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The Cross-Device Question: Lotame

lotame dmp kalyanLotame’s VP of Product Management Kalyan Lanka discusses what the company offers in terms of linking consumers across devices.

This is the seventh in AdExchanger’s series on the cross-device question, in which we examine what each data management platform (DMP) can provide in terms of connecting the identities or profiles of consumers across the digital, mobile and offline ecosystem.

In February, AdExchanger spoke with executives from Acxiom, Turn[x+1] and BlueKai.

Yesterday, we published an interview with Adobe and last week we published an interview with Neustar Aggregate Knowledge. We'll soon also hear from Krux.


The Cross-Device Question: Adobe

ComstockAdobe senior product manager Chris Comstock discusses what the company offers in terms of linking consumers across devices.

This is the sixth in AdExchanger’s series on the cross-device question, in which we examine what each DMP can provide in terms of connecting the identities or profiles of consumers across the digital, mobile and offline ecosystem.

In February, AdExchanger spoke with executives from Acxiom, Turn[x+1] and BlueKai.

Yesterday, we published an interview with David Jakubowski of Neustar Aggregate Knowledge and in the coming days, we’ll publish interviews with executives from Lotame and Krux. (more…)

Kraft Exec: ‘Programmatic Is A Centerpiece For Us’

Bob-RupczynskiKraft knows that consumers are easily distracted. At Forrester’s Forum for Marketing Leaders, Bob Rupczynski, VP of media, data and CRM at Kraft Foods, outlined Kraft’s strategy for leveraging the CPG company’s vast customer data through a data management platform (DMP) and programmatic advertising.

“Through our meals, recipes and videos, we have about a billion interactions with consumers every year,” Rupczynski said. “And we asked ourselves, how can we take advantage of all our data?”

Kraft turned to the media agency Starcom and DMP provider Turn, to help it gain and leverage insights from its customer data. In addition to having a comprehensive view of its customers, the company’s goals included delivering more relevant messages, optimizing its media buying decisions in real-time and attributing sales to impressions at the store level.

Using Turn’s DMP offering, Starcom combined Kraft’s 22,000 first-party data attributes, such as information about websites customers visited, email addresses and purchase behavior, and matched it with third-party data sources.


The Cross-Device Question: Neustar Aggregate Knowledge

AKCorrection 4/11: This article initially wrote Neustar reports to a Congressional committee. A company spokesperson said Neustar does not have a government contract and they are not audited by Congress. They have a telecom industry contract that is overseen by the FCC.

David Jakubowski came on board Neustar as SVP of marketing services after it acquired Aggregate Knowledge, where he was CEO. With the acquisition, Neustar inherited a data-management platform (DMP).

This is the fifth in AdExchanger’s series on the cross-device question, in which we examine what each DMP can provide in terms of connecting the identities or profiles of consumers across the digital, mobile and offline ecosystem.

In February, AdExchanger spoke with executives from Acxiom, Turn, [x+1] and BlueKai.

In the coming days, we’ll publish interviews with executives from Lotame, Adobe and Krux.

In the meantime, Neustar’s Jakubowski spoke about what his company’s DMP enables its clients to accomplish.


Need For Speed: BlueKai Ramps Up Data Onboarding

bluekai mollyData solutions provider and Oracle acquisition target BlueKai has released an update designed to expedite a very unsexy but nevertheless crucial element of data-driven marketing: the onboarding process.

Continuous Fast Ramp updates the company’s Fast Ramp product released last summer. Fast Ramp was designed to improve the data onboarding timeframe to weeks from the industry-average 30 days. Continuous Fast Ramp is designed to reduce that time frame further, to 24 hours.

“The [onboarding] feature is tricky because it’s one of those back-end tech-side features,” said Molly Parr, BlueKai’s director of product marketing and management. “[We can take] a retail marketer with brick and mortar data, with thousands or millions of people coming in every day, and process those attributes in a single day rather than saying, ‘Yeah, in a couple of weeks you can remessage those guys.’” (more…)

Marketo Details ‘Customer Engagement Platform,’ Acxiom Data Deal

JonMillerArtOften framed as an M&A target to enterprise acquirers, marketing automation company Marketo on Tuesday released a Customer Engagement Platform – the result of the company’s own acquisitions spree.

The platform, which Marketo positions as a full marketing campaign management stack, unifies several of its acquisitions including machine-learning personalization tool Insightera and social campaign management platform Crowd Factory.

The company has also formed a partner deal with Acxiom to integrate its Customer Engagement Platform and Real-Time Personalization software with the data company’s data management platform (DMP) Audience Operating System.

Marketo’s push to service full-scale customer lifecycle needs and hook into a DMP foreshadow the company’s trajectory. Like Oracle, which recently spent close to $400 million on DMP BlueKai, it's indicative that first-and-third-party data players continue to mix.

Jon Miller, Marketo cofounder and VP of marketing content and strategy, spoke with AdExchanger about these developments.

AdExchanger: What’s the Customer Engagement Platform?

