The Big Story: Audiences, ACTIVATE

The Big Story podcast

Google’s Ads Data Hub (ADH) is beta testing new audience targeting features. That shift is significant, considering ADH was originally positioned as a way for marketers to get post-campaign analytics and measurement.

AdExchanger senior editor James Hercher breaks down what he knows about this expansion of ADH. How granularly can you target? Is search and YouTube inventory available? Is this a cookie-based tool that will implode when Chrome drops the third-party cookie? Can other DSPs plug in to take advantage? (Ha-ha, trick question. Of course not.)

Sarah Sluis also details how the pandemic is pressuring the digital advertising ecosystem. From dealing with delayed payments from partners to a cessation of client spend, companies must find new ways to deal with the economic crunch this quarter – a situation that will likely worsen next quarter. This is a time when having and maintaining good relationships with clients and partners is absolutely paramount.

And lest we end on a dour note, Sarah discusses how some advertising employers are taking care of their employees during the pandemic. Yes, there is no doubt that we’re beginning the inevitable spate of salary cuts and layoffs. At the same time, however, many companies do care about how their workers are faring and are implementing policies and procedures to ease the transition into a world where everyone is mandated to work from home.

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