of media buying. Buy 80% of all inventory like we buy search. Have brokers, not bookers, plugged into data exchanges and ad exchanges, trading anything except the cream inventory. This will free up a world of time, talent and pressure for everyone.” Read it.

Attribution Nation

Clearsaleing says that when clients use its attribution capabilities to understand effects of ad spend – social and display are #winning. Findings from a new company whitepaper: “The presence of social media in a Purchase Path drives higher value orders, in terms of revenue per order ($280), than natural search and paid search combined ($230.07), although it is not the highest traffic channel. When display is included in a conversion path, the average revenue per order increases to more than $206, almost 65 percent more revenue than the overall average order size of $135.37.” Read the release. Download, too (PDF – pay with some PII).

Adding Ad Network

AppNexus has added another ad network client as UK-based Jemm Media (AdExchanger Q&A) announced that it will move “exclusively” to AppNexus’ real-time ad platform. The release emphasizes the improvements for Jemm’s publisher clients and claims, “Since Jemm Group evolved its business from a traditional ad network to an RTB network, it has seen a year-on-year increase of 300 million additional impressions traded per month, and an improvement in CTR from 0.04 percent to 0.12 percent in just one year.” Read more.

CPMs Rising

More anecdotal evidence that CPMs are strengthening for some publishers as LinkedIn reported its Q4 2011 earnings. Read the release. J.P. Morgan’s Doug Anmuth writes about LinkedIn results, “..demand remains strong across Marketing Solutions, reflective of increasing engagement, rising display CPMs, and improvement in click rates.” Read the earnings call transcript for all the gory details.

Exchange Efficiencies?

Yahoo!’s Jodie Kahn and Hemant Kapoor trumpet new changes in the way clients are serviced on Right Media Exchange: “Now here’s the latest improvement – a significant cut in the time it takes to launch, manage and take down campaigns and publishers on the exchange. How significant? A year ago, actions like that could take two hours to go live; today, they take between 30 and 45 minutes.” Read it.

Prospecting With Ads

“Prospecting” is a term that is steadily moving from the lexicon of the sales team to the ad impression. As the marketer uses programmatic buying to leverage first-party data and search for a target market, the “prospecting” tactic is poured into the marketing analytics machine. On his company’s blog, TruSignal prez David Dowhan sees a key to good prospecting technique: “In order for the bottom funnel to grow, you have to feed the top. Just make sure that you’re feeding the upper funnel with your highest value prospects.” Read more.

Publisher DMP Talk

Data management platform (DMP) and exchange BlueKai is signaling its targeting the sell-side, too. In a new “DMP for Publishers” whitepaper. One key for a publisher DMP according to BlueKai: Data Portability – “If a publisher works with one or more DSPs and SSPs, as well as multiple networks or exchanges, its DMP should be able to push and pull varying levels of data to and from all of these source.” Download it (PDF). This whitepaper follows its more generic, buy-side effort from last year.

Google Wants To Build A Store

Don’t forget about the corner store: a cog in the online/offline attribution machine. Another big digital company is starting to think brick-and-mortar. Earlier this week, Amazon was rumored to be considering “corner store.” Now, according to Bloomberg, Google is getting into the act in Dublin, Ireland, “The Google Store would be open to the public and sell unspecified ‘Google merchandise,’ Google’s Irish unit said in a local planning application. Located in Dublin’s Montevetro office block, the shop would include about 123 square meters (1,323 square feet) of space with an added mezzanine floor extension.” Read it.

Infographic Friday!

Pretarget has a big, new, suitable-for-framing infographic on audience buying called… “It’s All About The Audience.” See it now.

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