The Big Story: Cross-Site Cookies For Santa

The Big Story podcast

Here’s your pre-holiday call to action: Flag your cookies.

In February, Google’s Chrome browser will stop sending third-party cookie requests cross-site, unless they’re flagged using SameSite internet standard.

What in the Sam Hill does that even mean? Listen to this week’s episode of The Big Story – or read Allison Schiff’s meticulous breakdown of what you need to do if you don’t want your site tracking to break.

In the near-term, don’t panic. You just need to get your developers, or whoever handles the code on your site, to set cookie attributes.

But what does this mean for the future of cookie tracking in Google Chrome? While Google’s cookie policy will likely not be as draconian as Apple’s or Mozilla’s, Google is experimenting with giving consumers an easy toggle to block third-party cookies.

Also on this episode, the team looks at how data management platforms are underperforming for marketers, despite grand initial promises. Far from being the solution that unites marketing data and makes it actionable, marketers grumbled to reporter Alison Weissbrot that match rates are down, DMPs are hard to handle, and it’s really hard – and sometimes contractually prohibited – to upload data.

And finally, who saw this coming? Shortly after Roku agreed to acquire dataxu, the DSP has been removed from Amazon’s Fire TV program. That program initially gave two DSPs – The Trade Desk and dataxu – access to Amazon’s Fire TV inventory, a significant step toward programmatic TV. But with dataxu out, that leaves The Trade Desk as the only DSP, besides Amazon’s proprietary buying platform, with access to that unique inventory.

Are the walls going up?

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