The Big Story: Data Plus Math Plus ACR Plus Regulation

The Big Story podcast

While most of the interest in TV happens in front of the glass, there’s a great deal of intrigue taking place behind it.

This week on The Big Story, we dive into some of the most recent data dealings, with LiveRamp buying Data Plus Math and how much of that TV-generated data is collected and used for advertising.

In buying the analytics firm Data Plus Math, LiveRamp is betting on how TV advertising will be transacted on in the years to come. Today, it’s all about the GRP. But going forward, it’s likely that advertisers will want to buy ads based on actual business results, such as foot traffic and sales.

Data Plus Math has models that enable those connections. In a way, it’s similar to one of LiveRamp’s original value propositions, which was finding people who used their credit cards in store in the anonymous online world. With Data Plus Math, it’s not about activation but attribution.

In this episode, we also take a deep dive into the data availed by automatic content recognition (ACR), a technology that identifies what you’re watching on TV. In theory, it’s a powerful new data set, but it also has a bunch of challenges, including cleanliness, scale and privacy.

And finally, we’ll examine the onslaught of Congressional bills introduced to regulate how consumer data is collected and used. Now, bills aren’t laws, and most bills won’t ever become laws – but in aggregate, they add to a chorus of voices that could eventually bring about a federal regulatory finale.

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