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Sizmek To Roll Out AdTruth-Powered Feature

kalus sizmekConnecting consumers across devices is on every advertiser's mind these days, and vendors are ramping up to accommodate.

Add Sizmek to that list. The ad tech company plans to release during the second week of May Device Intelligence, an analytics feature designed to enable targeting and measurement of mobile ads.

The analytics component is made possible through a new partnership with Experian Marketing Services division AdTruth.

“Unique identification targeting and tracking on mobile has always been a struggle,” said Sizmek’s associate VP of product management, Mark Kalus. Aside from the occasional mobile device that accepts third-party cookies, Sizmek (prior to the introduction of Device Intelligence) primarily performed contextual targeting, looking at information on the mobile webpage to pinpoint ads.

Device Intelligence allows Sizmek to connect users with devices probabilistically. This means Sizmek will use AdTruth’s technology to gather non-PII information from a mobile device – like the type of operating system that’s running, the language configuration, time zone, whether or not the mobile device runs Flash, among others – to link a user anonymously with a device. (more…)

AOL Shuffles Leadership, Reveals Content-Distribution Developments

aol platforms

One week after unveiling AOL Platforms and ONE by AOL, the company on Tuesday solidified its division leadership and rolled out its first series of long-form video content for premium video platform AOL On.

Platforms CEO Bob Lord appointed co-founder and CEO Amir Ashkenazi as president of AOL Platforms and president Toby Gabriner as the head of ONE by AOL. veteran Don Kennedy has also been promoted from SVP of revenue and strategy to president of

Lord described his division as an attempt to band together cross-screen services for advertisers, agencies and publishers. He described the talent as “a gift that [AOL CEO] Tim [Armstrong] has assembled, which makes it easier to understand where we need to go.” (more…)

Adobe Opens Summit With More Integration In Marketing Cloud

adobe cloudIf Adobe’s Monday announcements at its annual Summit are any indication, the theme for the company’s Marketing Cloud going into 2014 is “Integration.”

This theme manifests in new features Adobe introduced including: a customer data repository (Master Marketing Profile), the ability to evaluate online and offline marketing activities (Marketing Mix Planning), deeper integration with Adobe’s Creative Cloud via a single storage space for marketing creative (Shared Assets) and the ability to manage, develop and measure content on mobile apps.

Adobe’s quarterly earnings call last week predicted some of these announcements. For instance, company CEO Shantanu Narayen said during the call, "The publishing industry wants a single digital asset repository and workflow to create content once and repurpose across Web, video, mobile and other channels.”

Shared Assets, designed to give marketers the ability to quickly use creative in their Marketing Cloud-powered campaigns, ostensibly provides a solution to that particular pain point. Kevin Lindsay, Adobe’s director of product marketing, acknowledged tremendous overlap between Creative Cloud and Marketing Cloud clients. “All [marketers] use Creative Cloud in some capacity,” he said. (more…)

Malaysia Airlines Gets Its Digital Marketing Off The Ground

malyasia airWhile not every marketer buys in to the notion of an all-in-one marketing cloud, there are others for whom investing in a full-scale suite is the best option.

Malaysia Airlines, which has licensing agreements to use five of six Adobe Marketing Cloud solutions, doesn’t have the luxury of time.

“We’re at a critical juncture,” said Syahar Khalid, the airline’s manager of advertising and promotions. “2014 is a make-or-break year for us.”

The issues began in 2012, when the company registered its biggest loss, driven by consumers’ economic troubles throughout the world and the escalating cost of fuel. Malaysia Airlines, however, had another problem as well: an aging fleet.

“There were a lot of breakages that cost us quite a bit,” Khalid said.

2013 was the beginning of Malaysia Airlines’ attempted turnaround and the company has already stated publicly that 2014 will be the year the company finds its way back in the black. So Khalid is facing improbably high stakes and his goals as a marketer are equally lofty. (more…)

Why Alex And Ani Goes Best Of Breed

RyanBonifacinoThe typical Alex and Ani customer doesn’t just buy one bangle – she buys repeatedly and pairs them.

