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Episode 312: Thinking Outside The (Subscription) Box With Misfits Market

When online grocery subscription service Misfits Market was founded in 2018, it took a page right out of the DTC advertiser’s playbook, says Holly Eagleson, VP of marketing. But since the release of Apple’s ATT, Misfits has been embracing new channels.

Episode 311: Truly Supporting Diverse Publishers Means Doing It On The Regular

Advertisers often talk about supporting Black- and minority-owned media companies. It’s Mark Prince’s job to help them turn those pledges into action. As SVP and head of economic empowerment at Dentsu Media, he pushes brands to consistently diversify their media mix – and move away from one-off investments.

Episode 310: Regulatory Scrutiny And The Intricacies Of Ad Law With A 30-Year FTC Veteran

Mary Engle is EVP of policy at BBB National Programs, a nonprofit organization that’s helping keep self-regulation of the ad industry alive. She’s also spent more than three decades with the FTC. In this episode, Engle gets into the weeds on “commercial surveillance,” the nitty-gritty of ad disclosures, the FTC’s case against Kochava and more.

Episode 309: Tackling CTV’s Measurement Mess With FuboTV

CTV measurement is a total mess: Agree or disagree? “It’s a mess,” says Lynette Kaylor, SVP of North America ad sales at sports-focused streaming platform FuboTV. And don’t even get her started on using audience panels to measure streaming audiences.

Episode 308: Thanksgiving Episode: Talking Turkey With IAB CEO David Cohen

How should advertisers approach a wild-child platform like Twitter? David Cohen, CEO of the Interactive Advertising Bureau – who recently spoke with Elon Musk himself on that very topic – weighs in. Also in this episode: grappling with the term “commercial surveillance,” retail media real talk and marketing in the metaverse.

Episode 307: Advertising Delivers For DoorDash, With VP Of Ads Toby Espinosa

Generating awareness is great, says Toby Espinosa, VP of ads at DoorDash. But a cost-per-acquisition pricing mechanism allows small businesses to invest in growth without having to worry about cash flow.

Episode 306: Why It’s Time To Put ‘Notice And Choice’ On Notice

The “notice and choice” model makes sense in theory, but in practice? It’s a mess. Privacy platitudes need to stop, says Jessica Lee, a partner at Loeb & Loeb. Heck, some practitioners don’t even know how online advertising works.

Episode 305: Straight Talk With An Anonymous Guest, The Legendary Corndog Of Ad Tech Twitter

Call it a Halloween special. Our apparition of a guest this week, an anonymous ad tech Twitter personality, is staying beneath the invisibility cloak. “I’m not senior enough to get away with running my mouth,” says the @HumanPropensity account operator who goes by corndog.

Episode 304: Defining Data Ethics With Unilever’s Former General Counsel

Bringing data ethics into the marketing department is good for an org’s bottom line, says Jamie Barnard, Unilever’s former general counsel focused on global marketing, and now the CEO of a new privacy compliance startup called (natch) Compliant.

Episode 303: Inside T-Mobile’s Plan To Rideshare Its Way Into Ad Budgets

Ridesharing marketing should be more than just slapping a screen in the back of a car and running ads, says Cherian Thomas, head of marketing and go-to-market for T-Mobile Advertising Solutions, on this week’s episode of AdExchanger Talks.

Episode 302: Why Ad Blocking Is On The Rise … Again

Just like a rising tide lifts all boats, a receding tide grounds all ships. When someone turns on an ad blocker out of frustration, that decision also affects publishers making an effort to serve up respectful ad experiences, says Blockthrough CEO Marty Krátký-Katz.

Episode 301: How To Hold Each Marketing Dollar Accountable

Marketers are banking on compelling creative and contextual signals for performance, with challenges to addressability, says Forrester senior analyst Nikhil Lai. Plus: How TV can reduce digital advertising costs.

Episode 300(!): Scoping The Ad Tech Ecosystem, With Brian O’Kelley

After a hiatus from ad tech, Brian O’Kelley is back with Scope3, a new startup to help ad tech companies reduce their carbon emissions. The cynical POV: He’s cleaning up the mess he helped make. It’s a fair criticism, O’Kelley says: “I take accountability for my role in this.”

Episode 299: Connecting The Dots With Walmart Connect

Retail media has reached escape velocity. “We’ve grown from basically $0 to a business that’s now bigger than The New York Times,” says Walmart Connect VP Jeff Clark. But Walmart still needs to get it right.

Episode 298: Forget AVOD Vs. SVOD – Now It’s Time For ‘HVOD’

Meet your new CTV acronym: HVOD (hybrid video on demand). Why do we need it? The rise of AVOD doesn’t mean SVOD is going anywhere, says Sarah Lewis, global director of CTV at video platform ShowHeroes and a proponent of HVOD.

Episode 297: Why Roku Is Hopping On Shopping

Roku is bullish on shoppable video. The idea of television commerce isn’t new, of course. QVC, HSN and infomercials, anyone? But the technology exists today to breathe new life into the opportunity, says Peter Hamilton, Roku’s head of television commerce.

Episode 296: Doing The Math On Privacy Compliance

With five state privacy laws set to go into effect next year, consumer privacy and issues related to data collection are top of mind for everyone – but especially people like this week’s guest, Fiona Campbell-Webster, chief privacy officer at MediaMath.

Episode 295: Fighting FOFO In The Programmatic Supply Chain

Confusing, murky and complex, the programmatic supply chain is a mess. So why do advertisers accept the status quo? Often, it’s because they have a serious case of FOFO: the fear of finding out, says Ruben Schreurs, Ebiquity’s chief product officer.

Episode 294: Speaking Truth To Power, With The Markup’s CEO Nabiha Syed

Nabiha Syed is CEO of The Markup, a non-profit newsroom that runs in-depth investigations into how companies large and small (but mostly large), use technology to reshape society – and it’s having an impact. The new lawsuit facing Meta and several hospitals over data sharing used to target ads on Facebook? Yep, that’s thanks to The Markup.

Episode 293: Retail Media Waxes As MTA Wanes, With McKinsey’s Emily Del Greco

Yes, the headwinds are blowing for digital advertising. There’s signal loss, regulatory scrutiny, platform privacy changes and a looming recession, to name a few. But McKinsey Partner Emily Del Greco sees opportunity on the horizon for commerce media and new forms of measurement.

Episode 292: Why Technology Should Follow Behavior (Not The Other Way Around), With VMLY&R Innovation Chief Roy Armale

Roy Armale, VMLY&R’s global chief innovation officer, believes in tackling technology with human behavior in mind – and being careful not to let the convenience of technology alter our perception of what it means to be human.

Episode 291: Stocking Up On First-Party Data, With General Mills Marketer Heather Conneran

General Mills is going deep on its first-party data strategy. Heather Conneran, director of brand experience platforms, shares the CGP marketer’s lessons learned from its time in the digital transformation trenches.

Episode 290: Listening To The Programmatic Beat, With IHeartMedia CMO Gayle Troberman

Gayle Troberman, iHeartMedia’s CMO, talks up iHeart’s programmatic advertising ambitions and the power of audio to engage – in some cases even more deeply than video. Also in this episode: Lessons learned from 16 years as Microsoft’s chief creative officer.

Episode 289: Dirty, Dull And Dangerous, With C2 Ventures Founding Partner Chris Cunningham

Ad tech entrepreneur Chris Cunningham’s early-stage investment firm, C2 Ventures, has a new fund: just over $20 million for pre-Series A companies, plus $2.55 million for pre-seed startups. But there’s one thing he won’t be investing in, and that’s ad tech. Listen in to learn why.

Episode 288: Context Is Having Its Moment (But It’s Always Been King), With Grapeshot Co-Founder John Snyder

Keyword blocklists are blunt instruments, and yet they persist in programmatic media buying. It’s time to kick blocklists to the curb and start curating keywords by campaign, says contextual pioneer John Snyder, who sold his company, Grapeshot, to Oracle in 2018.

Episode 287: Moving Beyond The “Empathy Incentive” In DEI, With Publicis And Black Enterprise

When it comes to their DEI commitments, are brands more talk or more action? We bring together the buy side and sell side – Publicis President Jason Dawayne Smith and Black Enterprise President and CEO Butch Graves Jr. – for a frank discussion about whether the industry has measured up.

Episode 286: The Democratization Of Sponsored Listings, With Topsort CEO And Founder Regina Ye

Shopify seller turned ad tech CEO and entrepreneur Regina Ye founded her startup, Topsort, last year to help retailers launch auction-based ads on their sites through an API. Performance advertising shouldn’t be so hard for smaller brands, Ye says, on this week’s episode.

Episode 285: Catching Up With Dr. Johnny Ryan On How Ad Tech Can Change So Much – And Also Not At All

For years, data privacy regulators didn’t have the tools – or the teeth – they needed to effectively enforce proper standards on the internet. Then came GDPR. Now they have the tools and the teeth, but seem largely unable or unwilling to disrupt the status quo. At least that’s the story to hear Johnny Ryan tell it on this week’s episode of AdExchanger Talks.

Episode 284: Real Talk About Retail Media, With Ascential’s Patrick Miller

Retail media networks are coming out of the woodwork. And it may feel like everyone’s got one. But it’s time to stop using RMN as an umbrella term. The details matter, says Patrick Miller, co-president of commerce at Ascential, on this week’s episode.

Episode 283: Crashing The Upfronts, With YouTube VP Debbie Weinstein

With the lines blurring between traditional TV content and streaming media, YouTube made its upfronts debut this year. YouTube VP Debbie Weinstein explains why.

Episode 282: Mobile Attribution’s Next Phase, With Adjust CEO Simon Dussart

Probabilistic attribution is a “stopgap,” says newly appointed Adjust CEO Simon “Bobby” Dussart. Using it for now is fine, but SKAdNetwork is the future of measurement on iOS – take it or leave it. Also in this episode: Remaining independent under parent company AppLovin.

Episode 281: The Post-IDFA Era Ain’t Bad, With IronSource CRO Omer Kaplan

Apple’s ATT rollout triggered an industry-wide freakout among mobile ad tech companies. But surprisingly, over the past year Apple has gotten “more accessible,” says Omer Kaplan, CRO and co-founder of ironSource. Also in this episode: Being a newly public ad tech company in a tricky market.

Episode 280: The ROI Of Doing Good, With Good-Loop CEO Amy Williams

The bad news: The internet as a whole has a larger carbon footprint than the entire airline industry (!!), and programmatic advertising is a contributor. The good news: “The extent to which people are aware of that and open to a conversion is changing at a phenomenally fast rate,” says Amy Williams, CEO and founder of sustainable advertising startup Good-Loop.

Episode 279: Rooting For Nielsen (Really), With VAB CEO Sean Cunningham

You’d be forgiven for thinking of the Video Advertising Bureau (VAB) as a professional thorn in Nielsen’s side. The TV ad industry trade org is largely responsible for the chain of events that led to Nielsen losing its MRC accreditations last year. But “this isn’t personal,” says VAB CEO Sean Cunningham on this week’s episode. “I don’t know that anyone’s rooting harder than we are for [Nielsen] to get it right.”

