• Evan Adlman

    SVP, Advanced Advertising and Digital Partnerships
  • Nilla Ali

    SVP, Commerce
  • Isabelle Baas

    Managing Partner – Digital, Data & Technology Strategy
  • Paul Bannister

    Chief Strategy Officer
  • Jasme Bantens

    Managing Partner, SME, Audience Science & Measurement
  • Maurice Barron

    Vice President, Data and Platform Solutions
  • Luiz Barros

    VP, Data CoE & Global Media
  • Glenn Bean

    Senior Director, Product Management
  • Hanan Belarbi

    Senior Vice President Global Clients Solution
  • Jon Beebe

    SVP, Product Strategy and Insights
  • Mike Bloxham

    Senior Vice President, Global Media & Entertainment
  • Chetna Bindra

    Group Product Manager, Ads Privacy and Trust
  • Ryan Boh

    Product Strategy Lead, Activation and Identity
  • Jonathan Bohm

    Vice President, Multi-Platform Insights & Positioning, Advertising & Partnerships
  • Obele Brown-West

    Executive Vice President of Media
  • Camilla Cho

    SVP, eCommerce
  • Clare Clifford

    Product Marketing Lead
  • Collin Colburn

    Senior Analyst
  • Guido Crego

    Vice President of Product
  • Ryan Eusanio

    Managing Director of Digital Activation
  • Mike Fisher

    VP, Advanced TV
  • Seth Forman

    Head of Global Publisher Platforms
  • Oscar J. Garza III

    Managing Partner
  • Frances Giordano

    Group Director
  • Steven Golus

  • Melissa Grady

    Global Chief Marketing Officer
  • Amanda Grant

    Vice President, Global Head of Social
  • Leilani Han

    Director, Business Development & Partnerships
  • Larry Harris

    Chief Executive Officer
  • Ryan Harwood

    Chief Executive Officer
  • Travis Hockersmith

    VP, Platform+
  • Chris Kane

  • Jim Keller

    Executive Vice President, Digital Ad Sales & Advanced Advertising
  • Fatemeh Khatibloo

    VP, Principal Analyst
  • Andrew King

    Senior Director, Product Management, CTV/OTT
  • Frank Kochenash

    President, Marketplace Services
  • Stephanie Layser

    Vice President, Advertising Technology & Operations
  • Helin Lee

    Audience Activation Lead
  • Yan Liu

    CEO & Co-Founder
  • Dan Lurie

    Head of Growth and Shopping Product
  • Jay MacDonald

    Founder/CEO/Managing Partner
  • Dane Matthews

    Vice President, Digital Acceleration & Marketing Transformation
  • Bill Murray

    Vice President, Programmatic Solutions
  • Kristen Navarro

    Customer Success Director
  • Brian Norris

    Senior Vice President, Direct to Scale & Commerce Partnerships, Advertising & Partnerships
  • Nicole Perrin

    Principal Analyst, Digital Advertising
  • Dave Pickles

    Chief Technology Officer and Founder
  • Santi Proaño

    Head of Ocean Spray Lighthouse Incubator
  • Robert Redmond

    Head of AI Ad Product Design
  • David Reischer

    Product Manager
  • Mathieu Roche

    Chief Executive Officer
  • Tom Ryan

    President & CEO
  • Mike Scalise

    Lead Senior Customer Success Manager
  • Kristy Schafer

    VP Americas
  • Tracey Scheppach

  • Lisa Schoder

    Vice President, Integrated Media & Partnerships
  • Chris Signore

    VP of Publisher Partnerships
  • Prerna Talreja

    Group Director of Marketplace/Biddable Media
  • Nicolle Zawacki

    VP, Sales
  • Zach Rodgers

    Executive Editor
  • Allison Schiff

    Senior Editor and Editorial Lead, Identity and Privacy
  • Sarah Sluis

    Managing Editor