It’s a style that reflects the jewelry manufacturer and retailer’s philosophy around building its in-house marketing stack. Many brands hate the idea of wading through marketing and ad-tech swamplands. At least, that’s the argument commonly fielded by providers of marketing suite solutions. But Alex and Ani seems to thrive on it.

“We have a venture approach,” said Ryan Bonifacino, the company’s VP of digital strategy. Since its founding in 2004, Alex and Ani has centralized its digital team across all its communication channels, and strengthens these teams through agency relationships.

“No one’s doing omnichannel the right way,” Bonifacino said. “We are doing it the right way. We’ve aligned ourselves with best-in-breed partners and use that network of partners to educate our team in terms of being as efficient as possible.”

Bonifacino spoke with AdExchanger in December about the smaller vendors that constitute Alex and Ani’s technology make-up. Here, he discusses why, given the company’s unique needs (like the fact Alex and Ani is both a manufacturer and a retailer – or the fact that it sells online, in-store and wholesale), end-to-end marketing suites don’t have the sheen many vendors would hope.


DG Sizes Down And Rebrands As Sizmek

sizmekDigital Generation Inc. (DG) will officially rebrand as digital marketing solutions provider Sizmek on Friday.

The shakeup follows the $485 million sale of DG’s television ads distribution business to competitor Extreme Reach, announced last August, approved by DG shareholders Monday and which CEO Neil Nguyen expects to close Friday morning.

The sale is important because it will allow debt-plagued DG to emerge as debt-free Sizmek, said Andrew Bloom, the company’s SVP of strategic business development. It gives Sizmek the opportunity to present what Bloom described as “a whole refresh on [the company’s] strategy.” The divestiture of DG’s television ads distribution business enables Sizmek to turn itself into “a pure-play digital public company.”

Achieving these aspirations means consolidating the technology assets Sizmek had acquired over the years when it was DG: a campaign-management and ad-serving stack from MediaMind, semantic and contextual data tools for programmatic solutions from Peer39, rich media from Unicast and EyeWonder and the ability to push rich media into Facebook and Twitter from Republic.


Target’s Jokinen Joins Adconion Direct To Cultivate Data-Informed Retail Decisions

NathanHeadshotNathan Jokinen, once the manager of new business development and digital vendor marketing at Target, was introduced last Wednesday as the VP of strategic development at advertising technology company Adconion Direct.

After nearly a decade spent with the big-box retailer, which this holiday season introduced in-store pick-up for online orders, Jokinen spoke with AdExchanger about retail marketers’ greatest challenge: connecting the dots on data for cross-channel campaigns.

AdExchanger: What did you do at Target?

NATHAN JOKINEN: I was at Target for close to 10 years and, during my time there, I was part of our digital strategy team across various marketing and media roles. Most recently, I was part of our new business development team on the vendor marketing side. What that meant was working with our vendors’ marketing solutions and putting together digital strategies for Target’s marketing efforts at the same time.

Within that [division] I had a few different roles within digital strategy. Part of what I focused on there was working with our paid social efforts. Target really got into the social space two years back and built out that team and their efforts utilizing Facebook, Twitter and even leveraging social platforms like Pinterest to help generate a lot of content and getting people to share that content and driving engagement with it as well. I’d say overall the total digital media team was 50 people plus and the vendor marketing team was upwards of 20-30 folks. They were pretty large groups, overall.


EPrize Says HelloWorld

helloworldFriday’s announcement that ePrize, a provider of multichannel engagement and loyalty solutions, has rebranded as HelloWorld represents more than a new company name.

It also underscores the introduction of a “rich engagement platform” combining mobile CRM, live event activation, loyalty programs and in-store activation capabilities.

The architecture of this platform comes from components either built in-house by HelloWorld or purchased over a two-year buying binge.

“All of those acquisitions [were part of] the plan for the platform,” said HelloWorld CEO Matt Wise. “If we could find elements in the marketplace that were built, we bought them. And in areas where there wasn’t anything we thought was strong enough, we built.”

Wise spoke with AdExchanger about the rebrand, his company’s technology and the complexities of obtaining consumer permissions in a multichannel world.