Episode 278: Move Fast And Fix Things, With IAB Tech Lab CEO Tony Katsur

Does IAB Tech Lab CEO Tony Katsur have the toughest gig in ad tech? That’s an “accurate description,” Katsur says on this week’s episode. It’s his job, among many other things, to spearhead and speed up Project Rearc, an ambitious industry effort to press reset on how personalized advertising works online.

Episode 277: Outmaneuvering The Facebook Signal Crash, With Tuff CEO Ellen Jantsch

Clients of growth marketing agency Tuff saw “painful” results on Facebook as a result of signal loss, but it’s been able to roll with the changes, according to CEO Ellen Jantsch. There was even a silver lining. Apple’s ATT accelerated the indie agency’s move away from last-click attribution. Plus: navigating an acquisition while pregnant.

Episode 276: Retail Media Is Back And Ready For Business, With Kroger SVP Cara Pratt

Retail media is returning to the spotlight after its heyday of mascot-branded cereals in Saturday morning TV cartoons, newspaper circulars and cardboard cutouts in store aisles. This time, retail media is powered by first-party purchase data and loyalty programs. We speak to SVP of Kroger Precision Marketing Cara Pratt, an OG when it comes to OGs (online groceries, that is).

Episode 275: The Symbiosis Of Ads And Subs, With The NYT’s Lisa Howard

Don’t apologize for having to monetize, according to Lisa Howard, global head of advertising and marketing solutions at The New York Times. “[We’re] unapologetic about ads,” she says. But when it comes to digital advertising, less is more.

Episode 274: Living In A Multi-Currency World, With NBCU’s Kelly Abcarian

Kelly Abcarian joined NBCU last year to lead a team tasked with disrupting the measurement status quo. “Marketers don’t buy ratings,” Abcarian says on this week’s episode. “They buy results.” NBCU’s roster of alternative measurement and audience verification providers now includes seven partners – and counting.

Episode 273: Analyzing App Trends, With Apptopia CEO Jonathan Kay

Mobile behavior is telling: How is Trump’s Truth Social really doing? How is app usage trending in Russia and Ukraine? Did all those crypto ads during the Super Bowl actually get people to download crypto apps? On this week’s episode, we dive into the trends with Jonathan Kay, CEO of app store intelligence platform Apptopia.

Episode 272: Guess What? MMPs Aren’t Dead, With Branch’s Alex Bauer

It was hard to imagine how mobile measurement platforms (MMPs) could survive Apple’s ATT changes. But the MMPs aren’t dying, they’re thriving, says Branch’s Alex Bauer, on the heels of raising $300 million.

Episode 271: Leaving Cookies Behind, With Dstillery’s Chief Data Scientist Melinda Han Williams

Former physicist Melinda Han Williams used to spend her time studying “electronic transport in nanostructured graphene devices.” These days, as chief data scientist at Dstillery, she’s creating identifier-free solutions to transport us past the end of third-party cookies.

Episode 270: Personalization Needs To Be In Context, With ActionIQ CEO Tasso Argyros

Privacy and data security aren’t just legal issues – they are also customer experience issues. Consumers don’t like their data “changing hands under the table,” says ActionIQ CEO Tasso Argyros.

Episode 269: Why MoviePass The Sequel Will Have Ads, With CEO Stacy Spikes (Back At The Helm)

It’s a classic tale of redemption. After going bankrupt in 2019, MoviePass is set to relaunch with co-founder and original CEO Stacy Spikes leading the charge. There are a lot of reasons things will be different this time around, Spikes says, including the eventual rollout of an advertising component.

Episode 268: Diversifying The Data, With LVA Founder Larry Adams

Marketers often rely on a combination of assumptions and incorrect, faulty data that perpetuates stereotypes. Former WarnerMedia executive Larry Adams experienced this firsthand and founded LVA, an “anti-racist” agency that uses proprietary technology to measure the level of inclusion in content.

Episode 267: Blazing An Alternative Measurement Trail With WarnerMedia’s Andrea Zapata

Nielsen has always “had a challenge with counting appropriately,” says Andrea Zapata, head of research, data and insights at WarnerMedia Ad Sales. That’s why WarnerMedia is going big on alternatives: VideoAmp, iSpot and Comscore.

Episode 266: Politicking At A Pivotal Moment For Online Advertising, With IAB Policy Chief Lartease Tiffith

Amazon vet Lartease Tiffith, the IAB’s newly appointed EVP of public policy, has a wide spectrum of responsibilities: lobbying against bills that ban data-driven advertising, then lobbying for a federal privacy law. He’s a week and a half in, and he’s got his work cut out for him.

Episode 265: Getting In The Weeds On Identity With Merkle Global CEO Michael Komasinski

What can marketers do to separate the snake oil from the good stuff when it comes to identity resolution and cookieless technology? In a nutshell: “Buyer beware,” says Michael Komasinski, newly appointed global CEO of Dentsu-owned Merkle.

Episode 264: OpenX CEO John Gentry Opens Up On Why An IPO Is Not In The Cards Right Now

OpenX CEO John Gentry on why the company isn’t going public in 2022, its recent COPPA settlement with the FTC and the ongoing challenge of ensuring quality supply in an open exchange.

Episode 263: Living Under Apple’s Thumb, With AppsFlyer CEO Oren Kaniel

Apple’s AppTrackingTransparency framework left the mobile ecosystem reeling – but the writing was on the wall, says AppsFlyer CEO Oren Kaniel on this week’s episode. ATT reminds him of when Apple pulled the plug on UDID and replaced it with the IDFA.

Episode 262: MParticle CEO Michael Katz On Living In The CDP Era

DMPs are dead – long live CDPs … at least according to Michael Katz, CEO and co-founder of customer data platform mParticle. After years of confusion, the CDP space is finally starting to shake out as marketers get smarter about what they need from the tech.

Episode 261: The CEOs Of Nielsen, VideoAmp And ComScore On A Year Of Massive Change In TV Measurement

2021 was a year of reckoning for TV measurement. On AdExchanger Talks, we spoke with three of the most important names in the space about these tectonic shifts: the CEOs of Nielsen, VideoAmp and Comscore. Here are the highlights.

Episode 260: The CDP Market Is Growing Up, With BlueConic COO Cory Munchbach

The customer data platform market might be crowded, but savvy brands are to sifting through the category to fit their specific needs, says Cory Munchbach, chief operating officer at CDP BlueConic.

Episode 259: The Inside Scoop On OOH’s Post-Pandemic Revival With OAAA CEO Anna Bager

The pandemic tossed a curveball to the out-of-home advertising industry. Ad revenue plummeted. But “spending is definitely back,” says Anna Bager, president and CEO of the Out of Home Advertising Association of America. “It’s a rebound.”

Episode 258: Evening The Score With Comscore CEO Bill Livek

Comscore has been capitalizing on Nielsen’s recent missteps – and taking the opportunity to throw shade at traditional panel-based measurement. Samples “don’t work well when you have a problem maintaining them,” says CEO Bill Livek.

Episode 257: No More Half Measures in TV Measurement, With VideoAmp CEO Ross McCray

VideoAmp is having a moment. (Nielsen is not.) “Winners and losers are emerging,” says VideoAmp CEO and Founder Ross McCray on this week’s episode. VideoAmp recently secured $275 million in financing as it angles to enter the “winner” category.

Episode 256: Searching For Privacy Online With Mozilla’s CMO, Lindsey Shepard

Online advertising and privacy aren’t mutually exclusive – as long as the former is transparent and permission-based and the latter isn’t completely ignored, says Mozilla’s CMO, Lindsey “Shep” Shepard, on this week’s episode.

Episode 255: Listen Up! Let’s Address Podcasting’s Measurement Problem, With Acast’s Head Of Automation

Measurement is “the elephant in the room” for the podcast market, according to Elli Dimitroulakos, head of automation in the Americas at Acast. With podcast advertising projected to break $2 billion in spend by 2023 it’s time, she says, for the rise of new tech to cut down on the fragmentation of podcast supply and distribution.

Episode 254: A Brand Safety Wake-Up Call For Advertisers With Q.Digital CEO Scott Gatz

Overly restrictive keyword blocklists are still a big problem for publishers, according to Scott Gatz, CEO and founder of LGBTQ publisher Q.Digital, which experiences this issue acutely as a voice for the LGBTQ community. Niche publishers are often penalized for inoffensive words that commonly appear in their content. It’s time for advertisers to ask themselves what words they’re reflexively blocking – and why.

Episode 253: Inside Agency Transformation During The Great Resignation With Wavemaker Changemaker Kathryn Spaeth

Change is the law of life – especially for a global chief transformation officer. As the newly appointed change leader at WPP agency Wavemaker, Kathryn Spaeth is bringing her experience from the consulting world to bear in agency land.

Episode 252: Keeping Count With Nielsen CEO David Kenny

Nielsen’s been through the wringer recently with the loss of its MRC seal and alternative measurement companies surging forth to take advantage of its stumble. But CEO David Kenny is confident that the ad industry needs a base standard for TV measurement and that Nielsen has what it takes to keep its spot.

Episode 251: Newly Appointed MMA Global President Lou Paskalis Has Opinions

As the newly appointed president and COO of marketing trade org MMA Global, Lou Paskalis is on a mission to “save marketing from itself.” Here’s what the former top media executive at Bank of America has on his agenda. No punches will be pulled.

Episode 250: Conversational Media, Emoji And DEI With Holler CEO Travis Montaque

What is conversational media? Holler CEO Travis Montaque explains why emoji, stickers and GIFs are a language of their own as well as an opportunity for brands to communicate with consumers beyond the confines of conventional paid media.

Episode 249: Bringing Digital To The TV World With FreeWheel GM Dave Clark

Are advertisers ready to buy TV like they buy digital? Yes, indeed, says Dave Clark, GM of Comcast-owned FreeWheel. Demand is quick to follow digital-like capabilities in TV. But one thing FreeWheel isn’t planning to emulate is a walled garden. Also in this episode: Nielsen’s ongoing MRC headache, the programmatic upfront and what climate change has to do with the ad tech industry.

Episode 248: The Unquantifiable Nature Of Privacy With Google’s David Temkin

What is privacy? Turns out, there’s no easy answer, even for David Temkin, Google’s senior director of product management for ads privacy and user trust. But change is coming regardless – which means it’s time for the ad industry to get comfortable feeling just a little bit uncomfortable as the ground shifts underfoot.

Episode 247: Going Big On Media With Stagwell CEO Mark Penn

Stagwell CEO Mark Penn drops by post-merger with MDC Partners to talk media networks, cross-agency collaboration, what it means to be a challenger holding company, the importance of fusing technology with creative (finally) – and the unlikely connection between his esoteric map collection and marketing.

Episode 246: The New Yahoo With Chief Business Officer Iván Markman

Verizon Media is now officially … Yahoo. Guess everything old is new again. But how did we get here and where is the new Yahoo going? Iván Markman, chief business officer of Yahoo – formerly Verizon Media – joins to fill in the details.

Episode 245: Streaming TV Is Built For Indie Ad Tech, With Innovid CEO Zvika Netter

Netter argues that TV supply fragmentation will continue, a state of affairs that will benefit independent ad tech players.

