The Big Story Podcast: Acquisition Mania

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If acquisition volume in ad land isn’t up substantially, acquisition value is. JEGI noted in its recent H1 2018 report that value is up 43% from 2017, totaling $140 billion.

In the second episode of “The Big Story,” the AdExchanger gang takes a long look at the 2018 M&A landscape, exploring why the price tags are so high and what kind of impact that will have on the industry.

For instance, will the fact that so many of these purchases are data-related – like Salesforce buying Datorama or IPG buying Acxiom Marketing Solutions – somehow provide the exit ramp for some of the buying or selling platforms that have been independent for too long?

What effect did GDPR have on acquisition strategies? Was the threat of EU regulation just a big nothingburger – or is the sword still hanging overhead and is nobody paying attention?

And who are the new acquirers? Private equity and the telcos have been doing their thang for a while. But companies like MediaMath – which is both a potential ad tech buyer and a target – and consortiums like NCC Media have been vocal recently about their need to bulk up on technology.

Tune in for a quick overview with AdExchanger’s editorial team.

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