The Big Story: Spring Forward, Fall Back

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Agencies are moving to buy connected TV (CTV) inventory, but wherever there’s construction, there’s dust.

The issue is that agency buying teams are at odds over who has the right to purchase CTV. The digital buyers were there first, but the TV buyers (or “video investment teams”) have staked out their claim.

In the future, the two sides will likely come together, but a shakeout needs to happen first.

This week, on “The Big Story,” Sarah Sluis lays out the benefits each type of agency buyer can bring to CTV, where the conflict is and what they can learn from each other. TV buyers, for instance, have imposed consistent pricing across different CTV inventory owners. But the targeting and optimization that makes CTV inventory so unique falls squarely within the realm of digital teams.

Moreover, digital teams have fought through the lack of transparency, fraud and complexities of the online ad ecosystem – and they’re best equipped to make sure that the CTV ecosystem remains as clean as possible.

Also on “The Big Story,” Oracle Data Cloud’s AddThis has retreated from Europe, due to enhanced scrutiny under GDPR. Allison Schiff reports on what led to AddThis’ gradual retreat and why Oracle is extremely conservative when it comes to its data businesses.

And, we discuss what exactly Oracle Data Cloud loses with AddThis out of the picture.

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