Episode 244: What’s Next In Ad Quality Measurement? With DoubleVerify CEO Mark Zagorski

Part two in our mini-series with ad verification CEOs. DoubleVerify CEO Mark Zagorski discusses what’s next in independent ad verification.

Episode 243: Bringing Brand Safety To Social And CTV

The “big two” in brand safety both went public this year. Over the next two weeks, AdExchanger will publish podcast interviews with both companies’ CEOs: Lisa Utzschneider of Integral Ad Science and Mark Zagorski of DoubleVerify. Utzschneider is up first.

Episode 242: Checking In With OpenAP

OpenAP’s original stakeholders – NBCUniversal, Fox and ViacomCBS – realized early on that if they could standardize the audience matching process and use the exact same segments to build their campaigns, they would realize a huge cost and time savings.

Episode 241: InMobi Has Its Eye On Telcos, With Abhay Singhal

On the heels of an Axios report that InMobi is in talks to acquire Xandr from AT&T, InMobi rolled out a new offering for mobile telcos. Coincidence?

Episode 240: Give Me A Sign, With Vistar Media CEO Michael Provenzano

Demand for digital signage is finally returning after a horrendous 2020. Vistar Media CEO Michael Provenzano shares an update on COVID’s impact on the category, including his company – a programmatic digital out-of-home provider.

Episode 239: Programmatic Will Drive The Travel Recovery, With Justin Scarborough

Scarborough is senior director of programmatic at Fort Worth, Texas-based digital agency PMG. He discusses the crash in travel marketing and how the surgical precision enabled by programmatic has assisted with the category’s calculated return to advertising.

Episode 238: The Future Of Measurement Is A Hodgepodge

Kinesso SVP Sarah Rose wants marketers to be more self-reliant. “We’re leaning so much on these larger technology companies to lead the way and provide solutions for us, when we actually need to look internally to our marketing technology stacks.”

Episode 237: Closing The Loop On Amazon, With Larry Harris

Harris evaluates the ad industry’s progress on diversity and inclusion initiatives. Are brands changing their behaviors? Are agencies and tech changing their hiring process? APM is one of the few, and may be the only, minority-owned Amazon partner in the marketing services area, and Harris shares an unvarnished take.

Episode 236: Outside Inc. Gears Up For Membership, With CEO Robin Thurston

CEO Robin Thurston discusses Outside’s audience opportunity and its plan to grow subscriptions to 50% of revenue. One thing you won’t hear him talk much about is growing the company’s ad business. “I do believe that at times the ad business is in direct conflict with building the best consumer product. That’s one of the reasons why, even in our long-term forecast on advertising, we see it being stable with where it’s at on the trajectory, but we don’t necessarily want to double that revenue.”

Episode 235: Parsing Google’s Latest Swerve On Third-Party Cookies, With Liane Nadeau

Yes, marketers are relieved by Google’s delay on third-party cookies. But there is frustration too. In addition to diminishing the advantage that prepared marketers rightfully expected come Q1 2022 (the original cut-off), the move also raises a concern that advertisers will lose their sense of urgency in testing privacy-safe targeting methods, Digitas SVP Liane Nadeau says this week on AdExchanger Talks.

Episode 234: Google’s Balancing Act, With VP Tara Walpert Levy

Google’s size and fragmented company structure mean it is constantly buffeted by dueling incentives on a range of issues impacting marketers, agencies, publishers, tech and consumers – not to mention emerging regulatory pressure. This week on the podcast, Tara Walpert Levy, VP of Americas for Google’s agency and brand solutions, discusses the high wire act.

Episode 233: Data Ethics, Then And Now

Sheila Colclasure, IPG-owned Kinesso’s global leader on digital responsibility and public policy, talks through the history of data governance and how we got to our current disruptive moment.

Episode 232: Investing In Measurement, With DoubleVerify Bull David Blumberg

Our guest is DoubleVerify’s first institutional investor, David Blumberg, a partner at Blumberg Capital. He describes DoubleVerify’s journey from an ad verification point solution provider in 2008 to a full-suite ad measurement provider currently valued at $5.4 billion.

Episode 231: How TV Becomes The Hero Again, With RPA Chief Media Officer Jim Helberg

As addressable TV advertising gains steam, so too has excitement among agencies and marketers. Jim Helberg, chief media officer at independent agency RPA, describes the progress so far and what he hopes to see next.

Episode 230: The Lowdown On LinkedIn Marketing Solutions With Product VP Gyanda Sachdeva

Seems fitting that Gyanda Sachdeva, LinkedIn’s VP of product management, found her first job out of grad school through LinkedIn. These days, she’s in charge of LinkedIn’s Marketing Solutions products, which brought in $3 billion in revenue for Microsoft over the past year.

Episode 229: Programmatic Under A Lens, With ANA CEO Bob Liodice

The Association of National Advertisers has commissioned a new programmatic study to identify where brands are wasting money and make recommendations that will bring more clarity and efficiency to this market. CEO Bob Liodice talks about why.

Episode 228: It’s All Fun, Games – And Gamers – With Facebook Gaming Exec Rick Kelley

What’s the craic? Advertising in games is growing like gangbusters – and tons of new players are coming online. Around 100 million over just the past 15 months alone. Rick Kelley, Facebook’s VP of global marketing solutions and global gaming, dives into the trends driving the gaming industry right now and explains why these new players are seriously lucrative for developers.

Episode 227: An Update On Xandr, With EVP Mike Welch

On AdExchanger Talks this week, Xandr GM and EVP Mike Welch discusses the Verizon situation and makes the case for AT&T’s ongoing opportunity.

Episode 226: Is Programmatic a Bubble? With Tim Hwang, Author Of ‘Subprime Attention Crisis’

Tim Hwang’s 2020 book “Subprime Attention Crisis” argues that targeted advertising is a bubble set to burst. He contends that the intricacies of ad tech and the perverse incentives of agencies and ad tech platforms to maintain a steady flow of ad dollars have created a persistent opacity in programmatic markets. From his point of view, it’s only a matter of time before the bubble bursts and advertisers pick up their toys and go home.

Episode 225: What’s Apple Thinking?

Rick Webb digs into some less commonly discussed issues with Apple’s new tracking rules, such as how they fail to provision for GDPR and how SKAdNetwork doesn’t let app marketers credit multiple sources for a conversion.

Episode 224: Saving Personalization, With Criteo Chief Product Officer Todd Parsons

Chief Product Officer Todd Parsons shares an inside view of Criteo’s SSO skunkworks project. And he explains why Criteo assumed responsibility for this effort – which may be key to the eventual success of the industry-wide Unified ID 2.0 initiative.

Episode 223: Data Sharing Is Caring, With Rebel AI CEO Manny Puentes

Manny Puentes, CEO of Rebel AI, describes the journey and recent sale of his company. And he expresses skepticism that hashed email addresses can be a viable identifier for this industry going forward. “Think about all the places you go today that you’re putting your email into,” he says. “Think about all the offline data you can link up with email. People say that it’s hashed and encrypted, and I get it – but it’s just another ID and this ID originated with something that can be linked with offline data.”

Episode 222: Retail Media Explodes, With Pacvue President Melissa Burdick

Melissa Burdick is the cofounder and president of Pacvue, which launched in 2017 to help advertisers scale on big ecommerce platforms like Amazon, Walmart and Instacart.

Episode 221: Converged TV At The Tipping Point, With FuboTV’s Diana Horowitz

Recent announcements from Disney, NBC Universal and others suggest the sell side of the TV ecosystem is ready to fully embrace the streaming revolution. “We saw in particular some of the very large media companies really reorganize themselves around streaming. Once you see that you can say that we’re in a new era,” Horowitz says.

Episode 220: Welcome To Eric Seufert’s Brain, Where It’s All Mobile All The Time

Got a question about the iOS 14 privacy changes, Audience Network, performance marketing or pretty much anything to do with user acquisition and mobile measurement? Well, Eric Seufert, a media strategist and editor of Mobile Dev Memo, is your man and he’s here on the show with a deep dive on all things mobile, from ATT, SKAN and UA to the hottest gaming IPOs.

Episode 219: Creative Partners Rule TikTok’s Marketing Ecosystem

“TikTok has become a place where brands can show up, let down their traditional guardrails, experiment and try approaching things differently,” according to Melissa Yang, TikTok’s head of ecosystem partnerships.

Episode 218: Programmatic Convergence

There’s a growing need for marketers to unify their ad buying across social, mobile app, CTV and other digital channels. Tinuiti SVP of addressable media Kolin Kleveno describes the opportunity and pain of omni-channel programmatic.

Episode 217: Embracing ‘Healthy Fragmentation’ In Ad Tech, With Genevieve Juillard

Back in November, Experian Marketing Services acquired cross-device data provider Tapad from its previous owner Telenor. In this episode, Experian Marketing Services President Genevieve Juillard describes the rationale for that deal and why she is rooting for greater fragmentation of the identity landscape.

Episode 216: Building A Future Where Data Doesn’t Move, With InfoSum President Lauren Wetzel

InfoSum is a company to watch. The four-year-old data services business enables onboarding, the development of new identity solutions and other use cases with a focus on privacy and data security. In this episode, Wetzel describes its underlying technology – including “non-movement of data” and “data bunkers” – and where it’s seeing uptake.

Episode 215: The Changing Economics Of Ad Fraud, With White Ops President Michael Tiffany

The ad industry is making progress in the fight against ad fraud, says Michael Tiffany, president and co-founder of bot detection firm White Ops, which recently got acquired by Goldman Sachs. But don’t rest on your laurels, because when fraud leaves one corner of the internet … it creeps into another. Fraud is on the rise in CTV.

Episode 214: How Agencies Grappled With Programmatic, With Stephan Beringer

Stephan Beringer played a key role in the evolution of agency trading desks. In 2015 he was put in charge of VivaKi AOD – Publicis Groupe’s trading desk – with a plan to integrate its capabilities with agency teams at ZenithOptimedia, Starcom, Razorfish and DigitasLBI. It was a necessary move, but did not go as planned. He tells the story.

Episode 213: Problems Of Attribution, With Manu Mathew

Mathew got in on the ground floor of multi-touch attribution when he founded Visual IQ. The MTA company rose with the programmatic tide before being acquired by Nielsen in 2017. The category showed huge promise early on, but was clotheslined in 2018 when Google stopped allowing its DoubleClick ID to be linked to ad server log files.

Episode 212: The Quest For A ‘Bloomberg Terminal’ For Digital Advertising

AdFin’s former head of product and CEO Ravi Patel recaps the company’s origin story and subsequent flameout.

Episode 211: MediaMath Goes To The SOURCE, With CEO Joe Zawadzki

MediaMath has finished phase one of its SOURCE product – AKA “the industry’s first fully-transparent supply chain,” in the words of Zawadzki.

Episode 210: Publisher Power, Publisher Problems

Quantcast VP of product management Somer Simpson has worked on challenges faced by media companies since the late ‘90s. In this episode, she describes the high stakes publishers face in areas like privacy compliance, data ownership and user experience.

Classic Episode: Brian O’Kelley

For our final episode of the year, we decided to resurface our memorable 2019 interview with Brian O’Kelley. BOK, sporting a gray beard, holds forth on a bunch of topics: the sale of AppNexus, the legacy of programmatic and whether he’s really retired from ad tech.

