TRAFFIQ Makes Goldberg Prez Officially; Are People Clicking More?; Dynamic Price Floor Wars

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Hail To The Chief

As reported in Ad Age, Nick Pahade has left TRAFFIQ for agency Initiative and now the company’s SVP of Client Services, Lori Goldberg, is taking over as President. A TRAFFIQ press release explains: “During [Goldberg’s] time at TRAFFIQ, she has successfully led the account management, media planning and buying, search, creative and business development teams. Lori also played a key role in developing strong strategic partnerships within the industry.” The appointment leaves the door open to bring in a CEO, or move Goldberg into the role over time. Read more.

The Doctor Is In

Efficient Frontier’s doctor of data, Sidd Shah, returns to the EF blog to tease the company’s upcoming State of Digital Marketing quarterly report. Shah is seeing flat CPC quarter-over-quarter and year-over-year. Economic stagnation, Doctor? Shah writes, “Not necessarily. As we saw last quarter, backed by growth in query and click volume, spend increased 14% YoY despite flat CPCs. We are seeing similar trends for Q1.” This has an interesting echo to Google’s Q4 ’11 results where Wall Street flipped its lid that when Google missed revenue targets in spite of an increase clicks – but a lower CPC. Read more. The world is getting more clicky as tech/content/advertisers are better at eliciting a click through better ads (hence lower CPCs)?

CTR And The Brain

Former Dapper sales maven, and now Mintigo sales exec, Chris Zaharias takes to his personal blog and takes no prisoners – again! This time he’s aiming at Facebook. He carves the following in a post: “While researching Facebook’s metrics over time, I stumbled upon two data sets that, together, confirmed a hunch I’d had, namely that Facebook ad CTR and intelligence are inversely correlated.” I love Hawaii! Zaharias tells all.

Buying Leads

This week, Access Intelligence announced the acquisition of Jay Weintraub’s lead gen trade show Leadscon and Daily Deals Summit. According to Folio, Weintraub isn’t going off into the sunset after completing a successful deal. He will continue to work his magic as president and founder of LeadsCon and have an integral roles in the new “Access Intelligence Customer Acquisition Board.” Read about it.

Rich Media Media

For you rich media sellers, MediaMind has released a bit more data, but more importantly, a couple more graphs that are going to look good in your Powerpoint prez. Clients may enjoy that rich media and rich media with video far outpaces “Post-ad site visit lift” then your standard run-of-the-mill banner ad.” Download the PDF (pay with PII that’s just short of your first born.).

Data Brokers

The IAB took a look at the Federal Trade Commission’s new report (PDF) on consumer privacy and isn’t happy with the use of the term “data brokers.” As MediaPost’s Wendy Davis explains, “The report characterizes data brokers as companies that collect information about consumers in order to resell the data for identity verification, fraud prevention, marketing and other purposes.” That covers just about everyone in online ads. The IAB wants the term narrowed. Read more.

Dynamic Opacity

On ClickZ, DataXu’s Mike Baker considers sell-side, “dynamic price floors” in ad exchange environments and is concerned that they may be a step backwards. Baker says, “Short-term, this may indeed increase revenues for the seller, but long-term – as buyers become aware of the practice – it discourages buyers from bidding higher, or from bidding as actively as they might otherwise.” Read more.

H. Dumpty

Lotame’s COO and GM Adam Lehman returns to Ad Age with his ever-loaded quill to deliver “Stack Wars” as he explores something Luke Skywalker never envisioned: the race to provide an end-to-end solution for addressable, digital media. Unfortunately, Lehman only sees point solutions and “Humpty Dumptys.” Read more. (reader alert: First appearance of Humpty Dumpty in this newsletter.)

What’s The Diff?

There’s Google retargeting and then there’s the retargeting that demand-side platforms do. What’s the difference? AdRoll’s Adam Berke explains all as it relates – and inserts his own self-service, retargeting company, AdRoll, in the process. See the video.

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