The Big Story: The Complexity Of Commerce, The Commencement Of Apple’s ATT Enforcement

The Big Story podcast

This week on The Big Story, the team broadcasts LIVE from AdExchanger’s Innovation Labs: Commerce Day event.

And here’s your main takeaway if you weren’t able to attend: the fragmentation in the world of commerce-related media is … insane. An emerging cluster of media networks from retailers  such as Walmart, Target, Kroger and numerous others already garner around $5 billion in spend, according to Forrester Research. That’s not including Amazon, of course.

Sounds like an exploding opportunity, right? Yes, but each platform has its own rules and systems that advertisers will have to navigate.

And then there’s Amazon Advertising. Executing different campaigns within Amazon itself can be fraught with siloes, so it’s best to forget about getting any data portability from them. Amazon may provide the tools, but it doesn’t provide the instruction manual on how to combine search, display and video across its vast portfolio.

In this episode, we’ll take a look at how commerce has carved out a vibrant but complicated slice of the advertising ecosystem.

And speaking of complicated, Apple finally announced-without-announcing that enforcement of its AppTrackingTransparency framework arrives next week with the release of iOS 14.5.

What Apple actually announced were a bunch of sexy new products – including a purple iPhone and a little white accessory called AirTag that you affix to an object in order to locate it with your iPhone. Basically, a thing that will kill Tile.

But these products ship next week with iOS 14.5, which means… yup, the era of opt-ins is finally here.

Now maybe we can talk about something else. Like, did you know that Chrome is going to stop passing third-party cookies?

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