Episode 209: Trusted Media Brands CEO The Journey From Traditional Publisher To Digital-First Media Company

Bonnie Kintzer, CEO and president of Trusted Media Brands, which owns Reader’s Digest, sits at the helm of a storied publishing portfolio that has reinvented itself from digital laggard in 2013 to a digital-first publisher today. Kintzer takes us on its journey of digital transformation.

Episode 208: Considering 2021, With Insider Inc. Publisher And CRO Pete Spande

Spande talks about the shifting revenue mix at his company, which owns Business Insider, Morning Brew and Insider Intelligence.

Episode 207: New Dawn For Ad Tech IPOs? Talking With PubMatic CEO Rajeev Goel

PubMatic raised $118 million in its public offering on Wednesday, significantly more than the $75 million it hoped to rake in in its November S1 filing. After a long period of investor disdain, are the good vibes back for ad tech?

Episode 206: Contextual On The Upswing, With GumGum CEO Phil Schraeder

GumGum is one of the handful of companies that have muddled along for years in the unsexy backwaters of contextual advertising, alongside competitors such as Peer39, Oracle-owned Grapeshot and Zefr.

Episode 205: The Future Of Talent, With Publicist CEO Lara Vandenberg

Vandenberg launched her company earlier this year, while sick with COVID 19. She talks about that experience and the pandemic’s silver linings. “The rat race got so fast,” she says. “It’s recalibrated the industry.”

Episode 204: Rolling Up A Marketing Cloud, With Zeta Global CEO David Steinberg

Zeta Global has hoovered up a lot of ad tech over the last two years, acquiring Sizmek’s DSP, Rocket Fuel’s DMP, IgnitionOne’s DSPand PlaceIQ’s managed media business. The spree was a departure for the 12-year-old marketing cloud, traditionally known for its CRM and data solutions.

Episode 203: Resolving Identity, With Advertiser Perceptions VP Lauren Fisher

Fisher walks us through Advertiser Perceptions’ recent study on identity resolution solutions, sharing insights gleaned from more than 300 advertisers, marketers and agencies in the United States.

Episode 202: Celtra CEO Miha Mikek On Why Creative Is About A Lot More Than DCO

Celtra is pulling away from ad serving and zeroing in on creative production. CEO Miha Mikek explains his rationale for the move and why Celtra no longer adheres to Forrester’s definition of creative ad tech. Also in this episode: Genetic imperviousness to the effects of caffeine and what it’s like to found a company with your spouse.

Episode 201: The History Of Programmatic Native, With TripleLift’s Ari Lewine

Back in 2013 TripleLift released technology meant to improve the ad experience of real-time bidding, which up until then had only been applied to trusty (some would say dusty) formats such as the 728×90 and the 250×250.

Episode 200: Fifty-Five’s Hugo Loriot On Why Advertisers Need To Speak Up As The Cookie Crumbles

Hugo Loriot, a partner at You & Mr Jones-owned data agency fifty-five, weighs in on the unfortunate lack of participation from the buy side in the cookie debates, the growing role of clean rooms and why Ads Data Hub probably doesn’t pose an antitrust concern for Google.

Episode 199: Pinterest Is Having A Big Year

Amid this year’s great reordering of fortunes, Pinterest has been one of the lucky ones. The platform’s monthly users grew more than 40% in the second quarter, to 415 million. The expansion is led by new international users (50% growth rate) and Gen Z users. CRO Jon Kaplan says the spike has tracked closely with COVID-19.

Episode 198: Nexstar Digital President Greg Raifman Takes The Long View

Greg Raifman has had a long career in digital advertising. He started out at ad server Mediaplex in the late ’90s, helped take Rubicon Project public in 2014 and is now running the digital subsidiary of Nexstar Media Group, which owns TV stations, websites and apps in 100 US markets.

Episode 197: Marketers Still Aren’t Spending As Much In Apps As They Should Be

Robin Wheeler, the new global commercial head of Twitter’s MoPub, lays out her plan for going after the Fortune 1,000. Historically, MoPub has been super strong with the app publisher community, but less so on the demand side. Now, it’s time to get closer to the buyer.

Episode 196: Brands Get Serious About Ecommerce, With Sarah Hofstetter

Ecommerce has become a marketing channel for product discovery, SEO and paid media, says Sarah Hofstetter, a board member at Campbell Soup Company and president at ecommerce analytics company Profitero. Add the technology accelerant of COVID, and suddenly the heads of ecommerce at packaged food brands are frequently being summoned to C-suite meetings to explain ecommerce technology and customer behavior.

Episode 195: When The Future Is A Question Mark, With Ebiquity’s Jed Meyer

Planning for 2021? Break out your blindfolds and your dartboards. This week on AdExchanger Talks, Ebiquity’s North America lead, Jed Meyer, discusses how marketers are handling the uncertainty of this moment.

Episode 194: Loss Of Events Has Been Brutal For B2B Marketers

The benefits of in-person conferences are many, but the two big ones are information sharing and lead generation. Replacing them with digital channels has been a painful and sometimes fruitless process for those that haven’t previously invested online.

Episode 193: In A Year Of Data Disruption, Oracle Places Its Bets

How many of Oracle’s many ad tech and marketing tech acquisitions are still in use? All of them, according to EVP Rob Tarkoff, Oracle’s guy in charge of Oracle CX Cloud and Oracle Data Cloud.

Episode 192: Solving For Identity, With MediaWallah CEO Nancy Marzouk

Nancy Marzouk founded MediaWallah in 2013 to serve the growing demand for first-party data onboarding and “people-based” identity. In this episode she draws on her 20 years in ad tech to share her perspective on the state of identity in 2020 – from cookies to our current petri dish of proposed solutions.

Episode 191: GE CMO Linda Boff Says Pandemic Will Increase Marketer Agility

Linda Boff is among the most recognized marketing leaders in the world. She has seen a lot in her 16 years at GE, of which she has spent the past five years as chief marketing and communications officer. But nothing compares to the coronavirus pandemic.

Episode 190: Google Ads GM Jerry Dischler On A Cookieless Future ‘That Happens When It Happens’

Google’s new VP and GM of ads sees the big picture of Google’s advertising business, from top-of-funnel video ads on YouTube, mid-funnel display ads served through DV360 and Google Ad Manager, and Google search and shopping ads.

Episode 189: P&G Senior Director Eric Austin

Eric leads global brand building and media innovation at the CPG giant, as well as P&G’s programs on racial bias. He talks about the #TakeOnRace films and P&G’s current view in areas like programmatic and supply chain transparency.

Episode 188: The Mediaocean-4C Merger, With CEOs Bill Wise And Lance Neuhauser

With its latest acquisition, Mediaocean has taken a divisive step into digital ad execution – placing itself in direct competition with DSPs. CEO Bill Wise says the company can win on cost. “If you listen to [The Trade Desk] quarterly earnings, they talk a lot about TV and next generation TV and video solutions,” Wise says in this episode. “They’re going to run into a wall and that wall is Mediaocean.”

Episode 187: Horizon Media CEO Bill Koenigsberg

Bill Koenigsberg founded Horizon Media in 1989 and grew it to some 2,300 employees and $8.5 billion in client investments. Along the way he has weathered three or four economic recessions. In this episode he talks about the pandemic and its consequences.

Episode 186: Banking On Data, With Cardlytics CEO Lynne Laube

Cardlytics works with most of the top 20 banks in the US to serve offers within their digital account interfaces. CEO Lynne Laube talks about unlocking relationships with financial institutions.

Episode 185: Sizing Amazon’s Media Businesses, With Needham Managing Director Laura Martin

Amazon’s media businesses are worth far more than investors think – approximately $500 billion, or 38% of the company’s market cap, according to investment bank Needham & Company. This week on AdExchanger Talks, Needham Managing Director Laura Martin talks about why.

Episode 184: The Operative Word, With CEO Lorne Brown

Ad management company Operative serves some of the world’s biggest media brands, including NBCUniversal, ABC, AT&T, Starz and Sky. This week on AdExchanger Talks, longtime CEO Lorne Brown describes the growth of his company, its 2016 merger with SintecMedia and what the future holds.

Episode 183: Latino OTT! With Isabel Rafferty Zavala

OTT is full of juggernauts. But most of these players – Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max and the rest – are going after mass audiences. Isabel Rafferty Zavala saw an opportunity to create an OTT network dedicated to Latino audiences in the United States.

Episode 182: The Next Wave Of Media Infrastructure, With Hudson MX CEO JT Batson

Much of JT Batson’s career has focused on bringing tech and automation to bear on the agency-publisher relationship. His current company, Hudson MX, helps local TV and radio broadcasters and media buyers transact with more efficiency and speed than they’ve been able to in the past.

Episode 181: Is LiveIntent In A Sweet Spot?

President Brian Silver makes a case that his company is well positioned to weather the recession of 2020-2021.

Episode 180: Carat USA CEO Angela Steele: Addressable Media Will Win

There is a mix shift underway caused by COVID-19 that will affect channels differently, according to Steele. The best positioned media sellers can provide a clear line of sight into TV and video audiences.

Episode 179: IPG CEO Michael Roth

IPG CEO Michael Roth believes that post-pandemic, aspects of work-from-home life will definitely stick at agencies, and business travel policies will be dramatically changed.

Episode 178: When The Dust Clears, With Jay MacDonald

It’s a truism now: “The world will never be the same.” But how will it change, exactly? Digital Capital Advisors CEO Jay MacDonald draws on his long experience as a founder, media executive and M&A adviser to offer predictions on how COVID-19 will transform marketing and technology.

Episode 177: Social Distancing With Friends: Jeff Green

The Trade Desk founder and CEO is at home in Southern California, grounded for the longest time in decades, but his company is not hitting pause.

Episode 176: Social Distancing With Friends: Alexis van de Wyer

AdsWizz CEO Alexis van de Wyer discusses podcast listening and advertising trends during COVID-19.

Episode 175: Social Distancing With Friends: Karima Zmerli

The chief data sciences officer at Wavemaker Global discusses the data story around COVID-19 and how the GroupM agency is responding to the situation. “This is not a technical challenge,” she says. “This is a human challenge. We need to change our ways of doing things and adjust to the new context.”

Episode 174: Social Distancing With Friends With Laura Desmond 

Laura Desmond, former Starcom CEO and current interim CEO at Double Verify, shares lessons from the last recession and speculates on what the current crisis could mean for marketers, agencies and tech.

Episode 173: Social Distancing With Friends With Megan Clarken 

Laura Desmond, former Starcom CEO and current interim CEO at Double Verify, shares lessons from the last recession and speculates on what the current crisis could mean for marketers, agencies and tech.

Episode 172: Leadership In The Time Of COVID-19

Michael Katz has led two companies through periods of crisis. In addition to the first-order priorities of protecting employees and customers, he says startups have an opportunity to lead the way for a sector as a whole. “You see not only new companies being created but you see market leaders pull away from the pack. Mostly because there is this flight to value and there is also a need for innovation. There is a need to do things better, faster, cheaper and the incumbents can’t meet that need.”

Episode 171: A Programmatic Health Check, With Wayne Blodwell

Is there a backlash against programmatic? Programatic Advisory CEO Wayne Blodwell discusses attitudes toward programatic, the current crisis of identity and what brands are most commonly seeking from their media, tech and service partners in 2020.

