• Isabelle Baas

    Managing Partner – Digital, Data & Technology Strategy
  • Paul Bannister

    Chief Strategy Officer
  • Jasme Bantens

    Managing Partner, SME, Audience Science & Measurement
  • Hanan Belarbi

    Senior Vice President Global Clients Solution
  • Ryan Boh

    Product Strategy Lead, Activation and Identity
  • Guido Crego

    Vice President of Product
  • Frances Giordano

    Group Director
  • Melissa Grady

    Global Chief Marketing Officer
  • Stephanie Layser

    Vice President, Advertising Technology & Operations
  • Jay MacDonald

    Founder/CEO/Managing Partner
  • Nicole Perrin

    Principal Analyst, Digital Advertising
  • Dave Pickles

    Chief Technology Officer and Founder
  • Mathieu Roche

    Chief Executive Officer
  • Zach Rodgers

    Executive Editor
  • Ryan Joe

    Managing Editor
  • Sarah Sluis

    Senior Editor
  • Allison Schiff

    Senior Editor
  • Tony Rifilato

    Associate Editor