The Big Story: You And Me And Quarantine

The Big Story podcast

We now live in a world where euphoria is a 24-pack of toilet paper on a Duane Reade shelf.

The Big Story – the only story, really – is the unsettling pall of COVID-19.

This week, the AdExchanger team will tell you how we’re doing, but we also want to know how you’re doing. At this point, the pandemic has no doubt drastically disrupted your life. (And if it hasn’t, you probably want to reassess some of your choices) How’s your work-from-home setup? How do you manage your family concerns as well as your job?

Talk to us. Let us know how you’re adapting to our new not-so normal. Send a message or voice memo to, and we’ll try to read or play them in an upcoming episode of The Big Story.

This week, we’ll look at how the coronavirus has put digital media in a state of flux. Right now, publishers are seeing a traffic explosion as consumers search for answers on how to deal with the crisis – or just look for some respite. But yield isn’t quite as high as some publishers would like. Because even though nearly all coverage is coronavirus-related, many advertisers are aggressively adding any terms to do with the pandemic to their block lists.

We’ll also examine the consumer behavior shifts happening due to COVID-19. Many you probably already know, because you’re experiencing them in your own lives: an increase in streaming, more ecommerce, more delivery. But which of these changes are actually here to stay? Allison Schiff looks at whether the pandemic will create a new normal that media companies will have to respond to – or if consumers will revert back to their familiar patterns when all is said and done.

Finally, despite the recent concern over how companies use consumer data, data regulations such as the EU’s GDPR take pandemics into account. We’ll take a look at how the outbreak might loosen up some data restrictions for certain use cases, at least in the short term.

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