Episode 170: Accenture Interactive’s Glen Hartman

Is there a backlash against programmatic? Programatic Advisory CEO Wayne Blodwell discusses attitudes toward programatic, the current crisis of identity and what brands are most commonly seeking from their media, tech and service partners in 2020.

Episode 169: Demandbase CEO Gabe Rogol

Demandbase is the both the oldest and the largest company in the account-based marketing segment. Its founding CEO Chris Golec recently stepped aside after 13 years at the helm. In this episode, we talk with new CEO Gabe Rogol for an update on the company and the ABM category as a whole.

Episode 168: The CDP Service Layer

The emerging category of customer data platforms keeps growing, and along with it a need for services. In this episode, Actable CEO Matt Greitzer talks about the new competitive set that’s emerged to help configure, deploy and operate CDPs.

Episode 167: The Omni-Channel Retailer

Jewelry brand and retailer PANDORA grew rapidly in the US, but lately has come up against new competitors – both digital and traditional. Charisse Hughes, CMO Americas, talks about the company’s renewed focus on the consumer and its own brand identity.

Episode 166: How To Use Ad Tech Properly

With third-party cookies on the run, publishers are well positioned to show their value. Dotdash’s SVP Programmatic, Sara Badler, offers a roadmap for media companies to use their unique data and close marketer relationships to enable a streamlined programmatic buy.

Episode 165: Let’s Get Vertical

One path forward for ad tech lies in industry specialization. In this episode, Audience Town CEO Ed Carey discusses the opportunity to create value for clients through bid strategies and algorithms that are unique to an industry such as auto, real estate, finance or pharma/health.

Episode 164: China

China and the US are inextricably linked, through trade relationships, consumer habits and, increasingly, technology (see: TikTok). In this episode, Humphrey Ho, US Managing Director of China-based agency Hylink Digital, talks about Chinese tech, AI and marketing and its future impact for American citizens and businesses.

Episode 163: A World Without One-To-One Targeting

With the fate of third-party cookies officially sealed, AdExchanger regular Belinda Smith asserts the contrarian view that user-level marketing has never proven its value and marketers are better off without it.

Episode 162: Attention, Not Impressions

CEO Eric Wheeler has steered 33Across through many upheavals in programmatic advertising over his 13 years with the company. In this episode he talks about that journey, the important distinction between ads and attention, changes to third party cookies and the continued opportunity to innovate in ad tech.

Episode 161: The Unexpected CMO

Melissa Grady is living proof that the profile and skill set for the chief marketing officer is evolving. In this episode, the performance-minded marketer talks about her career and what she’s working on at Cadillac.

Episode 160: A Force For Good In Advertising

The Ad Council draws more than $1 billion in donated media annually, and creatively its work is some of the most acclaimed in advertising. In this special year-end episode, we talk with CEO Lisa Sherman about its work.

Episode 159: Marketing As A Service

CEO Pete Kim tells MightyHive’s story and talks about changes at work on brands and the marketing services industry.

Episode 158: What Facebook Will Do In 2020

Facebook’s chief revenue officer discusses the company’s evolving product strategy and priorities for 2020.

Episode 157: Startups Of 2020

Tom Chavez built two successful ad tech companies (Rapt and Krux) and sold them to two large strategics (Microsoft and Salesforce). In this episode, he talks about those experiences and his new venture studio, Super{set}.

Episode 156: Why Is The Programmatic Takeover Taking So Long?

Hearts & Science Chief Data Officer Megan Pagliuca talks about the unrealized potential of programmatic. Specifically, she identifies three roadblocks to greater adoption.

Episode 155: How We Got To Now

Digital ad pioneer Richy Glassberg describes the invention of creative ad formats and T&Cs that became the foundation for today’s vibrant programmatic ecosystem.

Episode 154: Won’t You Be My Partner?

Impact CEO Dave Yovanno describes how his company is facilitating key marketing relationships – with affiliates, influencers, biz dev partners and others. And he recalls the early days of performance-based digital advertising at ValueClick.

Episode 153: Agencies In Flux

4As CEO Marla Kaplowitz talks about the business environment for agencies in an era of diminished client trust.

Episode 152: In App Around The World

Smaato CEO Arndt Groth talks about the changing rules of app marketing and in-app monetization. The company has Chinese backers and a deal with TikTok.

Episode 151: Factually Speaking

Applied Semantics cofounder and current Factual CEO Gil Elbaz talks about the changes to technology innovation and the future of location data.

Episode 150: The Product Mindset

Bridget Bidlack is a product executive with deep knowledge of advertising and marketing technology. She has developed products for IBM, Bluestreak, Microsoft, Turn, X+1, Rocket Fuel, Experian and her current company Lucid. “I’m a Lumascape all to myself,” she says in this episode.

Episode 149: The New Viacom

Ahead of its planned merger with CBS, Viacom is investing aggressively in new, more data-driven modes of TV distribution and advertising. EVP Bryson Gordon talks about the company’s plan.

Episode 148: Resolving LiveRamp’s Identity With CEO Scott Howe

CEO Scott Howe talks about the history of data, the rise of onboarding and where LiveRamp is going next.

Episode 147: The Future Of Ad-Supported TV

Tubi’s streaming platform competes with the likes of Pluto and Hulu. Its founding CEO talks about his company and the shifting dynamics in ad-supported television.

Episode 146: Complex Numbers

Complex Networks is reportedly on track for $200 million in revenue this year. In this episode, Baesler provides a deep dive on the company and its portfolio of media brands and events focused on sneaker culture, hip hop and food.

Episode 145: Data Science Meets Advertising

EDO CEO Kevin Krim talks about the need for TV ad systems that can self-optimize in the way that Google and Facebook have done. “Nielsen ratings are not directly in the control of the broadcaster, and you certainly can’t optimize a campaign on the post facto rating number which can vary quite a bit.”

Episode 144: Podcast Industry Is Reliving The Early Days Of Digital

A discussion with the CEO of Megaphone, a podcast technology and advertising company that offers a marketplace for dynamic placements.

Episode 143: IBM iX Wants Blockchain To Work For Brands

Digital advertising veteran Babs Rangaiah talks about his year’s at Unilever and the work IBM iX is doing around blockchain and AI.

Episode 142: What’s New With Neustar

CEO Charlie Gottdiener gives an update on Neustar, which was taken private two years ago by PE firm Golden Gate Capital in a deal worth $2.9 billion.

Episode 141: David Moore’s Next Chapter

Ad tech legend and longtime WPP exec David Moore talks about his new venture, BritePool, which is trying to fix the broken value exchange between consumers and the advertising industry.

Episode 140: Can Big Companies Grow Like Startups?

David Kidder, four-time founder and author of The Startup Playbook, discusses his new obsession with helping scaled companies adopt startup principles. His work in this area has led to a new company, Bionic, as well as a new book titled “New To Big.”

Episode 139: Avoiding ‘Zombies’ When Investing In Ad Tech

Searchlight Capital Partner Darren Glatt talks about his firm’s $225M investment in MediaMath and shares his observations on ad tech, marketing tech and the paid media ecosystem.

Episode 138: Nationwide’s Programmatic Story

Jamie Byrum, head of programmatic media, discusses the advertiser’s media model, its decision to go “all in” with Google and what happened after it brought programmatic buying in-house.

Episode 137: The Rise Of B2B

Michael McLaren, Merkle’s executive global group director for B2B and technology, discusses the impact of new methodologies, technologies and, above all, data on the enterprise marketing discipline.

Episode 136: How Accenture Interactive Gate-Crashed The Agency Business

Nikki Mendonça, global president of Accenture Interactive Operations, sheds light on why big consultants – including her own firm – are well positioned to dominate marketing services.

Episode 135: The Ratings Game

The emergence of connected TV has created a crisis of measurement, as the old data-driven ratings system collides with the new data-driven ratings system. Jane Clarke, who leads the Coalition For Innovative Media Measurement, helps us make sense of the chaos.

Episode 134: Where’s The Growth?

digital ad consultant Matthew Scott Goldstein shares his observations from 29 public company earnings calls in the media, big tech, ad tech and related sectors.

Episode 133: Tru Optik CEO Andre Swanston

Andre Swanston offers an unconventional tale of ad tech entrepreneurship. The Bronx-raised son of immigrants and onetime nightclub owner first took an interest in streaming television as an advertiser before founding his household graph startup. “It was such a big leap that my mother cried,” he says.

Episode 132: Dishing With Mr. Cannes, Michael Kassan

Kassan spins tales of Cannes past, present and yet to come. He also talks about the evolution of MediaLink two years after the acquisition.

Episode 131: Is Programmatic Good For Publishers?

Jana Meron addresses the factors that make programmatic work for (or against) media companies.

Episode 130: Martin Sorrell

Sorrell sharply questions decisions made by WPP’s current leadership in the year since he abdicated to start his own holding company, S4 Capital. Many other topics covered as well.

Episode 129: Survival Of The Fittest

Criteo COO Mollie Spilman talks about what makes companies survive and thrive in the ever-changing digital advertising business.

Episode 128: IPG’s Huge Bet On Acxiom

IPG Chief Data and Technology Officer Arun Kumar joins us for a frank discussion of the $2.3 billion acquisition and the larger trend of agency groups buying data providers.

Episode 127: Ad Tech Fan Fic

Beeswax CEO Ari Paparo comes to the studio for a game of “what if,” applying his encyclopedic knowledge of ad tech to a range of alternate reality scenarios.

Episode 126: Lessons From The Media Trenches

Integral Ad Science CEO Lisa Utzschneider discusses her 20 years in senior revenue roles at Microsoft, Amazon and Yahoo, and she offers advice for today’s ad sellers.

Episode 125: Too Much Power

Facebook, Google and Amazon all possess near monopolies in their respective markets. Is there anything wrong with that? With Rashid Tobaccowala, chief growth officer of Publicis Groupe.

Episode 124: Media Agency Tectonics

Dentsu Aegis’ media chairman, Doug Ray, describes the agency’s growth formula and the shifting needs of its clients.

Episode 123: Xaxis, Then And Now

A lively discussion with Nicolas Bidon, global CEO of WPP Group’s Xaxis programmatic platform, on the limits of transparency and the future of agency compensation.

Episode 122: What Innovation Means Now

614 Group CEO and Founder Rob Rasko graces the studio for a discussion of the changing nature of programmatic and entrepreneurship.

Episode 121: There Is No Podcasting Bubble

Podcasting is increasingly a source of audience and revenue growth for publishers. In this episode Tutuwa Ahwoi, a 12-year veteran of National Public Media, shares lessons learned from her many years in public broadcasting, which is the ancestral home of the modern podcasting moment.

Episode 120: Everything Is Shoppable

“There’s two key drivers of ecommerce today: It’s search and it’s social. If you think about your own behaviors doing product discovery and recall, it happens within those two environments,” according to MikMak CEO Rachel Tipograph. “If you look at some of these darling direct-to-consumer brands that we all talk about – whether it’s Kylie Jenner’s beauty line or Warby Parker or Casper or Away or Glossier – all of these companies have been built on the backbone of social ads.”

