The Big Story: All Hail 2019!

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2018 was a year of tremendous change for the advertising industry. Google’s power consolidated, AT&T debuted its ad aspirations and Facebook floundered in the court of public opinion.

Expect more upheaval in 2019.

This week on “The Big Story,” the AdExchanger team takes a look at what they expect will happen in some of the areas experiencing the biggest transformations – from TV and video to publishing and, yes, regulation.

GDPR might have kicked off in 2018, but with almost a full year under its belt, what can advertisers expect from the EU this year? Meanwhile, what’s going on with California’s privacy legislation?

Speaking of major shifts, how will media consolidation and the addition of even more D2C portals change the TV buying landscape? Will consumers have enough time for Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Disney+ AND whatever WarnerMedia ends up offering?

And don’t forget the digital publishers. 2018 saw the massive devaluing of some once-heralded upstarts. LittleThings and Mic went out of business and BuzzFeed and Vice saw their once-shining stars continue to dim.

That means many of these publishers are looking for new sources of revenue, such as ecommerce, affiliate marketing and licensing content. But is all that’s old truly new again?

Tune in this week for a quick-paced discussion on these topics – as well as a spirited debate about self-driving cars and 5G.

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