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  1. Matt- Thank you for the great article about Live Intent. Would you mind clarifying something for me? Can you provide some examples of the types of publishers who would send out emails with display space for advertisers? You’d mentioned Gilt and Groupon, but I assume they are not selling IAB spots on their emails nor are they letting 3rd parties email to their lists. I’m just trying to get a better understanding of the where the display advertising opportunities are in email.

    • Hi Jeremy – there are tons of publishers who send out newsletters every day. Like Adexchanger. Think about every ‘news’ publisher you know. They all have newsletters, and they use them to drive traffic to their site and to promote their advertisers. Many of the ad slots are not filled, as publisher sales forces do not get 100% sell-thru. The market is inefficient.

      As a result, many of the slots in these newsletters are filled with house ads.

      What LiveIntent’sm offering does is not only fill that remnant space in the newsletter, but more importantly provide a mechanism for filling all the ad space within newsletters, as well as alerts and full-page standalone ads.

      There is a tremendous amount of inventory that is there to be filled -premium and remnant – if you believe, as LiveIntent does, that newsletters and email is a key communication and marketing medium that isn’t going away – ever.