The Big Story: Twitchy Trigger Finger

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Amazon is primed to become the next big advertising behemoth, with its ad revenue shooting up and industry honchos like Martin Sorrell predicting it could reach $100 billion.

Yet, as much as Amazon monetizes its inventory, it also has a bunch of assets with undeveloped ad strategies. Think Amazon Prime, Echo and Twitch.

In “The Big Story,” the AdExchanger team unpacks how Twitch could factor into Amazon’s next big ad agenda. The platform certainly has the potential to become the next YouTube, where users and influencers can upload and monetize their own videos.

But unlike YouTube, Twitch’s audience of gamers is notoriously anti-ad, so Amazon has an uphill climb to build out Twitch’s user base and monetize it at scale.

But don’t bet against Amazon. Considering it’s a company that went from selling books to becoming a major video portal and web services provider, it’s likely that Amazon can reposition Twitch into an advertiser’s new best friend.

Also, the AdExchanger team looks at the specifics around how Bayer, Anheuser-Busch InBev and T-Mobile are bringing marketing functions in-house. While the latter two brands cameoed in last week’s episode, this week they take a starring role as the team lays out where each company is in their programmatic in-housing journey and where they still need to go.

And finally, it’s off to Open World, the annual Oracle event that takes over San Francisco’s Moscone Center. This year the Marketing Cloud – after a few years of laying low – is back with new positioning within the Oracle structure and a new go-to-market strategy.

Did someone say customer data platform? That’s a trick question – everyone did. But Oracle said it most recently, and data infrastructure is becoming a major part of Oracle’s customer experience strategy. Oracle has been a big proponent of data recently – but traditionally, the enterprise tech giant had also been a big proponent of upselling its proprietary tech and getting its clients exclusively on All Oracle, All The Time.

Does the emergence of its CDP mean Oracle is bracing for a future where it’ll be part of a multivendor stack?

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