The Big Story: Begun, The Clone War Has

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The Trade Desk is cracking down on bid duplication – a byproduct of header bidding in which wrappers such as Google Open Bidding, Amazon TAM or Prebid, as well as the exchanges, all send the same impression.

As a result, DSPs such as The Trade Desk might see up to 18 bids for one impression. Even in the best of times, that inefficiency is expensive. And of course, we’re not in the best of times. People are staying home, online traffic is surging, as are the number of bids sent to the buying platforms.

Meanwhile, the cost to process these bids is going up, while advertiser spend going to the buying platforms has spiraled down.

With greater costs and less revenue, The Trade Desk is cracking down on bid duplication by requesting to see each bid request only once per exchange.

Senior editor Sarah Sluis, working from an initial text message tip, dove into the situation. On this week’s show, she explains the implications for publishers, ad buyers, exchanges and even agencies.

And fresh off his chat with The Trade Desk CEO Jeff Green, senior editor James Hercher discusses the company’s growing influence in dictating how the digital ecosystem works.

Also, we’ll look at the state of publisher CPMs. Yes, they are certainly down across the board, but there’s a little more nuance to the situation than that. For advertisers who are still advertising, low CPMs are great – and programmatic auctions are doing well with great ROAS. But how sustainable is that situation?

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