Episode 119: The Singular BOK

“If you’re a high-quality content publisher, do you want to sell your inventory programmatically to maximize yield?” Brian O’Kelley says in this bombshell episode. “It’s unclear if it actually is better from a yield perspective than the old way … We’ve made audiences so much more important than context and content, that I think we undervalue premium inventory.”

Episode 118: Adform Follows Function

“That’s why we’ve been able to compete with the Googles and Adobes of the world,” Julian Baring, Adform’s general manager of North America, says in this week’s episode of AdExchanger Talks. “We’re a very mature platform with significant commitment toward tech.”

Episode 117: Soft Skills

This week on the podcast, 360i CEO Jared Belsky discusses the need for clients to bring the two disciplines together rather than allow them to exist as competitive factions that inhibit brand growth.

Episode 116: Retail Madness

Advertising in retail and ecommerce environments has grown from a subset of shopper marketing to a key channel for the world’s biggest brands. This week on the podcast, Triad CEO Sherry Smith talks about that evolution.

Episode 115: Why AI

This week on the podcast we hear from Jocelyn Lee, head of the AI advertising practice at Heat. Heat is one of several agencies acquired by Deloitte Digital, and Lee’s job there is to help brands and agencies drive creative impact using advanced data strategies.

Episode 114: Diaz Nesamoney On Creative Technology

This week on the podcast, Jivox CEO Diaz Nesamoney talks about the state of creative personalization and his company’s journey.

Episode 113: The Interesting Career Of Lauren Nemeth

This week in the podcast studio, Lauren Nemeth tells some rollicking stories from her years in the ad tech trenches at DoubleClick, AppNexus, Turn and other companies. She also discusses her current job as chief revenue officer at Nextdoor, a platform that connects people within communities.

Episode 112: Bill Demas, Three-Time CEO

This week, Conviva CEO Bill Demas steps up to the mic for a conversation about his years at the helm of Turn and the hurtling comet that is streaming TV.

Episode 111: Sovrn Goes Wide

This week on the AdExchanger Talks podcast, CEO Walter Knapp summarizes the company’s thesis: “Can we build products and tools and technologies and services that enable media businesses … to do more of what they want to do and less of what they don’t want to do?”

Episode 110: Programmatic By The Numbers

In its October forecast, eMarketer predicted programmatic in digital display will grow from $47 billion in 2018 to $69 billion in 2020. This week on the podcast, eMarketer Principal Analyst Lauren Fisher describes how her team arrived at those numbers.

Episode 109: Time Traveling With Twitter

On the podcast this week, Matt Derella talks about the company’s return to growth under the leadership of its Obi-Wan-like CEO, Jack Dorsey.

Episode 108: A DSP’s Story

In this episode of AdExchanger Talks, Centro founder Shawn Riegsecker describes the sometimes painful evolution of the company from its early days helping agencies figure out local.

Episode 107: Data Management Without Failure

Ana Milicevic was VP of product at Demdex, a first-wave DMP that Adobe acquired in 2011. Today, she runs a data management consultancy called Sparrow Advisers along with her sister Maja. The business was inspired by her first-hand experience watching marketers grapple with data when she worked at Adobe, SAS and Signal.

Episode 106: Inside LinkedIn’s $2 Billion Ad Business

LinkedIn’s VP of marketing solutions, Penry Price, describes how their ad business didn’t really take off until the company embraced a feed-based content interface.

Episode 105: Everywhere There’s Signs

In this episode, Vistar Media’s Michael Provenzano discusses the $7.5 billion US market for OOH, about $5 billion of which is based on nondigital signage.

Episode 104: TV’s Upcoming Season

In the podcast studio this week, GCA Advisors managing director Josh Wepman talks about the changes afoot in television. Wepman has sold companies to Google, Snap, Yahoo, Pitney Bowes and Telstra, among others, and TV is his key strategic focus right now.

Episode 103: All About Dotdash

On the podcast this week, Dotdash CEO Neil Vogel describes the factors that have helped the company succeed in what is often thought of as a tough market for publishers. Those factors include fast-loading pages and reduced ad loads.

Episode 102: The Information Advantage

In this episode, Chris Kane comes into the AdExchanger studio for a deep dive on SPO and the ways advertisers can use it to optimize bid activity across exchanges.

Episode 101: The Unruly Video Ad Market

On the podcast this week, Unruly Media CEO Norm Johnston talks about the evolution of video ads – how they’re bought, how they’re sold and who gets to sell them.

Episode 100: ‘AdExchanger Talks’ Episode 100! With Facebook Ads VP Mark Rabkin

This is Facebook’s first time on the podcast, so there was plenty of ground to cover. Rabkin, VP of ads and business platform, talks about the company’s “pivot to meaning” for consumers and brands, the rise of Stories, Facebook’s super-dense ad auction and how the company aims to earn back user trust after a string of data security failures.

Episode 99: Consulting The Oracle

Today on the podcast we hear from Dave Helmreich, group VP of Oracle Marketing Cloud (OMC). Helmreich notes that each marketing cloud has its own unique strengths: Adobe is the creative giant, while Salesforce rules the customer record.

Episode 98: Old Broadcast Company, New Mindset

Speaking on the AdExchanger Talks podcast this week, Videa President Shereta Williams describes how a small group of Cox executives advised company brass to embrace programmatic with an in-house capability, to disrupt the company’s own TV ad rep business before it was disrupted by outside competitors.

Episode 97: Ad Tonnage Versus Ad Value

This week on AdExchanger Talks, we speak with ad veteran Sean Finnegan. Finnegan has worked at agencies, consultancies, tech firms and publishers. Today he advises those parties, as well as brand marketers, as a partner at Chameleon Collective.

Episode 96: Publishers, Make Your Data Do More

In the podcast studio this week, News Corp. VP of Ad Technology Stephanie Layser talks about how publishers can make their data work harder from a revenue and yield standpoint.

Episode 95: You’ve Got (Less) Mail

As the old adage (sort of) goes: more data, more problems. That’s where the data marketing company Epsilon steps in to help. Listen in to find out how big data drives big changes in the industry with guest Stacey Hawes, president of data practice at Epsilon.

Episode 94: Waze Finds A Way

Listen in for a deep dive on Waze, including how it uses location data and why it maintains its own ad infrastructure rather than rely on the Google stack with Managing Director Suzie Reider.

Episode 93: Restoring Trust In Ad Tech

Today on the podcast, PubMatic’s longstanding CEO, Rajeev Goel, talks about the company’s early days and its evolution through waves of technology disruption, competitive threats and shifting auction mechanics.

Episode 92: Who Measures The Measurers?

The MRC has played a key role in developments such as the viewability trend and the industrywide push to audit Google, Facebook and other digital giants. In this episode, George Ivie describes those audits, discloses which platforms are still refusing them and spells out the MRC’s next big challenge: validating cross-media measurement systems.

Episode 91: The Past And Future Of Digital Advertising

Mediaocean CRO Ramsey McGrory brings his seasoned perspective to the podcast studio this week for a wide-ranging discussion of the early days of programmatic and how the industry continues to morph.

Episode 90: Content Marketing Needs An Arbiter

This week on “AdExchanger Talks,” Anda Gansca talks about her journey as a founder and how CMOs work with her to implement meaningful content analytics.

Episode 89: How To Build A Brand In Programmatic

This week on AdExchanger Talks, we hear from Sarah Warner, digital investment lead for programmatic and video at GroupM.

Episode 88: As Health Marketing And Health Care Converge, Exciting Possibilities and Hard Questions

In this episode, Providence St. Joseph Health’s Madelyn Mills discusses the challenges of omnichannel marketing and personalization in the highly regulated health care sector.

Episode 87: The Durability Of Ad Exchanges

In this episode, OpenX CEO Tim Cadogan discusses the implications of AT&T’s AppNexus acquisition, life after header bidding and business models in ad tech.

Episode 86: Digital Transformation Was Just A Dry Run For TV

This week on the podcast we talk with Nicolle Pangis, NCC’s recently appointed CEO, about her vision for the company. That vision strongly centers on data – no surprise considering Pangis spent a decade focused on programmatic at WPP Group, most recently as COO of Xaxis.

Episode 85: Bryan Wiener’s Plan To Save ComScore

One month into the job, comScore’s new CEO, Bryan Wiener, hopes to renew the company’s sense of purpose. It’s a tall order after an accounting irregularity spurred lawsuits, a delisting from Nasdaq, an SEC investigation and the reauditing of three years of financials – all of which cost $160 million.

Episode 84: Terry Kawaja’s World View

You knew we’d have Terry Kawaja on the podcast eventually. We’re only surprised it took this long.

Episode 83: Marketing Finds Its Voice

Resolution Media President George Manas joins us in the podcast studio to discuss voice interactivity and it is affecting brands. Resolution is helping marketers leverage voice interfaces. It’s early days but not too early to have a strategy, Manas says.

Episode 82: Telaria Tells All

Mark Zagorski, who was previously CEO at eXelate and head of Nielsen Marketing Cloud, talks in this episode about the shift away from open exchange, among other topics.

Episode 81: How Bayer Cures Programmatic Headaches

Josh Palau, VP for digital strategy at Bayer Consumer Health, spent years in agency land before going over to “the client.” In this week’s podcast, he describes how moving in-house (he has worked at brands like Comcast and J&J) taught him to focus on the numbers.

Episode 80: Solving For ‘Who Got Paid What’

A lack of transparency in the supply chain has exacerbated problems such as fraud, fee inflation and an overall crisis of trust. Will Luttrell hopes to solve them by channeling all supply-chain payments from the advertiser straight to each partner: agency, publisher, supply-side platforms, demand-side platforms and so on.

Episode 79: Futurama With Datorama

This week on the podcast, Katrin Ribant joins us in the studio for a discussion of the ever-more-complicated data landscape.

Episode 78: GDPR Day Zero

On the eve of the May 25 compliance deadline, we invite guest Patrick Salyer, CEO of SAP-owned identity management platform Gigya, to talk about the enforcement and long-term impact of the regulation.

Episode 77: All Advertising Is Local

Frost Prioleau is a longtime digital ad entrepreneur, having founded and sold two companies over the span of 13 years. The first was Personifi, a behavioral ad targeter acquired by Collective Media in 2008, followed by Simpli.fi, a programmatic platform for local advertisers. This week on the podcast, Prioleau describes his experience trying to crack the market for localized programmatic advertising.

Episode 76: Google The Marketer

Google’s top digital marketer, Bob Arnold, is our guest in the podcast studio this week. Many listeners will remember Bob’s early advocacy of programmatic drawn from his time at P&G and Kellogg.

Episode 75: Brian Wieser’s Word To The Wise

In this episode, Pivotal Research senior analyst Brian Wieser talks about the analyst life and his views on an assortment of companies. He drills down on Facebook, where his analysis often deviates from that of his peers.

Episode 74: iSpot.tv CEO Sean Muller Is Disrupting TV Measurement

Sean Muller had very little knowledge of television when he launched iSpot.tv six years ago. iSpot.tv’s first product was a competitive intelligence product, a data asset it licensed for $1,500 a month. Today, it offers an analytics suite that can link TV ad data to specific marketer outcomes, such as a website visit or purchase or to the marketing stack.

