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Google always seems to be the big story, and this week is no exception. Because when Google so much as sneezes, the advertising industry shakes.

Naturally, the reports that updated privacy settings were coming to the Chrome browser had many advertisers worried. If they were as draconian as Apple’s Intelligent Tracking Prevention mechanisms, they could really upend the industry and strengthen Google’s grip on online advertising.

Fortunately, Google’s new privacy controls are much more lenient to advertisers than Apple’s. Consumers can still exert more control over their privacy settings, and Google is curtailing some fingerprinting practices – though to what extent isn’t known.

But can the advertising industry breathe a sigh of relief? The AdExchanger team unpacks the knowns and unknowns of Chrome’s new privacy controls.

And in case you haven’t had enough Google for one day, we take another look at Google’s decreased growth rate from the previous quarter.

During the investor call, Google vaguely implicated some ad product updates that impacted revenue. What were those ad product updates, exactly?

Tune in to find out.

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  1. Correction to the great conversation: With Chrome
    s revised cookie policy, there’s no way to “cheat” and call a 3rd party cookie first. If you declare your cookie 1st party, Chrome will make the cookie not readable cross-site, bearing the purpuse of tracking cookies. We should all start addressing these cookies as same-site versus cross-site rather than 3rd of 1st party cookies…