The Big Story: Chrome’s Cookie Carnage

The Big Story podcast

Those maniacs.

They blew it up!

In a Tuesday blog post by Chrome engineer Justin Schuh, Google announced its fateful decision to stop supporting third-party cookies within two years.

But whether or not you’re slamming your forehead repeatedly into the panic button depends on who you are in the ad industry.

This week on The Big Story, the team welcomes into the studio Beeswax CEO and former Googler Ari Paparo, who penned an incendiary column looking at what Chrome’s cookie carnage will do to different marketing functions, and why its two-year countdown is more of a curse than a reprieve.

We’ll look at Google’s decision to kill third-party cookies in Chrome – what exactly is happening, why it’s happening and who it affects the most. We’ll take a peek inside Google’s Privacy Sandbox – the mysterious and, as of right now, highly vaporous solution Google hopes will help marketers find cohorts and measure.

That’s right – cohorts. Because the 1:1 messaging that’s the linchpin of so many digital marketing strategies will soon be a thing of the past.

But as marketers tear out their hair in frustration, it seems as if publishers and advertising agencies are getting a whiff of the sweet aroma of opportunity. We’ll explain why that’s the case.

And finally, there’s the vendor community. As Paparo notes, it’s probably a bad time right now to try to raise money. But some vendors might find themselves better-positioned if they pivot away from cookies.

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