Episode 73: Kavata Mbondo Stays In The Picture

Kavata Mbondo presided over Time Inc.’s ad business during a period of dramatic upheaval for traditional media companies. When she started there, the iPhone didn’t exist, Facebook was a young scrapper and programmatic wasn’t quite a thing Mbondo recently left Time Inc. for a new venture: helping Getty Images launch a consumer-facing media business called FOTO. In this episode, she reflects on her years in digital media and describes the new publishing venture.

Episode 72: Deal Maven Carolina Abenante Preaches Blockchain

On the podcast this week, New York Interactive Ad Exchange (NYIAX) founder and President Carolina Abenante talks about her career as a deal-maker and her current project: making blockchain work for the marketer.

Episode 71: The Very Serious, Not At All Overblown Facebook Scandal

In this week’s podcast, Gartner Research VP Martin Kihn picks apart the assumptions underlying the latest Facebook backlash: namely, that the data scraped by Cambridge Analytica had a material impact on the election outcome.

Episode 70: Cognitiv CEO Jeremy Fain’s Deep Thoughts On AI

In this episode, Fain talks about how deep learning can automate algorithm building. He discusses how Cognitiv’s focus on big data and deep learning – and departure from more common artificial intelligence disciplines like natural language processing and computer vision – let it carve out a niche.

Episode 69: Matt Prohaska In The House

In this episode, Prohaska describes some common misconceptions about in-housing and how brands are evolving their partner models.

Episode 68: 4C Insights Stretches Beyond Social

4C Insights might be the largest of the small handful of companies certified to buy media across all the social platforms. All the big agency groups, along with many independents, use its technology. On the AdExchanger Talks podcast this week, CEO Lance Neuhauser attributes the company’s rapid growth to its data science capabilities.

Episode 67: Goodway Seeks A Better Way To Do Programmatic

In this week’s episode, Goodway Group COO Jay Friedman tells the company’s story and throws some more good-natured shade about marketers’ self-inflicted wounds.

Episode 66: Kerry Bianchi On The Shift From Service To Software

Our guest this week is Kerry Bianchi, president and CEO of Visto, formerly Collective. Bianchi has overseen a major transition of the company since taking the helm from founder Joe Apprendi one year ago.

Episode 65: Joanna O’Connell Grades The Progress Of Omnichannel

This week on AdExchanger Talks, we bring you a lively discussion with Joanna O’Connell, VP and principal analyst with Forrester Research and a singular personality in the marketing industry.

Episode 64: Talking TV With BrightLine CEO Jacqueline Corbelli

With its creative formats now embedded in most ad-supported broadcast and cable TV apps on Roku and other operating systems, BrightLine may have a new data opportunity. On the latest episode of AdExchanger Talks, CEO Jacqueline Corbelli discusses business results, the product road map and female leadership in tech.

Episode 63: Roku Like A Hurricane

This week on the podcast, SVP and platform GM Scott Rosenberg tells the Roku story and describes in detail the ad model that has helped propel the company to a post-IPO valuation of more than $4 billion.

Episode 62: How Troy Young Guides Hearst Digital Through Unstable Times

This week on AdExchanger Talks we hear from Troy Young, the outspoken global president of Hearst Digital Media, who says a key publisher challenge going forward is showing your ads drive sales.

Episode 61: Peter Hamilton Sings A Tune

Our guest on the podcast this week, Tune CEO Peter Hamilton, positioned his company early on in the mobile attribution niche. Now he’s looking ahead to a future when app-tracking tools are merged into large marketing technology platforms.

Episode 60: Belinda Smith Discusses EA’s Marketing Arts

Our guest this week is Belinda Smith, a senior brand marketer at Electronic Arts who is a font of insights for any marketer thinking about bringing their media buying activities in-house. Also in this episode: The problem with incrementality tests, the return of context and the future of creativity.

Episode 59: Dave Morgan Looks Back On 20 Years Of Startup Life

Simulmedia CEO and founder Dave Morgan is no stranger to launching startups in the ad tech space. In this episode he shares observations from his career and describes Simulmedia’s progress.

Episode 58: CafeMedia’s Culture

In this two-guest episode of AdExchanger Talks, Bannister and Rachel Parkin, SVP of strategy and sales, describe Cafe’s unique business, which combines owned-and-operated properties with a media rep business called AdThrive.

Episode 57: For Salesforce CSO Jon Suarez-Davis, A Winding Career Path To The Cloud

In the wake of several big acquisitions, Salesforce Marketing Cloud has surpassed $1 billion in annual revenue. In this week’s episode we talk with its chief strategy officer, Jon Suarez-Davis, who joined the company through its 2016 acquisition of Krux.

Episode 56: Michael Bologna Changes The Channel

Michael Bologna has been a key player in the unfolding story of advanced television since the beginning. In this episode, Bologna and AdExchanger executive editor, Zach Rodgers, discuss Bologna’s journey from “emerging media” exec at GroupM to his newest startup venture, one2one Media.

Episode 55: The Rise Of Kids’ Media

Parents, media companies and brands are struggling to adapt to a sea change in how kids consume content. Children have migrated away from traditional entertainment channels like Nick Jr. in droves, embracing new platforms – mostly YouTube and mobile games.  In this episode of AdExchanger Talks, we hear from SuperAwesome CEO Dylan Collins, who has been focused on kids’ media for the long haul.

Episode 54: Adam Heimlich On The Next Horizon

The world’s largest independent media agency didn’t have a dedicated programmatic capability until 2013. Historically a big TV buyer, Horizon Media decided to build its own “desk” in a way that would distinguish it from holding companies: by focusing on transparent pricing of media and data.

Episode 53: PebblePost’s Marita Scarfi Delivers… The Mail

In the mid-’90s, Marita Scarfi was working as an accountant but wanted in on nascent the internet economy. After a period of networking, she landed at digital agency Organic, where over the course of 17 years she rose from controller to CEO. After a stop at creative agency 72andSunny, she made the jump to marketing tech, joining PebblePost as CFO earlier this year.

Episode 52: The Private (Marketplace) Thoughts Of Chip Schenck

Chip Schenck, Meredith’s VP of data and programmatic, wants to take care of his advertisers – specifically the brands that have been with the publisher of Allrecipes, Shape and Better Homes and Gardens for the long haul. Among Meredith’s top clients over the last 100 years, he says in the latest episode of AdExchanger Talks, “97 of them are still going to be our clients [over the next 100].”

Episode 51: Back To The Roots With Digital Pioneer Mike Kelly

This week, Mike Kelly shares his experiences and describes where he sees innovation today in his role as an adviser and venture capitalist with Kelly Newman Ventures.

Episode 50: Rapping With RAPP

The basic structure of agencies hasn’t changed much in 20 years, but the competition has exploded, according to Rapp Worldwide CEO Marco Scognamiglio. “Your Wundermans, your Ogilvys, your RAPPs are still big, successful businesses. We’ve done very few acquisitions. We’ve grown organically,” Marco Scognamiglio says in the latest episode of AdExchanger Talks.

Episode 49: Who Doesn’t Envy Hulu?

As big brands seeking younger audiences move TV budgets online, some have been put off by digital’s triple threat: brand safety, viewability and fraud. Hulu is there for them. Hulu basically offers the benefits of TV in a digital buy, according to Doug Fleming, Hula’s head of advanced TV. Seventy-seven percent of Hulu viewing happens on a TV device, offering advertisers the creative impact of television with the data advantages of digital.

Episode 48: SpotX Builds The Modern Ad Server

CEO Mike Shehan is focused on building out SpotX’s capabilities in linear and connected TV. That initiative requires a substantial investment in engineering and sales for a company that started life as a video ad exchange – its original name was SpotXchange – but has evolved into a complete monetization platform.

Episode 47: Sizing Up Sizmek

Mark Grether, CEO of Sizmek, discusses the company’s recent acquisition by PE firm Vector Capital, its subsequent acquisition of Rocket Fuel and more.

Episode 46: Talking Sports With Bleacher Report CEO Dave Finocchio

In this episode: BR’s programmatic philosophy, how people watch sports now and why Finocchio came back to run Bleacher.

Episode 45: Criteo CEO Eric Eichmann Defies Gravity

Clocking at 44 minutes, the latest episode of AdExchanger Talks with Criteo CEO Eric Eichmann is our longest yet. Pardon our loquaciousness, but there was just so much to talk about.

Episode 44: Auren Hoffman Tells The Truth

On the podcast this week, SafeGraph CEO Auren Hoffman talks about his trajectory and his new company’s pure focus on providing accurate location data.

Episode 43: Checking In With Twitter’s MoPub

This week on AdExchanger Talks, MoPub honcho Janae Redmond holds forth on changes in the mobile app ecosystem – and how the Twitter-owned exchange has responded to them.

Episode 42: Resolving LiveRamp’s Identity

After graduating Stanford in 2010 with a degree in math and computational sciences, Anneka Gupta took her first software engineering job with a company called Rapleaf. That was seven years ago, and she’s still there – though the company and its positioning have changed utterly.

Episode 41: Adblock Plus Soldiers On

Till Faida, CEO of Eyeo discusses how the company has pressed ahead with its strategy to give users more control over their ad environment with tools like the Adblock Plus browser extension from its headline grabbing days in 2015 and 2016, when ad blocking rates in the US and Europe surpassed 20% of desktop users to today.

 Episode 40: Programmatic For The B2B Marketer

“B2B always kind of follows B2C, whether it’s the use of video, social media or commerce,” Dun & Bradstreet CEO Bob Carrigan says in the latest episode of AdExchanger Talks. “And programmatic is moving aggressively now into the B2B space.”

Episode 39: Glossy Programmatic

Condé Nast has sold programmatically for years. It was the first publisher to open a private marketplace, circa 2010. Over the last two years, the publisher is trying to take it to the next level.

Episode 38: Weather’s New Pattern

For this week’s episode of AdExchanger Talks, we have The Weather Co. in the studio. The IBM subsidiary is a huge seller of mobile app inventory, and has recently opened a new chapter by licensing its data asset separately from media.

Episode 37: How Index Exchange Rose With The Header

The emergence of header bidding three years ago came close on the heels of Index Exchange’s pivot from traditional media sales into programmatic publisher enablement. In this week’s episode of AdExchanger Talks, CEO Andrew Casale describes the reinvention header bidding enabled for his 16-year-old family-operated business.

Episode 36: Don’t Call MDC Partners A Holding Company

MDC Partners CEO Scott Kauffman and president of global digital operations Michael Bassik share their perspectives on data, consulting, investments and more.

Episode 35: TripleLift’s Native Language

Google and Facebook have no problem compelling advertisers to create ads that visually conform to their huge platforms. Smaller publishers? Not so much. This week’s podcast guest, TripleLift CEO Eric Berry, built his company five years ago based on that basic reality. Five years later, the programmatic native company is on track to exceed $100 million in annual revenue.

Episode 34: BMO Analyst Dan Salmon Tracks A Changing Market

BMO Capital Markets equity research analyst Dan Salmon on why the Total Addressable Market continues to grow in spite of cost pressure from big CPGs, the Amazon freight train and what the future may hold for the digital duopoly.

