Predictions for 2011: Creative, Display 2011 Predictions: Creative, reached out to executives at companies involved in creative and display technology for their predictions about the digital advertising ecosystem in 2011.

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Hari Menon, CEO, Tumri

  • 2011 will be the year of accountability – digital marketing which raised expectations of accountability will now be held to the promise by marketers. Multi-channel attribution will be key.
  • Personalization and Optimization of user experiences onsite and off-site (display, mobile, email and affiliate channels ) will take off in 2011.
  • Advertisers will start looking for Integrated media and creative optimization that deliver a 1+1=3 performance optimization.

Greg Rogers, CEO, Pictela

  • 2011 is going to be the year of rich media. While last year rich media comprised just 6% of online display ad impressions, we believe that number will double next year. Whether it is AOL’s Devil ads, the OPA’s large units, the IAB’s new ad format competition or the work that Pictela has done to revolutionize rich media, the industry is providing marketers with an exciting new set of tools to create and serve immense amounts of brand content into display advertising.

Karl Siebrecht, CEO, AdReady

  • Creative automation technologies will emerge.  2010 saw a plethora of advances in targeting and bidding capabilities that enhanced the ability to purchase unique audience segments, but what lagged was the ability to mass produce creative for the seemingly unlimited audience segmentations now available to marketers.  In the coming year we’ll see more and better creative capabilities to more completely deliver on the promise of sending the right message to the right person at the right time.
  • Demand-side fragmentation will increase.  Display is still highly concentrated on the demand side; the largest 1,000 or so advertisers still drive 90%+ of industry spending.  Increasingly, the sophisticated tools that have been available at the high end of the market will become economically viable for marketers with smaller budgets.

Jesse Thomas, Founder and CEO, JESS3

  • As we continue deeper into a recession we will see more deal based advertising. Groupon and LivingSocial were right to make those inroads early. Sites like Gilt, and PLNDR are being really innovative with their sales strategy and its paying off for them.
  • Location based advertising was big in 2010, and it will continue to get even bigger in 2011 as Facebook expands the technology behind its location platform Places. Mobile advertising is of course the larger trend associated with location based advertising, and that is also a hot trend.
  • We can always hope for more smarter better google, twitter and facebook ad units. Social ads are really exciting, and they have never before been possible. What comes with that is smarter better metrics.
  • Last year we saw some advertisements online that allowed you to click facebook connect and suck your permission based info into the video ad to create a powerful experience. This is in the dynamic ad space that still use the upload photo trick to get custom content in the ad. I personally find this super interesting and predict we will see more of this for sure in 2011 and beyond.

Gustav Von Sydow, CEO, Burt

  • Facebook will follow in Google’s footsteps and announce their own flavor of AdSense. Coupled with more efficient distribution tech (RTB, audience targeting) this will continue to drive momentum around display advertising as it continues to become the direct marketing tool of choice next to mail and search. However, the biggest driver of growth in display ads will not be direct response but brand marketing, which will have started to gain serious traction by the end of 2011. The main obstacle currently standing in online branding’s way is a lack of impact. Since this is mostly due to poor creative execution and low placement quality, innovation and control will move from companies focus in on distribution optimization (DSPs, ad servers, exchanges, networks) to those catering to the edges (advertisers, agencies, publishers).

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