Podcast: Why AI

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This week on the podcast we hear from Jocelyn Lee, head of the AI advertising practice at Heat. Heat is one of several agencies acquired by Deloitte Digital, and Lee’s job there is to help brands and agencies drive creative impact using advanced data strategies.

One way to do that is by leveraging data feeds to identify meaningful cultural moments before they blow up.

“Now that we have the ability to predict trends, conversations and keywords 72 hours in advance, how do we translate that into cultural relevancy in real time?” she says. “How do we tap into insights to create work and get it out into the market?”

Creatives have a reputation for being bad at data, but Lee says they are increasingly eager to create work that draws on data-driven insights.

In bygone days, according to Lee, creative directors would be dumbfounded by data dumps – they’d need strategists to interpret the numbers.

Ad tech and marketing tech companies were also biased toward media agencies. “I don’t think the technology companies were reaching out to them [creatives] in the way they were reaching out to media,” she says. “Media is also where the money was. Still is… They kind of forgot the creative agencies.”

Also in this episode: defining AI, common pitfalls, “org issues.”

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