Episode 33: BI Throws Its Weight Behind Ads.txt

Business Insider’s Jana Meron explains why she is a big proponent of Ads.txt. She also touches on header bidding, the durability of open exchanges and how BI used programmatic to launch an entirely new media brand – the social-first Insider.

Episode 32: CEO Bill Wise Calls Mediaocean ‘The Past And Future Of Ad Tech’

In this episode, Mediaocean CEO Bill Wise discusses competitive threats, skepticism on marketing technology, a gloomy view of SSPs and The Trade Desk’s special sauce.

Episode 31: GroupM’s Social Life

In the discussion, Kieley Taylor evaluates the relative strength and maturity of API programs offered by social media platforms, each of which has a different ad infrastructure and a different set of rules.

Episode 30: How Spotify Blazed A Trail In Audio Ads

In this 30-minute conversation, Les Hollander surveys Spotify’s tapestry of ad offerings and its opportunity within the broader radio market. US advertisers spent about $1 billion on digital audio in 2016 and $15 billion on terrestrial radio. “It’s a big marketplace,” he says. “It’s ripe for disruption.”

Episode 29: AdRoll Rolls On

Among early programmatic ad platforms, 10-year-old AdRoll is unique in the breadth of its customer base. With 35,000 mostly small-to-mid-sized companies in its roster, it claims to be the most widely adopted standalone performance-marketing platform.

Episode 28: Rubicon CEO Michael Barrett On Take Rates And Industry Change

Barrett talks in-depth about his client listening tour and his roadmap for the company. Rubicon Project was tripped up last year by the header bidding trend and client pushback on fees, but he says the rapid pace of change leaves room to innovate.

Episode 27: Crazy Like A Vox

Vox Media has embraced automated selling and is finding ways to enhance its programmatic offerings. In this week’s episode, VP Ryan Pauley discusses walled garden scale, the ad tech tax, content studios, the problem with “programmatic native” and more.

Episode 26: NBCU Puts Data In The Upfront

This year NBCUniversal is substantially altering its go-to-market for the upfronts. In the latest episode of AdExchanger Talks, NBCU’s SVP of advanced advertising products, Denise Colella, details the changes.

Episode 25: A Deep Dive On Facebook Instant Articles With The Washington Post

This week’s episode offers an in-depth discussion with Jarrod Dicker, WaPo’s head of commercial product and technology, on the publisher’s aggressive experiments with Facebook Instant Articles, Google AMP, Apple News and Snapchat.

Episode 24: Inside Bloomberg’s Nine-Figure Ad Business

As global CRO at Bloomberg Media, Keith Grossman oversees a “business within a business” that reaches 62 million users and brings in nine figures of revenue annually. Grossman talks about his sales strategy for that business-focused audience, and where programmatic fits in.

Episode 23: Oracle-Moat Deal Is A Walled Garden Power Play

When the news dropped that Oracle would acquire Moat, DataXu CEO Mike Baker’s first thought was not that Oracle had made a big move in measurement, but that it had bought a piece of the walled garden action.

Episode 22: Optimizing The Upfront Buy

VideoAmp’s 25-year-old CEO, Ross McCray, talks about his company’s ambition to unify media planning across digital, mobile and television – including linear TV media bought during the upfronts.

Episode 21: Merkle’s Data Worldview

Six months ago Dentsu officially closed on its $1.5 billion acquisition of CRM and digital media agency Merkle. In this episode, chief data and product officer John Lee discusses the integration of Merkle’s data assets with the holding company.

Episode 20: Tips For Incremental In-Housing

For marketers considering bringing programmatic advertising in-house, Jounce Media founder Chris Kane has a word of advice: Break the process into steps. In this, our twentieth episode, Kane also touches on financial pressures faced by CMOs and the measurement games publishers play.

Episode 19: Chatting With Essence, Google’s Ambassador At GroupM

Essence, digital agency to Google, was acquired by GroupM in 2015. In this episode, Chief Product Officer Andrew Shebbeare talks about the company’s service model and Google’s sudden brand safety crisis.

Episode 18: In Fast Times, The Times Gets Faster

Sebastian Tomich, SVP of advertising and innovation for The New York Times, talks about the revenue mix at America’s paper of record. He says that even as it doubles down on high-end brand partnerships, the Times is looking to offload day-to-day tactical media sales. “All of the sponsorships are becoming much more high end and much more involved on our side. What’s going away is that tactical middle where you had media agencies sending us RFPs.” Also in this episode: Do brands really care about fake news? Is the Times home page undervalued? And does the company care about data leakage?

Episode 17: The Ari Paparo Episode

The Beeswax founder provides a company update and talks about a range of digital ad trends with his signature dry humor. It’s all here – Snapchat, Google, Facebook, AppNexus, header bidding, consolidation and the long VC drought – and you’ll want to hear the whole thing.

Episode 16: Forrester’s Quality Equation

In a recent report, Forrester Research said quality concerns could lead marketers to scale back on programmatic in the short term and accept higher prices for verified inventory. “We’re not saying pull out of programmatic. That’s absurd,” Melissa Parrish, Forrester VP and Research Director, explains in the latest episode of AdExchanger Talks. “We’re saying, take advantage of the controls you have.”

Episode 15: How Omnicom Won Pitchapalooza

Omnicom Group led all of its peers in the total value of its creative and media business wins last year. In this episode, its digital chief Jonathan Nelson talks about the data and technology strategy that contributed to those wins and recent changes in the marketing technology ecosystem. .

Episode 14: mParticle Vs. Mobile Data Fragmentation

In the latest episode of AdExchanger Talks, mParticle CEO Michael Katz talks about the vision behind mParticle, his three-year-old startup that consolidates data feeds in the fragmented app ecosystem. (He describes it as an “API of APIs.”) Katz sold his previous startup Interclick to Yahoo in 2011, and in this episode he also describes how he’s doing things differently the second time around.

Episode 13: 58-Year-Old Wunderman Tackles Machine Learning

Wunderman’s competitive set is huge, since it competes in areas like data architecture (Acxiom, Epsilon), consulting (Accenture, Unbound) and digital creative (AKQA, SapientRazorfish). In this episode, North America CEO Seth Solomons talks about the agency’s approach to machine learning, client data hygiene and measuring walled gardens.

Episode 12: Sourcepoint CEO Ben Barokas Looks Beyond Ad Blocking To Paywalls

Sourcepoint once solely focused on helping publishers solve for ad blocking. Today it’s pushing into subscription enablement for those media companies – and even bundling subscriptions across publishers. CEO Ben Barokas discusses his company’s latest funding, its mission and trends in ad blocking and publisher monetization.

Episode 11: For Drawbridge’s Kamakshi Sivaramakrishnan, It’s Not Only About The Ads

The number of independent cross-device players continues to shrink amid a wave of consolidation. Last year Telenor snapped up Tapad, and Adelphic went to Time Inc. just this week. Drawbridge, led by CEO Kamakshi Sivaramakrishnan, is the lone wolf in that space.

Episode 10: The Trade Desk CEO Jeff Green

Four months after its IPO, The Trade Desk is valued at $1.1 billion. The company is now using the $90 million raised by the offering to grow in areas like mobile, TV/video, private deals and global expansion. In this interview, Green holds forth on the company’s strategic focus on buy-side customers – particularly agencies – and the future of programmatic business models, among other topics.

Episode 9: PubMatic Prez Kirk McDonald Sizes Up Header Bidding’s Impact

Header bidding has been great for publishers and, as a rule, tough on sell-side platforms. In this discussion, PubMatic President Kirk McDonald talks about evolution of the programmatic selling model and where his company is making bets. “Header bidding has moved control of ad serving back to the publisher,” McDonald says in this episode of AdExchanger Talks. “The evolution is putting publishers back in a place where they’re controlling the tension around access to their impressions.”

Episode 8: Nate Woodman Says Brands Will Eventually Own Proprietary Machine-Learning Models

According to Nate Woodman, GM of demand solutions at IPONWEB, a small club of marketers is working on proprietary machine-learning models. Doing so won’t be easy. “The challenge to the industry, and it’s a daunting one, is to find a way to spread proprietary algorithms across programmatic platforms,” he says in this episode. “Most brands aren’t even close to realizing this vision, but some are making overtures.”

Episode 7: Cadreon’s Erica Schmidt Sees Risk In Ad Tech Consolidation

In this wide ranging discussion, Cadreon’s Erica Schmidt discusses IPG’s evolving programmatic revenue model, the slow evolution of the CMO, and the risk that ad tech consolidation will stymie innovation.

Episode 6: Integral CEO Scott Knoll: The Brand-Led Ad Quality Revolution Is Still Unfolding

Integral Ad Science has evolved from a brand safety purveyor to a holistic arbiter of ad quality. What’s next? In this episode, Knoll talks about the IAS product roadmap, and suggests the ability to track duration of ad exposure across media placements represents a new direction. He also discusses the company’s financials and the possibility of a 2017 IPO.

Episode 5: Annalect’s Erin Matts Says Data-Driven Creative Is The Next Big Prize

Omnicom Group’s analytics arm, Annalect, helped it capture a bunch of new business in 2016. And not only media agency accounts. “We’ve optimized the heck out of the media side of things for so long. Let’s go back and do that for the creatives,” North America CEO Erin Matts says in this episode. “That piece of it where data and analytics is reuniting media and creative … has been something clients really respond to.” Also in this episode: Annalect’s skunkworks culture, technology approach and obsession with cross-device identity in the age of walled gardens.

Episode 4 – MediaMath CEO Joe Zawadzki Says Programmatic Is In A New Phase

Joe Zawadzki is a founder of multiple ad tech companies and a frequent angel investor. In this AdExchanger Talks podcast he discusses the forces changing programmatic buying, including the rise of header bidding and new access to retail data. He also describes the shifting roadmap at MediaMath and what he needs to bring as a leader and manager.

Episode 3 – Google/AdMeld Vet Brian Adams On His New Machine Learning Startup  

Brian Adams was the CTO of AdMeld, an early stage sell-side platform acquired by Google in 2011. Then, after four years spent running aspects of Google’s publisher business, he launched a consumer-facing startup with MightyTV, an app that uses data and machine learning to help people decide what TV and movies to watch. In this AdExchanger Talks podcast, he talks about life after Google and how machine learning will factor into user media consumption.

Episode 2 – Nielsen’s Lynda Clarizio Talks Measurement Evolution

In this AdExchanger Talks podcast, Lynda Clarizio, President of US Media at Nielsen, talks in depth about Nielsen’s evolving research approach, which combines the company’s classic panel-based approach with new digital and “census” methodologies. She also addresses critics of Nielsen and how networks have responded to Nielsen reports of linear TV declines. (They sometimes blame the ref.) And the discussion ends with a discussion of women in the media and ad tech sectors.

Episode 1 – GroupM’s Brian Lesser: ‘Agency Leverage’ In The Future Is All About Data

Brian Lesser was promoted to run GroupM in North America last year after building its Xaxis trading desk into a billion dollar business. “My job is to transform GroupM to be much more about gathering data about consumers, because that’s where our leverage is going to come from in the future.” In this inaugural AdExchanger Talks podcast episode, Lesser discusses the evolving transparency debate, GroupM’s ad tech investments and changes to the holding company model.


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