JON MILLER: It’s [marketing and sales automation becoming] applicable to B2B and B2C, [when it] has been historically constrained to the B2B world…With the specific products we’re launching, I think we’re credibly building a platform that says, “No, we’re more than marketing automation.” Marketing is changing so fast today that a company that's there to guide marketers specifically… especially when compared to other [places] where marketing ends up being a second-class citizen to sales or selling databases, is an important proposition.


Insight Into Ensighten’s Future – And Whether Or Not It Will Ever Be A DMP

wolfgang ensightenTag-management systems (TMS) are ripe for acquisition.

Enterprise tech firms with data-management platforms (DMPs) have commonly incorporated them into their stacks, either by building their own or, like Adobe, by buying a start-up shop.

But last week’s acquisition of TagMan by rival firm Ensighten was unusual in that it was a tag-management firm acquiring another tag-management firm. Was this simply a case of one company taking a competitor off the market?

Wolfgang Allisat, who served as TagMan’s global chief revenue officer until Monday, when he assumed the title of SVP international at Ensighten, compares the strategy to that of Web analytics provider Omniture (before it was eventually acquired by Adobe).

“We acquired competitors to get market reach and expand internationally,” said Allisat, an Omniture alum. “We take the best of multiple solutions and create the No. 1 market leader by far in the space, with the most resources and people across Europe and the US now.”

Combined, he added, Ensighten and TagMan are well-funded. Ensighten, he said, had raised $40 million from venture capitalists; TagMan raised $15 million over its lifetime.

“So together, we’ve raised more money than competitors and can execute on our vision to make marketing very agile,” Allisat said. He spoke with AdExchanger about what’s in store for both companies and whether Ensighten is itself a DMP. (more…)

Tealium CEO: Tag Management Will Prove ‘Faster Time To Value’ For Mobile Tracking

JeffLunsfordEnsighten’s acquisition last week of rival tag manager TagMan underscored the interest in the backend technology. While tag management systems (TMS) still have implications for IT staff, increasingly digital marketers are looking to these tools to ease data exchange across their sites and speed up site performance.

Tag management vendor Tealium manages analytics deployments on web and mobile sites for companies like IBM Coremetrics and Adobe SiteCatalyst, and counts ecommerce sites like Petco and Priceline as clients. The company says mobile Web and app analytics are the next frontier in tag managers’ data arsenal.

Jeff Lunsford, CEO of Tealium, spoke with AdExchanger about this trend.

AdExchanger: Ensighten’s acquisition of TagMan indicates more consolidation in the tag management space. Why is this happening?

JEFF LUNSFORD: The tag management platform is the place to define and manage the right points at which to distribute to your digital data – either web or mobile sites and mobile apps. Architecturally, it takes a bunch of friction out of the space, meaning it shares data amongst vendors and it makes it easier for vendors to collect data. Our customers who are ecommerce providers, publishers, the enterprise companies [are able] to define and leverage their data if they have a standardized data layer in their tag management platform.


Opening The (Shopper) Data Floodgates, New Competitors Could Emerge

DataStoreAs brick and mortar giants like Walmart and Tesco do more to monetize their customer data, the question becomes – will they go it alone or maintain third-party partnerships?

Tesco subsidiary dunnhumby’s rumored purchase of demand-side platform Sociomantic is the most obvious example of a seismic shift that’s occurring in the shopper data space. The pending deal opens up all kinds of possibilities for competing companies such as Nielsen Catalina Solutions, which claims access to retail sales data on 69 million households and 2,500 standard CPG category and brand segments.

At the root of the opportunity is shopper data, according to Adam Berke, president of retargeting platform AdRoll, who called it “absolutely crucial when it comes to display advertising because it relates so closely to user intent. Google has built an amazing machine for capturing intent data and selling it to advertisers [since] people go to Google and type in exactly the products they're researching, where they want to travel, etc.”

As companies like dunnhumby, Datalogix, Nielsen Catalina and retail giants become more widely entrenched in marketing decisions, more acquisitions and (once thought of as) unlikely alliances could emerge.


Ensighten Acquires Rival Tag-Management Firm TagMan

tags-consolidateEnterprise tag-management company Ensighten has acquired UK- and New York-based tag manager TagMan for an undisclosed sum, AdExchanger has learned. TagMan confirmed the deal Tuesday.

The tag-management space has heated up of late. BrightTag just hired Forrester analyst Joe Stanhope as its SVP of marketing, barely months after banking $27 million from Yahoo Japan. Conversely, on the marketing-platform side, Adobe acquired Satellite to bring dynamic tag-management capabilities to its digital marketing stack.

According to the CEO of a competing tag-management company, Qubit, tag managers represent a first-party data structure that breeds interoperability between multiple marketing systems and, in essence, acts as the data processor and "enabler" between them.

To put it simply, the tag manager allows a user or marketer to streamline all third-party tags placed on a site, as well as collect, manage and execute on data derived as a result of those tags.

TagMan works with a global customer base of 400, including such brands as Virgin America, Travelocity and Marriott. It calls its solution a tag-management, marketing-data and attribution platform.

Its acquirer, Ensighten, just closed a $40 million Series B round from Insight Venture Partners to expand development of its Agile Marketing Platform. Ensighten claims to work with customers that as a whole generate more than $1.9 trillion in revenues per year, including brands like Capital One, E-Trade and Sony Electronics.